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Preston Schwartz's Ender's Game Essay

Enders game essay
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  Preston Schwartz English Mr. Thompson Ender/Profile of a Jesuit Graduate In the novel Ender’s game,  ender starts out with many similarities to the profile of a Jesuit graduate. By the end of the novel Ender contains all but one similarity to the  profile. In the beginning when ender still had the chip in his head and was still attending grade school ender was very intellectually competent, he was open to growth, he was a little physically fit, and was very loving but only for his family. By the end of the novel ender had trained a lot and become very physically fit, the most intellectually competent captain in space, open to growth, very loving for everything and everyone except for when it came to killing buggers in what he thought was just a game, and became committed to working for justice. Ender’s life seemed to be just fine besides having troubles with bullying at home from his older brother and at school from the gang of bully’s ender seems to have a gr  eat life. Ender usually isn’t a physical person unless he has to be in which he doesn’t win a fight with strength he wins with smarts. Which is why he is able to win in a fight against the head bully of the gang that is obviously stronger than him. In his fit he decides not to win the fight by hurting the other student but to win it by pummeling him so he and his friends then become scared of him and don’t comeback for round 2. Besides the bullying  parts of Ender’s life he also has his family which he loves  very much especially his sister  valentine who is also his best friend. Obviously his younger years were difficult in some areas but were also quite pleasant in some areas. Enders life near the end of the book is much more different after all the training he had gone threw and the work he had put into his school. The reason it is different is  because he then lived in space on a gigantic spacecraft where he is part of a clan that has  battles against other clans to see who can be the best clan. Due to Enders brilliant mind he is able to become the best soldier out of every soldier on the ship from and six to seventeen. Eventually Ender became a captain of his own clan which was much different then being a soldier because he couldn’t just listen to the orders  any more he had to be open to a new adjustment and deal with it so he created elaborate plans to win each battle which eventually promoted him to a whole other school for captains. At this new school he ended up doing battles against the actually buggers thinking the battles where simulations, because ender is such a good general for his army he ended up destroying all of the buggers and winning the war. After doing this he found out that the game he thought he was playing wasn’t a simulation he realized w hat he had done and that was when the sweet loving ender came out and searched the universe trying to help the  buggers rebuild their species and restore justice with just the one egg ender found on his  journey with his sister Valentine. Though Ender does some pretty horrible things in his life he always means good and never wants for anyone to get hurt. The reason Ender was able to do what he did is  because of his intelligence, the fact that he is so open to try new things, he takes risks, he  knows right from wrong and stands by the right not the wrong, but most importantly he is a caring loving person and never means for people to die especially from his actions. I think that besides Ender not being religious he definitely matches up with the Profile of the Graduate of Jesuit College Preparatory School.
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