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  Department of Education Region III Division of Pampanga MASANTOL HIGH SCHOOL Bebe Anac, Masantol, Pampanga  Name of Employee: CARMINA Y. GUINTU Name of Rater: ELENETTE A. SUNGA Position: SST-1 Position: Teacher II/TIC in MAPEH Review Period: Date of Review: TO BE FILLED IN DURING PLANNING TO BE FILLED DURING EVALUATION MFOs KRAs OBJECTIVES TIMELINE Weight per KRA PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (Quality, Efficiency, Timeliness) ACTUAL RESULTS RATING SCORE    Lesson Plan    Time Schedule    Intervention    Modules    Materials    Attendance Sheet    Pictures    Class Records    Form 137, Form 138    SF 1, SF2 1. Teaching- Learning Process 2. Student Outcomes    Prepared/Accomplished daily lesson plan    Attended and Dismissed classes on time    Used two instructional materials  per quarter    Supervised and monitor the 90% attendance and classroom setting of Grade 9-Gold    Maintained updated students school records June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 25% 40% INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE COMMITMENT AND REVIEW FORM S.Y. 2014-2015     Test Results    MPS records    Pictures    Performance/Activities    Finished projects/works    Attendance    Pictures    Program    Home Visitation Forms    Anecdotal Records    Pictures    Pictures    Program    T.O.R.    Registration Form    Class cards    Certificates    Instructional/Multimedia Materials 3. Community Linkages/Support System 4. Professional Growth and Development    Increased students MPS at least 3% in each Grading Period    Initiated 75% of the skills among students in Sports by joining Intramurals and Arts by  projects/work    Conduct PTA meetings every grading period    Visited parents of students needing academic/non academic monitoring/follow up    Participated in the school activities/Intramurals    Achieved 12 Units in Masteral Studies    Attended Division Based Seminar    Demonstrated Basic Computer Literacy for planning and designing teaching-learning activities June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015 June 2014-March 2015  November 2014 June 2014-March 2015 July 2014 June 2014-March 2015 15% 20% SUBMITTED TO: ELENETTE A. SUNGA PREPARED BY: CARMINA Y. GUINTU RATER RATEE
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