Occupational Stress Among Banking Professionals

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  1 OCCUPATIONAL STRESS AMONG BANKINGPROFESSIONALS: A Case Study of Nationalised Ban AUT!OR  A A# SOLK!E Assistant Professor, University School of Management,Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIAEmail I! a ay#solkhe$reiffmail%com, asolkhe$kuk%ac%in  Mo&ile! '()(*+ )+-  2 $ECLARATION B# AUT!OR  It is eclare that article title . OCCUPATIONAL STRESS AMONG  BANKING PROFESSIONALS: A Case Study of Nationalised Ban  /is srcinal 0ork of author% It is further state that neither the article has &een 1u&lishe &efore nor it has &een sent for 1u&lication in any other   ournal% A%ay Sol&e Assistant Professor, University School of Management,Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra    3  A!st a#t Stress is inevitable in our society. Researchers on stress make it clear that, toenter in to the complex area of stress, especially in to the area of occupational  stress, is very difficult. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern living. During the past decade, the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy changes due to globalisation and liberalisation, increased competition due to the entrance of more private (corporate) sector banks,donsi!ing, introduction of ne technologies, etc. Due to these changes, theemployees in the banking sector are experiencing a high level of stress. n light of the above, the present study attempt to thro light on the various problems of occupational stress among banking professionals specifically the #ationalised bank employees. $or meeting the ob%ective &ccupational Stress ndex (&S )constructed by Srivastava and Singh as used in the study. 'he  itemquestionnaire is categorised into *+ sub scales namely  Role &verload, Role mbiguity, Role -onflict, nreasonable /roup and 0olitical 0ressure, Responsibility for 0ersons, nder 0articipation, 0oerlessness, 0oor 0eer  Relations, ntrinsic mpoverishment, 1o Status, Strenuous 2orking -onditionsand nprofitability. 'he sub%ects ere the 34 professionals occupying themanagerial positions in the 0un%ab #ational 5ank. 'he study as largelyconcentrated in #orthern Region of ndia focusing on the branches of 0#5located in 0un%ab, 6aryana and -handigarh. 'he result obtained as analysed using descriptive statistics and 0earson -orrelation. 'he study concluded that employees of the selected bank are experiencing high degree of stress ith respect to the dimensions of 0oor 0eer Relations, Responsibility of persons, Strenuous2orking -onditions, 0oerlessness and nprofitability. Key 2ors! 3ccu1ational Stress Ine4 53SI6, Stress, 7ole 3verloa, 7ole Am&iguity an7ole 8onflict, 9ank Em1loyee, Nationalise 9ank,  4 INTRO$UCTION :he avent of technological revolution in all 0alks of life cou1le 0ith glo&alisation, 1rivatisation 1olicies has rastically change conventional 1atterns in all sectors% :he &ankingsector is of no e4em1tion% :he ;(('s sa0 raical 1olicy changes 0ith regaring to fiscal eficitan structural changes in Inia so as to 1re1are her to co1e 0ith the ne0 economic 0orl orer%<lo&alisation an 1rivatisation le 1olicies com1elle the &anking sector to reform an a ust tohave a com1etitive ege to co1e 0ith multinationals le environment% :he im1lications of thea&ove sai transformations have affecte the social, economic an 1sychological omains of the &ank em1loyees an their relations% Evience from e4isting literature states that more than *'=of the &ank em1loyees have one or other 1ro&lem irectly or inirectly relate to these rasticchanges% All the factors iscusse a&ove are 1ros1ective attri&utes to cause occu1ational stressan relate isorers among the em1loyees% :he frontiers of kno0lege on the conce1t of stress an its effects are e41aning in allirections% :here e4ists a multi1licity of theories an invaliate e41lanations to the term stress%9ut there is general acce1tance of the conce1t of stress as a escri1tion of the iniviual>sreactions to the environmental emans an influences 0hich are 1otential stressors% Stressorscom&ine to 1ressure an iniviual until stress evelo1s% Hans Selye efines stress as, ?the non@s1ecific res1onse of the &oy to any eman mae u1on it?% 9eehr an Ne0man efine o& stressas, .a conition arising from the interaction of 1eo1le an their o&s an characterie &ychanges 0ithin 1eo1le that force them to eviate from their normal functioning%/ :hus stress isan aa1tive res1onse to an e4ternal situation that results in 1hysical, 1sychological an &ehavioural eviations for organisational 1artici1ants%   8oo1er 5;()BC ;()+6 summarie ancategorie si4 factors res1onsi&le for stress ;% actors intrinsic to the o& 5heat, noise, chemicalfumes, shift 0ork6C -% 7elationshi1s at 0ork 5conflict 0ith co@0orkers or su1ervisors, lack of social su11ort6C B% 7ole in the organisation 5for e4am1le, role am&iguity6C % 8areer evelo1ment5lack of status, lack of 1ros1ects for 1romotion, lack of a career 1ath, o& insecurity6C +%3rganisational structure an climate 5lack of autonomy, lack of o11ortunity to 1artici1ate inecision making, lack of control over the 1ace of 0ork6C *% Home an 0ork interface 5conflict &et0een omestic an 0ork rolesC lack of s1ousal su11ort for remaining in the 0orkforce6%Sources of managerial stress have &een 0ell ocumente since the late ;('s% Ivancevichan Matteson 5;()'6 ientifie four categories of 0ork stressors! 1hysical environment,
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