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  When Podiatrist Dr. Amannda Richline was thinking of ways to thank her patients, a community-wide open house seemed like the  perfect idea. “Of course, we can’t forget the animals,” Richline said, excitedly. As her patients all know, the foot doctor is not only passionate about taking care of  people, but is an avid animal rescuer as well. This open house is a great chance to interact with some of her furry and feathered friends, visit the office, meet the staff, and get some free stuff as well! Therapy dogs will be there, along with the lucky parrots who live in Sy’s Piece of Heaven, Dr. Richline’s  parrot sanctuary. The fun-filled festivi-ties at her Belvidere office will start Satur-day, November 1st from 9am to 2pm The open house will feature the doctor’s rescued cow, Winchester, and his friend, Daisy, at 11am to 1pm. “It’s by popular demand! My patients always ask about him,” Richline said. A special store repre-sentative will also be on-hand from 11am to 1pm to give pointers on how to find the right fitting footwear, when to replace running shoes, and more helpful foot tips. “I love this town and wanted to show it!” Richline said. Free foot exams will be held throughout the day, as well as a candy buy  back—you can trade in your Halloween candy for $1 a pound. The latest fashions from Dr. Richline’s Shoe World will be on display, and free NuFoot yoga socks will be given with every  purchase. There will also be a buy one get one free selection. All those who come to the open house will receive a free T-shirt and goody bag, as well as complimentary refresh-ments and food includ-ing hot dogs, cupcakes, and popcorn. Signing the email list will get you a $10 gift certifi-cate. If you “like” themon Facebook, they’ll bump the certificate up to $15. Dr. Richline is a  board-certified podia-trist who’s been serving the Belvidere commu-nity with quality care for over 16 years. Besides her dedication to  patients, she has devotedmuch of her life to help-ing those in need-animals and people alike. For more information,see Dr. Richline’s ad on page 11.Louis Melchor, princi- pal of North Warren Regional High School, announced that Anna C. Kellaher and Fiona C. Schicho have been named Commended Students in the 2015  National Merit Scholar-ship Program. A Letter of Commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) will be presented to these talented seniors. About 34,000 Com-mended Students throughout the nation are  being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Anna and Fiona placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2015 competition by taking the 2013 Prelimi-nary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Quali-fying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).“The young women  being named Com-mended Students have demonstrated outstand-ing potential for... success,” said a spokes- person for NMSC. “These students repre-sent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advance-ment of educational excellence... We hope that this recognition will help broaden their oppor-tunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of success.”  October is National Breast Cancer Aware-ness Month. Fight  breast cancer by creat-ing a plan that detects the disease in its early stages at www.national During October the Warren County Library, located at 2 Shotwell Drive in Belvidere, will hold October Spooktacular , a month-long celebra-tion of Halloween. Kids can sign up for a reading  program beginning October 1st and turn in their log at the end of the month to receive a prize. There will also be a  prize drawing, monster movies, spooky story-time, crafts, and more! For a complete listing of events, see the calendar at Blairstown Township will be holding a town-wide cleanup on Octo-ber 24th and 25th.  As in past years, a voucher system will be used. Each property owner is entitled to two vouchers, which allow residents to  bring items to the Warren County Landfill in Oxford. Only Blair-stown property owners are entitled to receive these vouchers. Property owners may pick up their vouchers begin-ning October 14th at the municipal building from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Property owners in possession of valid handicapped park-ing permits may call the municipal garage in advance at 908-362-8119 to arrange for  pick-up. On November 15th, Blairstown Township will be holding a public land clean up day.  Blairstown volunteer groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. Church groups, etc. can earn money, as well as help out their community. Each group of six (one must be an adult) can earn $200 or more depending on the number of volunteer groups. There is a maxi-mum of two groups per organization. Groups will meet at the old recy-cling center on Lambert Road to sign up and get started. If interested,  please contact Maureen DeSimone at recycling or 908-310-2910. If there’s one thing Boy Scouts know, it’s that the best part of earning a badge is the experience.  And with  badges ranging from  backpacking to robotics, there are tons of cool experiences to be had. So if your son is looking for real adventure, get him involved with Boy Scouts of America. You’ll see firsthand how once-in-a-lifetime opportunities can lead to a lifetime of success. Join NJ Boy Scout Troop 153; with mem- bers from Knowlton, Blairstown, Frelinghuy-sen, White and surrounding areas. For more information, contact Committee Chair Laurie Meivogel at njbsatroop153@, ScoutMaster Jeff Armstrong at 973-214-0217, or Recruit-ment Chair Bob Provencher at bob@; or visit The North Warren Recreation Group is welcoming outdoor enthusiasts  that enjoy things such as hiking,  bike riding, canoeing, hunting, local fishing, deep sea fishing trips, golfing, archery and gun target shooting, and wildlife sightseeing. Hosting two activities a month will be the goal of the group. Email Matthew at muconn47 Say “Happy Birth-day” to your loved ones in The PRESS!  Send us their names and  birthdays and we’ll print them here for free! You can also send a photo and birthday wish for a small fee. Did you know that it’s free to publish engage-ment, wedding, birth and milestone birthday announcements in The PRESS?  All you have to do is send us a quality  photo along with the announcement informa-tion you wish to include! Email is best, but you can also drop off or mail your submissions to The PRESS at 1 Broadway, Bangor, PA 18013. This is your community newspaper and we need your news to fill it! We love hearingfrom you! Send your birthdays, anniversa-ries and other info to: The PRESS,1 Broadway,Bangor, PA 18013; or Like us on Facebook!  Whether a novice or expert birder, a hike to Raccoon Ridge to hawk watch is an experience not to miss on Novem- ber 1st, from 9am to 4pm. With cooler weather and reduced daylight, nature is signaling it is time for our migrant raptors and other birds to go south. Set atop the Kittatinny Ridge on the Appala-chian Trail, the outstanding view will  provide the perfect  backdrop for a day to discover these amazing  birds with Mike Ander-son, Sanctuary Director of New Jersey Audubon’s Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanc-tuary in Bernardsville.On this field trip, you will discover a variety of migrating raptors such as Cooper’s, Sharp-shinned, Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks as they continue their fall migration. Not only are these birds a beauti-ful sight to behold, they are important indicators of environmental health. New Jersey Audubon has a special-use permit from Yards Creek Pumped Storage Facil-ity, which provides the shortest access to the ridge. The one-hour long hike up is steep, rocky, and wet in places, so participants must dress for the weather and wear suitable shoes for hiking this terrain. There is a limit of 20  people and 10 cars and everyone will enter and leave the facility together as a group. Registration is required  by October 25th. Please call 908-766-5787 to register. Further infor-mation will provided upon registration. New Jersey Audubon’s Scherman HoffmanWildlife Sanctuary  provides educational  programs throughout theyear for adults and children. To find out more information on thediverse offerings,, or call 908-766-5787.The week of October 12th is National Veteri-nary Technician Week. Veterinary technicians are an important part of the medical support team at our hospital. We currently have five technicians on staff here at Blairstown Animal Hospital. They perform a wide variety of func-tions that help make the veterinarians’ jobs easier and improve the quality of care for the  patients. They are in charge of placing intra-venous catheters,  performing anesthesia and dental cleanings, taking radiographs (X-rays), drawing blood and running bloodwork, evaluating cytology slides (looking under the microscope at samples), dispensing medications and monitoring our surgical and medical  patients, to just name some of their responsi- bilities. As you can see, they act as nurses, dental hygienists, radiology and pharmacy techni-cians, and phlebotomists all at once. Our technicians have all attended a two-year  program in a recognized veterinary technician school. It is a rigorous curriculum that includes courses in anatomy,  pharmacology, anesthe-sia, microbiology, emergency/ critical care, radiology and many others. Their training involves not only dogs and cats, but farm animals as well and they get plenty of hands-on experience. That all comes in handy when starting work at our busy  practice. Having a capable technician means that the veterinar-ian can bring a pet into the hospital and hand over the diagnostic and treatment plan to her, knowing that shortly, the tests will be run and the treatments will be underway.Here is an example of a typical surgical case and the technician’s role. Patients for surgery arrive in the morning. The doctors have rounds to discuss the cases for the day and to outline the details of the proce-dures. Many pets need to have bloodwork  before surgery. The  blood is drawn and run  by the technician so it is ready to be reviewed by the surgeon. They also will run an EKG which is sent remotely to a cardiologist for interpre-tation. Once the sched-ule is set, the first pet is given a sedative. The dose is calculated and administered by the technician. When the  patient is comfortable and relaxed, he is  brought into our treat-ment area and prepped  by the technician and an assistant. This involves giving an injection to have him sleeping deeply enough for an endotracheal tube to be inserted. Gas anesthesia is administered, the surgical site is clipped and given the first scrub. Pre-surgical pain medi-cations are given and the  pet is then taken into the surgical suite where he is given the final scrub while the surgeon gets scrubbed and gloved. During this time, moni-tors are hooked up which will record respi-ration, heart rate, body temperature, blood  pressure, oxygen satura-tion and CO2 levels. After surgery, the technician takes the pet  back into the recovery area, gives post-surgical  pain medication, and continues monitoring until he is awake. If there are any complica-tions, she is then able to alert the doctor right away. As you can see, the technicians are a vital part of the surgical team. When I asked our technicians what their favorite classes were in school, I got a variety of answers, but the one at the top of each one’s list was the nursing care classes. That exempli-fies the devotion they have in giving aid to the  pets in their care. If you would like to learn more about what veterinary technicians do, visit the National Association of Veteri-nary Technicians in America’s website at And next time you visit us, remember to thank our technicians for all the great care they adminis-ter to your pets.  Blairstown Senior Bus Trip : Nov. 20th. Hunter-don Hills to see “Play-house Christmas.” Sign up Oct. 22nd, 1pm  at Town Hall. Entrée selec-tion at sign up. FMI, call Mickey at 908-362-8919. North Warren Demo-cratic Club Meeting: Oct. 22nd, 7pm.  Meet-ing room of the Cath-erine Dickson Hofman Library, Lambert Rd., Blairstown. All Demo-crats & independents invited to have pizza & discuss Nov. election, incl. the ballot questions & election for members of the board of educa-tion. Refreshments  provided. FMI, call Fred Cook at 908-362-6808 or email fpchistory Blairstown, Knowlton& Hope  A & P, Alpine Meats, Animal Mansion, Ash Plumbing,  Asian Combat Arts, A-Tech,  Auto, Blair Tile, Blair Tire &  Auto, Blairstown Chiropractic, Blairstown, Country Florist, Blairstown Municipal Building, Blairstown Eye Associates, Blue Ridge Lumber, Buckwood, Building Special-ties, Burgdorff, BuzzWorks, Caffe Nelle Cucine, Cannon Country Real Estate, Colum-bia Post Office, Custom Colonial, Dale’s Clocks, Dale's Market, David Krawski Dentist, DogHouse, Dominick Pizza, Dr. Magalio: Dentist, Ellias Restaurant, First Hope Bank, Fitness Empire, Fountain Mall Laundromat, Frank's Pizza, Gallery 23, Geo's Pizza, Gourmet Gallery, Grand Rental Station, Hair Company, Hairs 2 You, Historic Blairstown Theatre, Hope Deli, Hope Haircutters, Imagine Computers, JD Liquors, John Deere, Kozimors Upholstery, Knowl-ton Municipal Building, Lakeland Bank, Lebduska  Accounting, Marksboro Deli, Mark D. Nelke: DMD, Medical  Associate, Mediterranean Diner, Napa, Nature's Harvest, New HoHo, North Warren Farm & Garden, North Warren Pharmacy, North Warren Truck Repair, Old Stillwater General Store, Pizza Express, PNC Bank, Post Office (Both Locations), Post Time Pub, R. Keiling, Race's Farm Market, Radio Shack, Remax, Shell Gas Station, Skyland Bank, Smitty's, Sunrise, Nutrition Center, Sun Velocity, Sunoco, The Auto Shop, The Inn at Millrace Pond, Tile Warehouse, Tractor Supply, Tramontin Harley-Davidson, US Gas, Voula’s Hairway to Heaven, Village Green, Warren County Library, Wells Fargo, Wilbur's Country Store, Wine & Spirits, Woman to Woman Belvidere  A & P, Al's Pizza, ACI Truck Stop, Bagel Smith, Belvidere Diner, Belvidere Spa, Clucas Farm, Curves, Dee Doo's, Dr. Amannda Richline, Food Mart, Four Sisters Winery,H&R Block, Hearth Shop,Hickory Mortgage, Little John’s Pizza, Mediterranean Riverside Designs, Riverton Hotel & Restaurant, Rosal Jewelers, Short Stop, Skee's Busy Bee, Skoogy's, Steckel's Shell, Station, Thisilldous, Uncle Buck's Diner, US Gas, Vincent Haircuttery & Plus, Zack's, Zeek’s Washington  A & P, Bagelsmith, Fliegauff Jewelers, Home Instead Senior Care, Kaffe Kaprys, Lost Ladies, Mediterranean Bistro, MWC Racing, Pride-N-Groom, Quick Check, Rossi, Second Time Around, Shopper Stop, Silver Stars Bagel, Smith Dodge, Stanley's Pizza, Town Market, Washington Diner, Washing-ton Shoe Newton  A&G Pizza, Back in Motion, BMW Dealership, Charm, Co. Seat, Dunkin Donuts, Hamp-ton Diner, Ho Ho’s, Hobby-Town, Holiday Inn, Home Furniture, Warehouse, Kathy's Restaurant, Newton News Stand, Optical Center,PB&J, Quick Check, ShopRite, Skylands Sport Shop,Springboard Shoppe, Superior Shower Doors, TheChatter Box, VW-Audi Dealer-ship, Weis Hackettstown  A & P, Bachs Home Health-care, Cozy Corner, Golden Skillet, Hacktettstown Free public Library, Hackettstown Guns & Ammo, Hackettstown Sandwich Shoppe, Hackett-stown Regional Medical Center, Mama's Pizza/CafeBaci, O'Neill's Jewelers. Prickley Pear, Quick Check #2, Riverstar Diner, Tranquil-ity General Store, Valley Bagel, Weis, Willow Café Columbia  Ayers, Rose’s Cafe Halloween-Themed Pajama Storytime: Oct. 22nd, 6:30pm. Warren Co. Library, 2 Shotwell Dr., Belvi-dere . Share a variety of spooky & not-so-spooky stories for the whole family. Costumes welcome! Free Family Law Seminar: Oct. 22nd, 7pm-9pm . Project Self-Sufficiency, 127 Mill St., Newton. Regis-tration required. Call 973-940-3500. Teen Halloween Party: Oct. 23rd, 6pm . Warren Co. Library Headquar-ters, 2 Shotwell Dr., Belvidere. Learn to read tea leaves, make candy creations & more. Costumes encouraged. For those in 5th grade & up. Registration required. FMI, visit Computer Class For The Very Beginner – Mouse Skills: Oct. 24th, 10am . Catherine Dickson Hofman Library, 4 Lambert Rd., Blairstown. This class is for the very beginner who has limited or no computer experience. Registration required. FMI, call 908-362-8335. Keep Calm & Fight On 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk to Benefit American Cancer Society: Oct. 25th.  Knowlton Lions Club Pavilion. Registration  begins at 7:30am w/ run/walk starting at 8:30am. Reg. fees apply. To register, go to or email FMI. Bazaar: Oct. 25th, 9am-3pm.  Presbyterian Chapel of Hackettstown, 291 Main St. (across from sanctuary). Tea time 9am-11am, lunch 11:30am-1:30pm. Holi-day sundries, handmade items, white elephant table & baked goods. FMI, visit fpchacketts NW Lions Club Chili Cook-Off: Oct. 25th, noon-2pm . 1st UMC of Blairstown, Stillwater Rd., Blairstown. No entrance fee, just come at 11:45am to set up. Donation fee to taste goes directly to 4 local food pantries. A dona-tion of non-perishable canned goods, paper  products or personal toiletry items would be appreciated. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded. FMI, call Wendy Geuther at 973-383-0464. All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet: Oct. 26th, 7am-11am . Franklin Twp. Vol. Fire Dept, 37 2nd St., New Village. FMI, call 908-319-0379. Family Halloween Costume Party: Oct. 27th, 3pm . Catherine Dickson Hofman Library, 4 Lambert Rd., Blairstown. Games, crafts, snacks & treats. Don’t forget to wear your costume! FMI, call 908-362-8335. “The Science of Addic-tion: Removing the Stigma” Drug Trends Conference: Oct. 27th, 8am-1pm . Centenary College. Presented by The Coalition for Healthy & Safe Com-munities, a program of the Family Guidance Center of Warren Co., in collaboration w/ Warren Co. Prosecutor Richard T. Burke. Seating is limited & pre-registration is required. Participants are eligible of three hours of continuing education or  professional develop-ment credits. FMI, contact Chelsea Volyn at or at 908-689-1000. Halloween Movie For Adults: Oct. 30th, 6pm . Catherine Dickson Hofman Library, 4 Lam- bert Rd., Blairstown. Adults welcome to enjoy a spooky movie (Rated R) & Halloween treats. FMI, call 908-362-8335. Hauntings of NJ: Oct. 30th, 7pm.  Warren Co. Library Headquarters. See next edition FMI!
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