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    First „National Multiplication Training“ (NMT) in Malang Page 2 Proposal Writing Course Page 2 Timeline of DAAD East-Java Action Plan 2013/2014 Page 3 The upcoming International Deans‘ Course 2014/2015 Page 4 Beyond Exchange Programs Page 4 Internship at DAAD Regional Office Jakarta Page 5 Scholarships and Fellowships Page 5 German Universities promote themselves Page 6 Upcoming Events:  Presentation on „Study in Germany“    „DAAD Quarterly“   Page 7 Newsletter Newsletter    Volume 3 Edition 1 January 2014 Dear Readers! 2013 has been a good year for DAAD and Ger- many’s Higher Education and Research land- scape: German research is the most frequently cited in global patents, according to a recent BC survey, and more international students than ever chose German universities for their studies, among them around 2500 Indonesians. In the winter term of 2011/12 576 Indonesians successfully gradu-ated from a German university - 100 more than in the year before. Additionally, nine faculty-to-faculty-partnerships between German and Indonesian universities were sponsored under DAAD schemes. DAAD’s Indonesia budget has steadily been growing. The Jakarta Office was present at 31 education fairs and information events all over the country, and the seven DAAD lecturers or-ganized further events at their host universities. Collaboration with DAAD alumni has again been a particular pleasure. Five DAAD sup-ported alumni seminars were conducted in various academic fields all over Indonesia in 2013. Supported by the enthusiasm of our alumni in East Java we launched an ac-tion plan to further strengthen academic ties there (p.2). Our DIES alumni successfully applied for DAAD-funding to organize their own training course —   the “National Multi-plication Training” —  for their peers in Indonesia and gained another leading player in Indonesian Higher Education as a partner, KOPERTIS 7 (p.2). Read more on upcoming scholarships (p.5), DIES activities (p.4), and the EAST JAVA  ACTION PLAN (p.3) in this newsletter! We have also prepared a short guideline for those of you who want to set up more structured and broader co-operation between their universities and a German university partner (p.4). We hope you enjoy the read and find the information useful! Your feedback (to: is very wel-come! Please, be aware that the DAAD office regularly conducts web-based seminars to answer your questions and keep you abreast of scholarships! Check our social me-dia for regular updates! Kind regards, Dr. Irene Jansen Content More than 50 rectors from East Java committing themselves to action    Page 2  Jakarta Newsletter I DIES-alumni, with support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) through funds of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), in cooperation with Ma Chung University and KOPERTIS 7 (Regional Coordination of Private Universities), jointly organ-ize a National Multiplication Training   in East Java. This course is part of the DIES program (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies) and an initiative of the alumni themselves. DIES Program has been jointly coordinated by the DAAD and HRK (German Rectors’ Conference) since 2001. The key objective of the new NMT course is to bring together academic leaders such as rectors, vice rectors, deans, vice-deans, and heads of departments from private universities of the East Java Region, to equip them with management and leadership skills by providing them to face the challenge of leadership and to prepare them with the skills required to create a productive culture. The 1 st  part of this program was held 16 th  -19 th  December, 2013, in Ma Chung University. On this occasion a Memorandum of Understanding on Capacity Building Cooperation between DAAD Jakarta and KOPERTIS 7 was signed. We are planning to hold the 2 nd  part of the NMT course in the 2 nd  week of May, 2014, in Surabaya, in cooperation with Universitas Surabaya. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) together with the Free University of Berlin and experts from the University of Bonn organize a joint training course on “Proposal Writing for International Research Projects”. The Proposal Writing Course is also part of the DIES Program. The aim of this training course is to enable younger PhD holders to design, write, plan and budget a promising research proposal according to international stan-dards that could successfully raise third party funding. 30 candidates (28 from Indonesia, 1 from Myanmar, 1 from Philippines) out of 55 applicants were selected and invited to participate in the 1 st  part of this program in Malang. The opening ceremony was held in Ma Chung Univer-sity with support from Prof. Leenawaty Limantara PhD, the Rector of Ma Chung University, a DAAD alumna herself and the Indonesian Alexander von Humboldt spokesperson. The 2 nd  part of the Proposal Writing Course will be held in June 2014 in Yogyakarta, in cooperation with Universitas Gadjah Mada. DIES- Training: “Proposal Writing for International Research Projects”   Gathering ideas Participants of Proposal Writing Course Signing of the MoU between KOPERTIS 7 and DAAD Indonesia. Prof. Dr. H. Sugijanto, MS.Apt. (left) and Dr. Irene Jansen (right) Participants from East Java of the first National Multiplication Training (NMT)   DIES- Training: First “National Multiplication Training” (NMT)   Indonesian DAAD alumni reach out. The NMT, a peer-to-peer training initiative.    Page 3  Jakarta Newsletter 15 September 2013 DAAD Alumni Meeting in Malang 16 September 2013   “Meet the DAAD Director”, Ma Chung University, Seminar for Rectors and Vice-Rectors 16  –  17 September 2013  Launch of DAAD East-Java Action Plan 16 September 2013 Study-in-Germany Presentation, at Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) 9 October 2013 European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) Surabaya 30 November  –  DIES- Training: “Proposal Writing for International Research 5 December 2013   Projects”, Part I, in Malang 16  –  19 December 2013   DIES NMT: “Indonesian Academic Leaders’ Course”, Part I, at Ma Chung University, Malang 16 December 2013  Signing of the MoU with KOPERTIS 7 2014 Presentation on DAAD and AvH Funding Opportunities for Lecturers and High Achieving Students and Postgraduates, at Ma Chung Univ. May 2014 DIES NMT: “Indonesian Academic Leaders’ Course”, Part II, in Surabaya, in coop. with KOPERTIS 7 30 August 2014   “Study and Work in Germany”, DAAD, in coop. with Wisma Jerman, Surabaya September 2014 Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World: Summer Course “Exploring Legal Cultures”, at Universitas Brawijaya, in coop. with Leipzig University September 2014  German Higher Education (HE) Info Day in Malang 2014 Biochemical Lab Course and Seminar at Universitas Brawijaya, Module 5, in coop. with Kassel University    Page 4  Jakarta Newsletter Many decision makers at Indonesian universities have recently approached the DAAD Regional Office in Jakarta on the subject of how to best start sustainable university collaboration with a German university on faculty or institution level, structured co-operation, you might call it. Prior to applying for one of the many programs for structured collaboration that DAAD offers, a resilient relationship with a German partner should al-ready have been established, because most of the relevant DAAD funds for such programs listed on our website under the category “... for facul-ties / Higher Education Institution” would have to be applied for by the Ger-man university partner. The category can be found under this link: Consequently, the first step would be to find a suitable partner . The follow-ing website will help you to find German universities, sorted by subject area, location and number of research institutes: The next step: the following DAAD programs might then help you to get to know your partner and establish a relationship with a German institution: Paying your partner a visit with your students:  Study Visits for Groups of Foreign Students to Germany,   Study Seminars and Practicals for Groups of Foreign Stu-dents to Germany Paying your partner a research visit; work on a joint project with him / her / the institution / lab / library …:    The Indonesian-German Scientists Program  DAAD Short Term Research Grants for Stays and Study Vis-its for University Academics and Scientists Inviting your partner’s students:    Inviting a lecturer of the German institution for a short-term lectureship at your university (1  –  6 months):  Short-term Visiting Lectureships  Emeriti Program For more information, please visit our website; follow us on twitter and like our facebook page. DAAD Regional Office Jakarta   Beyond Exchange Programs - First Steps Towards Sustainable University Collaboration   We would like to inform you about the upcoming International Deans’ Course  that will take place in 2014/15 for participants from South East Asia. This course will start with a first part in June 2014 in Osnabrück and Berlin, with a one-week intermediate part in Oc-tober/November 2014 in Thailand and a final part in February 2015 in Indonesia. The selection criteria are as fol-lows:  Candidates should preferably be a head of department or a vice-dean aiming at taking over a dean position in the near future, or a dean with only first experiences in per-forming the position  Preferably between 40 and 50 years old   Applications of female candi-dates will be highly appreci-ated The application process: Candidates should send their ap-plications to Dwi Nurlianti ( and the Univer-sity of Applied Sciences Os-nabrück via email until February 25th, 2014 . Participants will be se-lected by an international selection committee in April 2014. Further Information:   The upcoming International Deans’ Course 2014/15
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