Ontogenetic patterns of esterase isozymes in Asian papaya fruit fly Bactrocera papayae Drew and Hancock (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Ontogenetic patterns of esterase isozymes in Asian papaya fruit fly Bactrocera papayae Drew and Hancock (Diptera: Tephritidae)
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  ProsidingKolokium Siswah Ke-l IFaktltiSains dan Teknologi, UKM, Bungi ONTOGENETIC PATTERNSOF ESTERASE SOZYMES IN ASIAN PAPAYAFRUIT FLY BACTROCERAPAPAYAE DREW AND HANCOCK(DIPTERA:TEPHRITIDAE)Md.HasanuzzamanIdris, A. B.SchoolofEnvironmental and Natural Resource ciencesINTRODUCTIONTheAsianpapayaruit fly, Bactroceraapayae Diptera:Tephritidae) sone of the majoragriculturalpests,especially ruitsand vegetablesn Malaysia. Itspresencean causeseveredamageof the agriculturalproduceaswellaslimitationsto the export of theseproducts.sozymesare usefulgeneticmarkers n thestudy ofgene expression s well asinstudiesonpopulation geneticsand evolutioninplantsand animals(Markert1975).Esteraseomprisesmulti-functionalandheterogeneousroupof enzymes hat have as asharedcharacteristicparticipationin ester hydrolysis. In insects, they are related toseveral metabolicprocesses,such as food digestion, degradation of insecticides/insecticide esistance,pheromonesandjuvenilehormonehydrolysis(Campbellet al.2003;Nascimento& de CamposBicudo 2002).Changesn isozymepattemmaybe tissueor cell specific and ndicate egulatoryeventsatthegeneticand epigeneticevels. Theseeventsareprobablyclosely associated ith morphological,physiological,orbiochemicalontogenetic lterations.Of all enzymegroupsdetectedbygelelectrophoresis,sterasesaregoodmarkers orchangesngeneexpression ecausehey arepolymorphicn manyorganisms,tableunder ordinary handlingprocedures,nd easily detected. nsectsaresuitablematerial or studiesof ontogenetic hanges ngeneexpression ecause f theirwell-defineddevelopmental tages. o visualizemaximum bandsby gelelectrophoresis,nonspecificsubstrates re used. The electrophoretic echniqueshave been extensivelyused ostudyenzymatic ariations n numerous rganisms or variouspurposesCohenetal. 1977). n this study, the electrophoretic andingpattemsofesterasesozymeswereobserved on l0% PAGE(PolyacrylamideGelElectrophoresis) n reference o thedevelopmentalhanges uring he ife cycleofthispestspecies.MATERTALS AND METHODSThe Asianpapayafruit fly, B. papayaewere collectedfrom MARDI(MalaysianAgricultural ResearchndDevelopment nstitute)andreared n laboratoryconditionnUKM at 24Ll"Cand 70-80%elativehumidity. Atpresent'ngenerationsrunningn thelaboratory.Fromthis stock,differentifestagesi.e.,eggs, arvae,pupaeand adults)wereusedforthe observation of esterase sozyme bandingpattemby using VerticalPolyacrylamideel ElectrophoresisPAGE).Gel(10%PAGE) was used ollowing thestandardroceduresescribed y Hasantuzaman t al.(20M)with slight modifications.Substrate ixture 120ml) waspreparedsing 1 07gof NaH2PO,2.67gof Na2HPOa,0.09gof o-Naphthyl acetateand 0.09gofB-Naphthyl acetateand 2 nrl of acetonendistilledwater.Thedye coupler olution onsisted f 0.09gofFastblueRRsaltand150mldistilledwater. Thegelwaskept insubstratemixture for 15minutes.Afterwardsdyecouplersolutionwas addedand ncubated he gelat 37'C for 10-15minutes.582
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