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Let s Go Shopping! How to successfully use shopping reports as a tool to improve performance

Let s Go Shopping! How to successfully use shopping reports as a tool to improve performance Leading Education Provider Apartment- Industry Specific Training Vision Learning Management System (LMS)
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Let s Go Shopping! How to successfully use shopping reports as a tool to improve performance Leading Education Provider Apartment- Industry Specific Training Vision Learning Management System (LMS) Maximize slide view Enter audio pin Bonus material Recorded episode Chat/Polls Customization is Key! Priorities? Match Portfolio New Services/Programs Competitors Who Should Shop Competitors? Managers - Market Knowledge Associates - Poor Score New Associates Hello New Guy! New Hire Training Shop Competitors Expectations Use the Shopping Report Rewards and Consequences Spotlight! Amy Bonnell National Training Manager Peak Campus PeakCampus.com Over 7 Years Experience Student Housing Lead Intern Program Identify Skill Gaps Implement Solutions Advice from a Pro! I like to share them with seasoned teammates in order to help them think outside the box on new and creative ways to talk about the property and sell the benefits of living there! I find that listening to other phone presentations, whether from your property or another, can help get the creative juices flowing on how to jazz up an old robotic presentation. 10 Creative Ideas #1 Ask for the Deposit #2 - Phone Call Cheat Sheet #3 - Internal Phone Shops VPs, C-Suite, Upper Management Conduct Phone Shop Reverse Training Immediately Congratulate! #4 - Instant Reward Ask for the Deposit Top Shop Shoppers Involved Instant Gratification #5 - Healthy Competition! #6 - Trophy Wars! Regional/District Managers Criteria Shopping Report Averages Occupancy/Leased Percentages Program/Service Focus NOI #7 - Identify the Problem #8 - Let your STARS Shine! Name Tag Recognition Virtual Badge Framed Certificate Mentor/Train/Coach #9 - Networking Works! #10 - Internet Responses 1 Hour or Less Auto Reply The Golden Rule Personalization Reward Performance! Reprimanding = Accountability 3 Strikes You re Out Bonus Impact Annual Increase 3 T s Shopping Success And Today s Winner is.. Trainer s Tool School Using apps and social sites to make the most of training Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2015 Time: 2:00 PM 3:00 PM Eastern Mystery Shopping Report Tips and Ideas Determine what score is acceptable Reward top performers Hold low performers accountable (loss of bonus, 3 strikes your out, more training, etc ) Managers should shop competitors New hires should shop competitors as soon as possible Mystery shop new hires after required training but as soon as possible Do not let new hires tour prospects until they have competed required training Reward associates if they ask for the deposit Use a cheat sheet or guest card while taking phone calls Create a lanyard that has phone call questions on the back of it Have the executive level management team conduct phone shops Healthy competition is healthy! (Regional, Community, RM s or DM s) Publicize all competition results internally Measure training compliance Gather data/analyze shopping results to determine the skill gap Survey your prospects and new move-ins on their overall experience Create a special name tag and/or virtual badge for top performers Start a networking shopping focus group with peers Golden rule for internet responses end with a question 5/18/ P a g e Telephone Shop Cheat Sheet Ask for his or her name and use it in the conversation Be friendly and enthusiastic Make the caller feel important Find out preferred features/floor level How many people & what size What is the anticipated move-in date Do they have any pets? Determine any special needs or desires How did you hear about us? Discuss all apartment features Discuss all community features SET AN APPOINTMENT Ask for their best contact phone number ASK FOR AN ADDRESS Send follow-up and link to community site End the with a question 5/18/ P a g e Mystery Shop Cheat Sheet Telephone Greeting Ask for their name Be friendly and enthusiastic Are you professionally dress in career apparel Make the caller feel important Stand up, SMILE and GREET Find out preferred features Introduce yourself How many people & size of apt. Use their name in conversation Determine move in date Be friendly and sincere Pets Be prepared for the appointment (is your desk neat?) Determine any special needs or desires Utilize your Leasing Notebook Determine how he or she heard about us Refer to telephone call details Discuss apartment features Focus on the customer put everything else aside Discuss community features Offer them refreshments SET AN APPOINTMENT Thank them for visiting Ask for their best contact phone number ASK FOR AN ADDRESS Send follow-up and link to community site End your with a question Information Gathering Complete the guest card/virtual guest card Review information gathered on the call OR Determine the preferred floor plan Determine preferred features Determine move in date Determine number of occupants Any pets? How did you hear about us? Determine special needs or desires LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER Take photo ID from all prospects over 18 Make them feel at home Demonstration Be in control of the tour Use their name throughout the tour Be certain to show units are clean & comfortable Discuss features/amenities prior to touring Build excitement while pre-selling Point out features/benefits Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Focus on the customer Mention how good your customer service is Encourage active involvement Discuss any outstanding company/community features Talk about how good your maintenance team is Review or direct the prospect to the Excellence Edge display Discuss Lifestyle/recreational amenities (i.e., pool, clubhouse, etc.) Discuss nearby shopping/grocery etc. Tour fitness center if applicable Closing Effectively address objections ASK FOR THE DEPOSIT Stress VALUE and make them WANT to lease Create Urgency Summarize benefits based on interest Ask which apartment would works best Invite them home or to lease & be part of your community Ask questions that encourage a YES answer Follow up with a call or within 24 hours 5/18/2015 Offer a 24-hour hold (if applicable) Resolve objections Offer priority wait list (if applicable) Invite him or her to complete an application Create a follow-up strategy , second appointment, schedule a time to call them, etc... Follow-up Send a thank you card within 3 days 3 P a g e
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