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   Ouster Clauses And Jurisdiction Of Civil Courts   By Anuja Aiyappan  Jurisdiction: Meaning and Scope  The word  jurisdiction   is derived from Latin terms “  juris  ”  and “ dicto  ”  which means “ I speak by law  ” .   Jurisdiction may be defined to be the power of a Court to hear and determine a cause, to adjudicate and exercise any  judicial power in relation to it  : in other words, by jurisdiction is meant the authority which a court has to decide matters that are litigated before it or to take cognizance of matters  presented in a formal way for its decision.  When a court has jurisdiction to decide a dispute, the same cannot be taken away or ousted by consent of parties. contd.     A Civil Court has got jurisdiction in respect of all civil matters except those of which tribunals are constituted under special statutes  ; and such tribunals have limited jurisdiction.   Whenever the jurisdiction of the court is challenged, the court has inherent jurisdiction to decide the said question.  Types of Jurisdiction  Civil and Criminal jurisdiction  Territorial or local jurisdiction  Pecuniary jurisdiction  Subject Matter jurisdiction  Original jurisdiction  Appellate jurisdiction  Foreign jurisdiction
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