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  By: Mirat shah  ã Father of modern town planning. ã Patrick Geddes was a Scottish biologist, sociologist, geographer,  philanthropist & pioneering town planner.  THOUGHTS:- ã Think global act local    –   Pioneered a sociological approach to the study of urbanization. ã City should be studied in the context of region.   ã The social thought of Patrick Geddes: place, work and folk. ã Geddes advocated the civic survey as indispensable to urban planning: his motto was diagnosis before treatment . ã “Conservative surgery”, weeding out the worst of the houses, widening the narrow closes into courtyards and allowing more sunlight and air to get in.   PATRICK GEDDES  –   PLANNING CONCEPTS ã Rural development, Urban Planning and City Design are not the same and adopting a common planning process is disastrous. ã   “ Conurbation ” ‐ waves of population inflow to large cities, followed by overcrowding and slum formation, and then the wave of backflow. ã The sequence of planning is to be:  Regional survey  Rural development  Town planning  City design ã These are to be kept constantly up to   date. ã He gave his expert advice for the improvement of about 18 major towns in INDIA.   EDINBURGH  –   SCOTLAND   ã He played A key role in the 19th century overhaul of the old town of Edinburgh. ã His efforts to improve the old town began in 1886 when he and his wife, bought a row of slum tenements in James court, and made it into a single dwelling . ã He disapproved of sweeping clearances and instead began A process of what he described as “conservative surgery”. The best of the houses were kept and restored .  Geddes believed that this approach was both more economical and more humane, though it went against the trends of the times. ã He was one of the first people to highlight the importance of light and air in homes and famously launched summer schools to explain how the arts and sciences could be applied to town planning.

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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