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Miyazaki s Progress 2013 Former Prefectural Office ( ) Main Prefectural Office Building at the Time of Completion (1933) Susumu Kawagoe, the leader of Miyazaki Prefecture Re-Installation Movement
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Miyazaki s Progress 2013 Former Prefectural Office ( ) Main Prefectural Office Building at the Time of Completion (1933) Susumu Kawagoe, the leader of Miyazaki Prefecture Re-Installation Movement Tableof ontents C 1MiyazakiataGlance 2PopulationTrends 3EconomicTrends 4Comprehen siveplan formiyazaki 5FromRegenerationtoRenewedGrowth 6ThreePrefecture-Wide CampaignsthatPromotes LocalProduction forlocal Consumption Self-SufficiencyinaBroadSense 7CommemorativeProjectonthe1300 thanniversaryof thecompil ationof Kojiki & Nihonshoki 8NaturalDisasterResponse 9Administrative&FinancialReform 10FinancialAffairs 11PrefecturalGovernmentinAction 12ProgressionintothePresent 13Miyazaki-ANationalPerspective 1 1 MiyazakiataGlance 1.Population National Perspective Thepopulationof MiyazakiPrefecturestands at 1,131,000(2011 ) whichrepresents0.9%of thenationalpopulation. Miyazaki 0.9 Kyushu 11.4 Japan 100 Data: 2010 Population and Housing Census (Final Calculation) 2.LandArea National Perspective Division of Land Other 15.2% Miyazaki 2 Kyushu 12 Japan 100 Farmland 8.9% Total Area 7,736 km2 (2010) Forest 75.9% Land Area Data: Geographical Survey Institute s National, Prefectural, and Municipal Land Area Division of Land Data: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Agency Survey Theprefectureoccupiesanareaof 7,736km2,whichrepresents2%of Japan stotalarea.9cities,14 towns,and3vill agesmakeupthewholeof theprefecture. 75.9%(5,873km2) of thistotalareaconsistsof orestandanother8.9%(690km2) f of armland;alandscape f richingreen,indeed. 3. Cli mate Averagetemperaturesarerelativelyhighgiventhewarmcli mateof Miyazaki. Yearlytotals forhoursof sunshineandnumberof cleardaysrankamongthetopnationall y,helpingtohighli ghtthefantasticnational environmentof theprefecture. Miyazakialsoseeshighlevelsof rainfall,all owing forampleamountsof high-quali tywaterresources. ClearDays Hrs.Sunshine Avg.Temp 52.7Days 2,116Hrs (2ndinJapan) (3rdinJapan) (3rdinJapan) Rainfal 2,509mm (2ndinJapan) Data:JapanMeteorologicalAgency (Basedonaverages formiyazaki City from ) 4.NaturalEnvironment Ourprefecturehasbeenbestowedwithastunningnaturalenvironment,completewithmountainslushin greenandagorgeouscoastli ne. 12% (91,919ha) of Miyazaki stotallandareaismadeupof naturalparks, withanother105haconsistingof designatedmarineparkland. 2 Miyazakistandsanationalpioneerinenactingroadsidelandscapingandbeautificationordinances,which promotethebeautificationof localesviaroadsidelandscapingalongwiththepreservationandcreationof naturalenvironments. NationalParks 1park 13,006ha Semi-NationalParks 4parks 31,968ha MarineParks&Areas 2parks&12areas 105ha PrefecturalParks 6parks 46,945ha 県 指 定 NaturePreservationAreas GreenPreservationAreas Scenic RoadsideAreas 2areas 4areas 18areas 184ha 21ha 1,026ha LandscapedRoadside LandscapedRoadsideAreas 72areas 164km Data: NaturalEnvironmentPreservationDivision (asof March31,2012 ) Natural Environment Preservation Division (asof March31,2012 ) 5.TransportationSystem Current Conditionof TransportationSystem Upgrades Weareworkingonmanyupgradestoourtransportnetworks,suchasimprovementstoarterialhigh-standard highways startingwiththehigashikyushuexpressway andupgradestoournational/prefecturalhighways. Wehopetomeetourgoalof easytravelanywherewithinmiyazakiinanhourorless. Otherprojects involveraisingspeedsonthenippoumainrail wayandimprovementstoourairportandports. Higashi Kyushu Expressway Kita-Kyushu ~ Kagoshima Approx. 436 Km Major Recent Efforts March, 2000 Opening of Miyazaki-nishi IC ~ Kiyotake JCT (10.1 Km) March, 2001 Opening of Saito IC ~ Miyazaki-nishi IC (16.8 Km) July, 2010 Opening of Takanabe IC ~ Saito IC (12 Km) December, 2012 Opening of Sumie IC ~ Kitagawa IC (5.6 Km); Opening of Tsuno IC ~ Takanabe IC (12.9 Km) February, 2013 Opening of Oita-Miyazaki Border ~ Kitaura IC (4.5 Km) March, 2013 Opening of Kiyotake JCT ~ Kiyotake-minami IC (1.2 Km) Establishment of New Road Network via Forest Road Maintenance Himuka Myth Road Opening of all Routes (July, 2003) Kagoshima Prefecture Ebino Kumamot o Prefectur Kyushu Transversal Expressway Nobeoka Kumamoto Prefecture s Mifune ~ Nobeoka Approx. 95 Km December, 2006 Planned (Yamato ~ Nobeoka) Kobayashi Kumamoto Prefecture Takachiho-Hinokage National Route Km Extension 2009 Project Start Miyazaki -Nishi Takachih Saito Miyazak Tsuno Hyuga Kitak Takanabe Nobeoka Kadoga Miyazaki Port Oita Prefect Kitaura Sumie Nobeoka -Minami Kitag Nobeoka National Route Km Extension April, 2005 Opening of Nobeoka ~ Nobeoka- Minami (7.8 Km) December, 2012 Opening of Kitagawa ~ Nobeoka (12.8km) Kitakata-Nobeoka National Route Km Extension February, 2006 Opening of Maino ~ Nobeoka (2.1 Km) April, 2008 Opening of Kitakata ~ Maino (6.4 Km) Nobeoka-Minami Highway 4 Km Extension February, 1990 Total Hososhima Port Maintenance August, 2000 Opening of International Terminal August, 2000 Opening of a 4-Ton Pier for Foreign Trade August, 2010 Selected as a Critical Port of Japan Current Periodic Foreign Trade Container Routes Korea: 3 Shipments/week, Taiwan: 1 Shipment/week, Kobe Feeder: 2 Shipments/week Current Periodic Domestic RORO Ship Routes Osaka: 3 ships/week, Tokyo: 2 ships/week Speeding up the Nippou Main Railway April, 1995 Miyazaki ~ Nobeoka (travel time reduced to 59 min. at fastest) Kyushu Longitudinal Expressway October, 1981 Miyazaki Expressway (82.5 Km) Opening of all Routes July, 1995 Opening of Hitoyoshi ~ Ebino (22.3 Km) Miyakonojo Kitago Kiyotake Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki Port Maintenance March, 1990 Fairy Wharf and Ferry Terminal Completed July, 2001 Temporary Opening of Miyazaki Seaside Park July, 2006 Opening of Miyazaki Seaside Park Abaratsu Port Maintenance September, 1998 Opening of a 3-ton and 1-ton wharfs August, 2007 Completion of Yumemi Bridge Horikawa-unga Kagoshima Prefecture 3 Kushima Nichina Aburatsu Port Miyazaki Airport Maintenance March, 1990 Construction of Runway (2,500 m) July, 1996 Opening of Miyazaki Airport Connecting Railway February, 1990 Completion of a Facility for Accommodating International Flights June, 1994 Completion of Construction to Expand the Passenger Terminal Building (3,400,000 Currently Supports 5,000,000 Individuals) April, 2001 Opening of Periodic Route to Korea August, 2002 Addition of Skynet Asia Airlines June, 2008 Opening of Standard Flight Path to Taiwan Tokyo Nagoya Itami Fukuoka Okinawa Seoul Taipei Fli ghts 90min. 75min. 60min. 40min. 85min. 100min. 120min. Expresswa ybus from Miyazaki (18fli ghtsaday)(3 ghtsaday)(13fli ghtsaday)(15fli ghtsaday)(1 fli ghtaday)(3 fli ghtsaweek)(2 fli ghtsaweek) Fukuoka NagasakiKumamotoShinyatsushiro Kagoshima Kyoto 4hr.2min. 5hr.17min.2hr.51min. 2hr.5min. 2hr.46min.12hr.57min. (15timesaday)(2timesaday)(14timesaday)(16timesaday)(7timesaday)(Oncea day) Expresswa Fukuoka Kumamoto ybus 4hr.15min. 3hr.41min. from (4timesaday)(2timesaday) Nobeoka Rail way Hakata (ViaKyushuBull ettrain) 3hr.33min. Hakata (ViaNippouMainLine) 5hr.9min. Hakata (B&S) 2hr.59min. Ogura 4hr.24min. Oita 2hr.59min. CentralKagoshima 1hr.59min. CarFerry from Miyazaki Osaka Osaka ROROShip Tokyo Osaka Tokyo ROROShip ROROShip from 12.5hr. from (Miyazaki 19.5hr. 27hr. 14hr. from Aburatsu ( 40hr. (Hososhima Port) Port) (7timesaweek) (3timesaweek) Port) (2timesaweek)(3timesaweek) (2timesaweek) InternationalFerry from (HososhimaPort) Pusan (Korea) Kobe (Feeder) InternationalFerry Pusan (Korea) Kobe (Feeder) 1day(3timesaweek) 2days (2timesaweek) from (AburatsuPort) 1day(2timesaweek) 2days (Onceaweek) Onlytheshortestpossibleonewaytraveltimesareli stedabove. 2.PopulationTrends 1.DynamicTrendsinPopulation A steady increase in population began after reaching a low point in 1971 (at 1,047,000). Thanks to a decline in the number of people moving away from the prefecture, population sharply increased into the first half of Afterwards, the rate of population increase steadily declined, eventually reaching a peak (of 1,177,000) in 1996 and shifting towards a tendency of declination. Population Trends Considering natural changes in population, by looking at the number of births minus deaths per year, we see that birth rates have mostly been on the decline since 1980, which Social Emigration Social caused a shift towards natural population decrease that began in Immigratio n Emigration 23,955 people Looking at social trends, we see a drastic increase in people leaving the prefecture after By , emigration and immigration numbers had evened out; however, asof 1995, a continued increase in emigration had shifted the balance once again. Births Deaths Natural Growth Immigration 22,534 people Deaths 13,035 Natural Decline Births Data: Miyazaki Prefecture s Population 4 2.Age-RelatedTrendsinPopulation (Separatedinto3AgeGroups) The population of those 65 years and older in our prefecture increased to 3.8 times the 1965 total of 77,000 to 290,000 by the year This aging of our population is moving more rapidly than the rest of Japan. By 1996, the percentage of the population made up of people 65 years and older had surpassed the percentage of the population 14 years and younger. Miyazaki s aggregate fertility rate* stands at 1.68, which is above the national average (1.39 as of 2011), yet this rate nonetheless fails to sustain the present day population Miyazaki 年 Age-Related 齢 3 区 分 別 人 口 Trends の 推 移 Aggregate Fertility Rate: Figure representing the average number of children a woman will give birth to in her lifetime National Trends in Population Aging Rate and Aggregate Fertility Rate Data: National Census Population Aging Rate Aggregate Fertility Rate Miyazaki s Future Elderly and Youth Population Projection Elderly Population Increase from approx. 290,000 people in 2010 to approx. 351,000 people in 2035 Young Population Decrease from approx. 160,000 people in 2010 to approx. 101,000 people in Data: Independently Calculated by the Miyazaki Government Using the National Census from the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research and the Future Projected Populations of Japan s Prefectures 5 3.EconomicTrends 1.Rateof EconomicGrowth (inrealterms) Prefectural National Rate of Real Economic Growth (Chain Sample) GrossDomesticProduct (GDP) or ffiscalyear2009 NominalGDP: Trilli onyen RealGDP: Trilli onyen Data: MiyazakiPrefecturalAccounting; NationalAccountingAnnualReport Changesin Citizen sincome Income per Capita (National & Domestic) Income Level National Prefectural Income Level (National Income = 100) Data: MiyazakiPrefecturalAccounting; NationalAccountingAnnualReport 6 3.IndustrialStructure 1.NominalGPDP Prefectural (Fiscal Calendar) Tier I Tier II Tier III Unit = % Trillion Trillion 2009 National 243 Trillion Trillion 2009 Data: MiyazakiPrefecturalAccounting; NationalAccountingAnnualReport Datadoesnottotal100% asimputedinteresthasnotbeenadded/deducted. Domesticvalues for1980 arebasedonsystemof NationalAccount68SNA. Othervaluesbasedon93SNA. 2. WorkingPopulation 就 業 人 口 Tier I Tier II Tier III Unit = % 559,000 people ,000 people 531,000 people ,811,000 61,506,000 59,611,00 people Data: NationalSurvey Thepercentagesdonotinclude unc lassifiable industriesinthedenominator. 7 3.BreakdownbyIndustry (Domestic&National) orfiscalyear2009 f Agriculture Forestry Fisheries Breakdown of Industries for Fiscal Year 2009 (Prefecture) Unit = 100 million Tier Ⅰ Mining Manufacturing Service Industries GPDP 3.47 trillion yen Tier Ⅱ Construction Tier Ⅲ Wholesale and Retail Electric, Gas, and Waterworks Transportation and Communications Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Tier Ⅰ Breakdown of Industries for Calendar Year 2009 (National) Unit = 100 million Mining Manufacturing Tier Ⅱ Service Industries GPDP trillion yen Construction Electric, Gas, and Waterworks Tier Ⅲ Wholesale and Retail Transportation and Communications Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate *DataisnotconsistentwithGPDP/GDPdatatotals,asimputedinteresthasnotbeenaddedordeducted. 8 4 Comprehen siveplan formiyazaki TheMiyazakiprefecturalgovernment scomprehen siveplan, Buil dingthemiyazakiof Tomorrow, consistsof the LongTermVision planandthe ActionPlan.The LongTermVision plandepictsthedesiredstateof Miyazaki prefecture20years fromnowandlaysoutthefundamentalcourse for LongTerm and FieldSpecific strategies, inordertosolvetheimportantissues facingtheprefecture fromalongtermperspective.the ActionPlan will be usedinaccordancewiththe LongTermVision planandpoli cysuggestions fromthegovernortosolveurgent issues facingtheprefecture.theactionplanaimstomakeabettermiyazaki fortomorrowbyprioritizingstrategies forthe prefectureoverthenext fouryears,whil ekeepingasteadygazeonthe20yeargoalssetoutinthe LongTermVision plan. Tenof thefundamentalstrategiessetoutinthe ActionPlan andprojectsrelatingtothosestrategiesareoutli nedbelow. Comprehen siveplan formiyazaki (Plan forbuil dingthemiyazakiof Tomorrow) Fundamental Goal Long Term Vision (20 Year Goals) Aspire to achieve a new Wealth for the Future Long Term Strategies 1) Strategies for Recovering from the Low Birthrate / Promoting Youth 2) Strategies for Raising Future Generations 3) Strategies for Making a Healthy Senior Population 5) Strategies for Expanding Food Related Industries 6) Regional Development Strategies for Industry Creation and Job 7) Strategies for International Expansion 4) Strategies for Establishing Miyazaki as a Leading Region for Environmental Friendliness and New Energy 8) Strategies for Sustainable Region Planning Strategies by Human Resource Development Society Development Industry Creation Action Plan (2011 to 2015 [4 Year Plan]) Goals Disaster Response and Recovery/ Development Industry / Job Creation Human Resources Development Society Development Creating a Regional System for Miyazaki s Future System for Regional Cooperation and Exchange Fundamental Position System for Energizing Regional Economies Major Strategies Program for Creating a New Wealth System for Regional Connections (1)Empower citizens through communication and cooperation (2)Work towards the creation of a new era (3)Promote a government that is aware of potential threats (4)Decentralize power of local authorities in a manner that is fitting with the times (5)Promote administrative and financial renovation 2) Program for recovering from the low birth rate and promoting youth activities 1) Disaster Response and Rebuilding/Recovery Program 3) Program for Raising Future Generations 4) Program for Promoting a Healthy Senior Population Policy Proposals from the Governor 5) Program for Establishing Miyazaki as a Leading Region for Environmental Friendliness and New Energy 6) Program for Expanding Food Related Industries 7) Regional Development Program for Industry Creation and Job Security 8) Tourism Exchange and Overseas Expansion Program 9) Program for Sustainable Region Planning 10) Program to Enable a Worry Free, Fulfilling Life 9 1.DisasterResponseandRecoveryPrograms Throughcooperationwiththecitizensof theprefecture,themiyazakiprefectural Governmentwill createanemergencysystemcapableof respondingquicklyand effectivelytonaturaldisastersanddiseasessuchas foot-and-mouthdisease. Torecover fromitscurrentdifficulteconomicsituation,theprefectural Governmentismakingeffortstospureconomicdemandwithintheprefecture, supportsmallandmediumsizedcompanies,andmaintainandcreatejobs.efforts arealsobeingmadetoensurethatthenationalstandards for safeandreli able agriculturalproductsarebeingmetandtoencouragemore farmerstotakepart intheprocessinganddistributionstagesof agriculturalproducts.further, acommercialandindustrialcoali tionwill be formedtoadvancemiyazaki s agriculturalindustry. Enhancingdisasterpreparednessamongprefecturalcitizens (new) Strengtheningthedisastermitigationcapabili ty (new) Expeditingreconstructionof earthquakeresistantwoodframehouses (revised) Improvingthefunctionof disasterpreventioninprefecturalschool facili ties Strengtheningtheconsulting functiononli vestock farming (new) Expandingthemarket for japan'sfinestmiyazakibeef (new) MaintainingexpansiveMiyazakieco-feed (animal feedmadewith foodscraps) productionsystem (new) Reclaimingandreusingthefoot-and-mouthdiseaseburialgrounds (new) Mapexerciseduringthedisasterpreventionexpertsdevelopmentandtraining 2Programs forrecovering fromthelowbirthrateandpromotingyouthactivities Effortsarebeingmadetoensurethatyoungpeoplecan findworkandleadhappy, excitingli veswithinmiyazakiprefecture. MiyazakiPrefectureiscurrentlyaiming tobe thebestprefecture forhavingandraisingchil dreninjapan bycreating anenvironmentwhere famili escan feelconfidentabouthavingchil drenandby easingtheworriesandburdensassociatedwithchil drearing. Howtoapply forajob & introductiontosmallandmiddlebusinesses programs (new) Advancing WorknginMiyazaki U&I-turnprogram,attractingpeopleof Miyazakioriginthatarereturningtotheprefectureorpeopleof other prefecturewhoarenewlytransferringtomiyazakiprefecture (revised) Regionalchil dcareandyouthdevelopmentprogram (new) Takingpromptmeasuresonsecuringchil dcareworkers (new) Chil dgovernor 3Programs forraisingfuturegenerations Tocreateabrighttomorrow forthecitizensof Miyazaki,itisnece ssaryto raise ourmostvaluableresource thefuturegenerationsof thisprefecture. Thiswill beachievedbystrengtheningrelationsbetweenfamili esand communitiesandbeingmindfulof thedreamsandaspirationsof today syouth. Toaccompli shthis,itisnece ssarytopromoteaneducationsystemthat encouragesindependentlearning,teacheschil drenhowtorecognizeandsolve problems,andprovidestoday syouthwiththeskill snece ssary forli fe.by fosteringaffectiontowardslocalcommunities,training futuregenerations, increasingdiversifiedlearningopportunities,andpromotingsportsandculture inmiyazaki,wewill raiseconscientious,healthy,andspirituall yrichindividuals. Let'sKeepLearning! projectonenhancingthequali tyof instructors (new) Prefecturalhighschoolhumanresourcedevelopmentprogram forthesenarysector (new) Commemorativeprojectonthe20thanniversaryof theprefecturalperformingartscenter Gall aryonatrip (Tabibi) project (new) Developmentof humanresources forthesenarysectorbyprefectural highschoolstrainingonselli ngschool productsinthemetropoli tanarea 10 4Programs forpromotingahealthyseniorpopulation Tomakeanenvironmentwhereseniorcitizenscansupporttheirlocal communities,itiscriticaltoincorporatetheirknowledgeandexperience sinto societyandcreateopportunitieswheretheycanholdactiveroles.itisalso nece ssarytoreducetheneed fornursingcarebypromotinghealthyli ving. Adjustmentstoregionalmedicalsystems (e.g.attractingdoctorstorural hospitals) will bemadeasneededtoensurethatseniorsreceiveappropriate medicalcare. HealthyMiyazaki project (new) Towardshealthy,active,andbrightsocietyof longevity project (revised) Improvingth emergencymedicalsupportsystem (revised) Fundsloan forresidentphysiciansintraining (new) Seniorsandbaby-boomergeneration fair 5Programs forestabli shingmiyazakiasaleadingregion forenvironmentalfriendli nessand NewEnergy TheMiyazakiPrefecturalgovernmentisworkingtoexpandtheuseof local, renewableenergyresources,suchassolarli ght,solarheat,andwoodybiomass. Fulleffortsarealsobeingmadetowardcreatingandmaintainingasustainable environmentwheretherichnatureof thisprefecture (rivers,coasts, forests, farmlands) canbeprotected. Theprefectureisalsoworkingtoimproveand establi sheconomicall yviableandsustainable forestry,timber,andlogging industriesthroughtheimprovementof distributionpoli cies. RenewableenergyproductioninMiyazaki (new) Exemplaryutili zationof thesawlogcycle (new) Acceleratingtheconversionof orestrybiomassfor f fueli nghorticulture greenh ouses (new) Supportingthecountermeasuresonsawlogproduction (new) Promotingtheuseof newenergiesamongcorporations Large-scalesolarpowergeneration 6Programs forexpandingfoodrelatedindustries Miyazakiisaiming forindustriali zationof comprehen sive food-related businesses.whil ehavingworkedonbuil dingthefoundationof production centersand foodprocessingplants,miyazakipromotessalesand distributionstrategies fromthe market-in standpointaswellasthe partnershi
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