Phallicism Celestial and Terrestrial

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  PHALLICISM  JENNINGS  Ex Libris Fra. Tripud. Stell.  In two large volumes, demy 4to, with Maps and Illustrations, and a separate Chart of Faith Streams,    ————————— GEORGE REDWAY, 12, YORK STREET.   RIVERS OF LIFE; OR , SOURCES AND STREAMS OF THE FAITHS OF MAN IN ALL LANDS. Showing the Evolution of Religious Thought from the Rudest Symbolisms to the Latest Spiritual Developments. By   M  AJOR -G ENERAL J. G. R. FORLONG, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.E., M.A.I.,  A.I.C.E., F.R.H.S., F.R.A.Socy, & C ., & C . C ONTENTS O F  V OL . , I.—1. Introductory pages, 1-30; II. Tree Worship, pp. 31-92; III. Serpent and Phallic' Worship, pp. 93-322; IV Fire Worship, pp. 323-402; V. Sun Worship, pp. 403-534; VI.  Ancestor Worship, pp. 535-548. C ONTENTS O F  V OL . II.—VII. Early Faiths of Western Asia, as in Kaldia and Assyria, pp. 1-141; VIII. Faiths of Western Absrcines in Europe and Adjacent Countries, pp. 142-448; IX. Faiths of Eastern Abori-gines, Non-Aryan, Aryan, and Shemitic, pp. 449-622.  A  PPENDICES .—I. A Coloured Chart of all Faith Streams, 7½ ×  2½ feet, folded or on roller; II. Map of the World, as known about Second Century B . C ., showing Early Races and Faiths; III. Sketch Map of Ancient India, and from Baluchistan to Anam, showing Early Tribes, their Sacred Places, &c. IV. Synoptical Table of Gods, God Ideas, and many Features which all Faiths have more or less in common. If on roller, this is 3 feet ×  21 inches. Two Volumes, demy 4to, 1270 pages; with Maps, Plates, and numerous Illustrations, cloth; and large separate Chart in cloth case, £6 6s. Chart alone, £2. “General Forlong has devoted many years and incurred very heavy cost for the purpose of presenting to the world a work which no student of Comparative Religion can afford to neglect. The author has allowed neither time, distance nor cost to prevent him from visiting any spot where he thought it possible to discover monumental data; he has studied not only the written  FORLONG’S RIVERS OF LIFE  ——     ————————— GEORGE REDWAY, 12, YORK STREET.   sources of Indian mythology, but has done so by the light of the explanations given by living native authorities, and of the yet existing ancient customs of India. He has visited the most famous sanctuaries both of Europe and Asia, studying alike the ruins of Jerusalem, of Delphi, of Parnassus, and of Rome. The importance of ascertaining and recording the explanations which learned Brahmans give of the symbols and mythological records of their early faith, which no books contain, is great and obvious. The list of authorities not only cited but read by the author contains some 800 volumes, including the latest efforts of the best-known scholars to pierce the obscurity which veils the ancient faiths of Asia.”—  St. James’s Gazette. “This is the most comprehensive work that has yet appeared on Compara-tive Religion. It is indispensable to the student, because it not only contains all the subjects treated of by past writers, but that of more recent Oriental scholars, and sheds over such knowledge the light of personal investigation. The learned author has during a long course of years utilised with indefati-gable diligence the singular facilities afforded him by his duties as an Engineer under the Indian Government. Symbolism, often only studied by the aid of pictures and books, he hns studied on the spot, and has collected an immense mass of information not generally attainable, . . . . here all arranged and classified with perfect clearness. From this encyclopedia . . . . he shows the evolution of faiths. . . . . . No one interested in Comparative Religion and ancient symbolism can afford to be withouli this work.”—  Index   (America). “Under the title of ‘Rivers of Life,’ a very remarkable book has just appeared. It is the work of General Forlong, who firat went out to India some forty years ago. He belongs to a service which has produced many able men, some of whom, like Yule and Cunningham, stand high as authorities on matters of Oriental archaeology. From the size of General Forlong’s volumes, and the experience of the author, the work will no doubt form one of the most important contributions on the Evolution of human Faiths which has yet appeared. . . . . The author shows all through that he is not without a strong religious feeling. He is to be congratulated on his courage in bringing before the reading public such a mass of information on topics as yet only known to a few. The author may prove right or wrong in the tracing of words, but the value of the ideas which he traces out in most cases does not depend in any way upon etymology for their significance.”—  Glasgow Herald . “This is a very important work, in two volumes of nearly 1300 pages, treating exclusively of Tree, Serpent, Fire, Sun, and Ancestor worship, and all the early faiths of the absrcinal races of Asia, Europe, and adjacent countries, indeed, of all the world. It shows clearly all the movements, growth, and evolution of universal religious thought.”—  The American.
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