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non cash payment system
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  Presentation on Topic : Submitted By : Arun Bhatt Class : BBA 2 nd  Year Roll No. : 15 Submitted To: Prof. Vinod Gupta Department of Management Studies BBA)  Contents :  Introduction  Electronic payment  Conceptual framework  E-cash payment system  E-cash security   Advantages  Limitations  conclusion  Introduction Electronic money is paperless cash. This money is either stored on a card itself or in an account associated with the card The most common examples are transit cards, meal plans, and PayPal. E-Cash can also mean any kind of electronic payment. Electronic payment systems come in many forms including virtual cheques, ATM cards, credit cards, and stored value cards. The usual security features for such systems are privacy, authenticity , and no repudiation.  Electronic Payment  The term electronic commerce refers to any financial transaction involving the electronic transmission of information.  The packets of information being transmitted are commonly called electronic tokens.  the storage medium as a card since it commonly takes the form of a wallet-sized card made of plastic or cardboard.
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