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Program and Bibliography, Anthropology of Law, 2018-2019

Program and Bibliography, Anthropology of Law, 2018-2019
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  Professor Doutor Armando Marques Guedes  NOVA Law School, 201!201"2nd semester  2# semestre ANTHROPOLOGY OF LAW   AN$%OPOLOG&A '(%)D&*A  It is perfectly proper to regard and study the law simply as a great anthropological document. Ol+er -endell   .olmes /1"20, Collected Legal Papers  13 GENERAL INTRODUCTION $he nature and eolut+on of anthro4olo5+cal stud+es of 6oth law and 4ol+t+cs3 $he d+ers+t7 of the soc+ocultural framewor8s of norms and of or5an+9at+onal forms assoc+ated w+th them3 $he c+rcumscr+4t+on of thesoc+al conte:ts of le5al and 4ol+t+cal 4rocesses3 ;thno5ra4h+c ar+at+on +nthe normat+e d+scourses of 4ol+t+cal!adm+n+strat+e s7stems3 S4ec+f+cs of the Portu5uese case 8+nsh+4 networ8s, 4atron!cl+ent relat+ons, +nher+tancerules and soc+al strat+f+cat+on, the le5al!4ol+t+cal construct+on of mar5+nal+t73  Recommended bibliograp!"Armando #ar$%e& G%ede&  /200<, =Law as *ulture>=, +n  Feelings of  Justice in the Chinese community of Macao  /ed3 A3 .es4anha 2?!@,&nst+tuto de *+nc+as Soc+a+s e BundaCo Or+ente, L+s6oa3 Armando #ar$%e& G%ede&  /200E,  Entre Factos e Razes. Conte!tos e En"uadramentos da #ntropologia Jur$dica , Almed+na, *o+m6ra3 Armando #ar$%e& G%ede&  /200, F(ma art+culaCo entre o ;stado e asAutor+dades $rad+c+ona+sH> L+m+tes na con5runc+a entre o D+re+to do;stado e os D+re+tos $rad+c+ona+sH em An5olaI, em /ed3 D+o5o Bre+tas doAmaral,  Estudos Comemorati%os dos &' anos da Faculdade de (ireito da)ni%ersidade *o%a de Lis+oa , ol3 1 ?1E!?E<, Almed+na, *o+m6ra3 Armando #ar$%e& G%ede&  /200", =*an Jtrad+t+onal author+t+esJ and ademocrat+c State co!e:+st +n An5ola>=,  Politica Internationala , Kucurest+,%oman+a3Students w+ll 4resent short wr+tten 4a4ers on one of the to4+cs of thePro5ram 6elow3 A f+nal e:am determ+nes the m+n+mal f+nal class+f+cat+on 1  o6ta+ned, wh+ch the qual+t7 of the 4a4er 4resented ma7 amel+orate3 -h+lethe f+rst s+: sess+ons of the Pro5ram are Fma5+ster+al lecturesI, the latter ones +nclude a small 4resentat+on of the theme 67 selected 5rou4s of students, followed 67 d+scuss+ons around them3 &n terms of Bacult7 rulesthere +s an o6l+5ator7 f+nal e:am3 Koth for the e:am and the short 4a4ersthat w+ll sere as the 6ases for d+scuss+ons +n the second 4art of thePro5ram, ealuat+on w+ll de4end on clar+t7 +n the use of Le5alAnthro4olo57 conce4ts used and d+scussed /@0, on 8nowled5e of thee:am4les treated /20, and on the creat++t7 d+s4la7ed /@03%eca44+n5 all students w+ll 4resent a short 4a4er /+ts 4resentat+on last+n5 ama:+mum of 1E to 20 mn on one of the to4+cs of the Pro5ram, Ano6l+5ator7 f+nal e:am w+ll determ+ne the m+n+mal class+f+cat+on o6ta+ned,wh+ch the qual+t7 of the short 4a4er 4resente ma7 ammel+orate3 %esum+ndo todos os estudantes a4resentaro um curto  paper   /cua a4resentaCodurar um m:+mo de 1E a 20mn   so6re um dos t4+cos do Pro5rama3 (m e:ame f+nalo6r+5atr+o determ+nar a class+f+caCo o6t+da, que a a4resentaCo do  paper  4odemelhorar32  PROGRA# E 'I'LIOGRAPHHY P%OG%AMA ; K&KL&OG%AB&A -Qe 6el+ee that com4arat+e stud7 can a+d us +n our more 4aroch+al tas8 of understand+n5 the law +tself3 -eth+n8 we can understand our own F;n5landI 6etter 67ha+n5 +s+ted other shores, and we are conf+dent thatothers can 6enef+t from the same e:4er+ence3  J. M. ,al-in &//&01 FLaw, Mus+c, and other Perform+n5ArtsI @, )ni%ersity of Pennsyl%ania Law Re%iew  3 Par( ) * INTRODUCTION Parte 1 ! &N$%OD(RO DO#AIN CIRCU#+CRIPTION+ IN THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL +TUDY OFLAW AND POLITIC+" THE ,CLA++ICAL, TRADITION -). D;B&N&RO D; TMK&$OS NO ;S$(DO AN$%OPOLUG&*O DAS L;&S ; DA POL)$&*A A$%AD&RO F*LSS&*AI /1  # general introduction to some of the +asic coordinates of the foundational heuristics of the anthropological perspecti%es on law and politics. 2he creati%e and repressi%e role of law and politics. Law and social e%olution. 2he social role of conflicts. )ma introdu34o geral a algumas das coordenadas de +ase das heur$sticas fundadoras da perspecti%a34oantropol5gica so+re as leis e a pol$tica. 6 papel criati%o e o papel repressi%o das regras. # lei e ae%olu34o social. 6 papel social dos conflitos. #aine , .3 /11,  #ncient Law , London3 D%r/eim , ;3, /1"02,  (e la di%ision du tra%ail social  , Par+s3 #alino0&/i , K3 /1"2, or+5+nal 1"2, Crime and Custom in 7a%age 7ociety ,%owmanW L+ttlef+eld, New Xor83 Radcli11e*'ro0n , A3 %3 /1"<<, FLaw, Pr+m+t+eI, em  Encyclopaedia of the 7ocial 7ciences , ol3 " 202!20, New Xor83 Weber , M3 /1", or+5+nal 1"21,  Economy and 7ociety , Ker8ele7 and Los An5eles3 Gl%c/man , M3 /1"E,  Politics1    Law and Religion in 2ri+al 7ociety , London3 Po&pi&il , L3 /1"?3 FLe5al leels and mult+4l+c+t7 of le5al s7stems +n human soc+et+esI, 2he Journal of Conflict Resolution  "/1 2!23  YYYYYYYYYYY   /1"?@,  #nthropology of Law8 a comparati%e theory , Xale (n+ers+t7 Press3 Rober(& , S3 /1"?", 6rder and dispute8 an introduction to legal anthropology , Pen5u+n,London3/eds 2. Armando #ar$%e& G%ede&  and #aria 3o&4 Lope&   /200?, 7tate and 2raditional Law in #ngola and Mozam+i"ue , (n+ers+t7 of Le+den and Almed+na3 HEAD*HUNTING AND PEACE*PACT+" +O#E OF THE DI#EN+ION+ OFINTERPRETATION AND E5PLANATION IN ANTHROPOLOGY -6. A *ARA ZS *AK;RAS ; OS PA*$OS D; PA[ ALG(MAS D&M;NS\;S DA &N$;%P%;$ARO ;DA ;]PL&*ARO ;M AN$%OPOLOG&A /2  In the conte!t of a practice endemic within a cultural area headhunting in 7outheast  #sia01 this session +rea-s up %arious con%ergent analytical strands w that enhance itsintelligi+ility. 2he role of interpretation and the structure of anthropological  <  e!planations. 2he social place of the legal and the political. 2he o+ser%er1 the o+ser%er1and o+ser%ation.  *o conte!to de uma pr9tica end:mica numa 9rea cultural a ca3a ;s ca+e3as no sudeste asi9tico01 nesta sess4o s4o esmiu3adas %9rias correntes anal$ticas "ue con%ergem para a sua inteligi+ilidade. 6 papel dainterpreta34o e a estrutura das e!plica3es antropol5gicas. 6 lugar social do <ur$dico e do pol$tico. 6o+ser%ador1 o o+ser%ado e a o+ser%a34o. 7a!da , A3 P3 /1"", $he stud7 of the causes of war, w+th s4ec+al reference toheadhunt+n5 ra+ds +n KorneoI,  Ethnohistory  1221!22@3 #c8inle! , %3 /1"?, F.uman and 4roud of +t^ A structural treatment of headhunt+n5r+tes and the soc+al def+n+t+on of ennem+esI, em 7tudies in ,orneo 7ocieties , /ed G3 N3A44ell, &3 De8al6 *S;AS, N$( "2!123 Needam , %3 /1"?, FS8ulls and causal+t7I,  Man  ?1!3 Freedman , D3 /1"?", FSeered heads that 5erm+nateI, em  Fantasy and 7ym+ol.7tudies   in #nthropological Interpretation , /ed3 %3 .3 .oo8, 2<<!2@ Academ+c Press3 Ro&aldo , M3 /1"0,  =nowledge and Passion. Ilongot notions of self and social life ,concluso, 221!2<@ *am6r+d5e (n+ers+t7 Press3 #e(cal1  , P3 /1"2,  # ,orneo Journey into (eath. ,erawan eschatology from its rituals ,ca43 ?, 112!12 (n+ers+t7 of Penns7lan+a Press3 Ho&/in& , '3 /1"", F&ntroduct+on headhunt+n5 as 4ract+ce and as tro4eI, em  >eadhunting and the 7ocial Imagination in 7outheast #sia , /ed3 '3 .os8+ns, 1!E0Standford (n+ers+t7 Press3 #cWilliam  /1"", FSeered heads that 5erm+nate the State h+stor7, 4ol+t+cs andheadhunt+n5 +n southwest $+morI, i+id   12?!1?3 THE 93URAL, AND THE 9POLITICAL," A CONTRO7ER+Y ON THEFOUNDATION+ OF THE CO#PARATI7E #ETHOD -:. O F'(%)D&*OI ; O FPOL)$&*OI (MA POL_M&*A SOK%; OS B(NDAM;N$OS DO M_$ODO*OMPA%A$&VO /<  # classic contro%ersy within the #nthropology of Law. # simple e!trapolation ontoother cultures and societies of ?estern legal concepts as the grids@ E%entually local conceptsand systems@ 2he limits of analystAimposed conceptualizations. Models as concernsdata constraints. )ma contro%:rsia cl9ssica na #ntropologia Jur$dica. E!trapola34o pura e simples dos conceitos <ur$dicos ocidentais como grelha a utilizar noutras sociedades@ E%entuais conceitos e sistemas <urisprudenciais locais@ 6s   limites da formaliza34o imposta pelo analista. 6s modelos no "ue toca aorespeito pelos dados. 'oannan , P3 /1"E, F$he d+ffer+n5 realms of the lawI, em /ed3 L3 Nader   1 2he Ethnography of Law1 #merican #nthropologist1  s4ec+al 4u6l+cat+on ?/ 4art 2 <<@23 Gl%c/man , M3 /1"@ F*once4ts +n the com4arat+e stud7 of tr+6al lawI, em /ed3 L3 Nader  Law in Culture and 7ociety  <@"!<?@, (n+ers+t7 of *al+forn+a Press3 'oannan , P3 /1"", F;thno5ra4h7 and *om4ar+son +n Le5al Anthro4olo57I, i+id  @01!@1"3@  ON THE NATURE OF THE LEGAL AND THE POLITICAL2 RECENTANTHROPOLOGICAL PER+PECTI7E+ -;. DA NA$(%;[A DO '(%)D&*O ; DO POL)$&*O3 P;%SP;*$&VAS AN$%OPOLUG&*AS%;*;N$;S /@  ,y means of a discussion of some recent research ?or-s1 an initial illustration of a fewof the contemporary anthropological comparati%e ta-es on the nature and traits of legal and political facts. 2he accent is placed on the delimitation of these and on the srecificity of #nthropology insofar as the generation of inno%ati%e analyses isconcerned.  Pela discuss4o de alguns tra+alhos recentes de in%estiga34o1 uma ilustra34o inicial de algumas perspecti%as antropol5gicas contemporBneas "uanto ; natureza e caracter$sticas dos factos <ur$dicos e pol$ticos em termos comparati%os. # t5nica : posta na sua circunscri34o destes e na especificidade da #ntropologia em gerar an9lises ino%adoras. 'o0en , '3 %3 /1"", FPoet+c duels and 4ol+t+cal chan5e +n the Ga7o h+5hlands of SumatraI,  #merican #nthropologist   "1 /1 2E!@13 'lo/  , A3 /1"", F$he s7m6ol+c oca6ular7 of 4u6l+c e:ecut+onsI, em /ed3 '3 Starr e '3*oll+er  >istory and Power on the study of the law. *ew directions in legal anthopology <1!EE, *ornell (n+ers+tr7 Press3 +(ra(ern , M3 /1""2,  Reproducing the Future. #nthropology1 -inship and the newreproducti%e technologies  1@!<0, @@!@, Manchester (n+ers+t7 Press3 +cie11elin , ;3 L3 /1""E, F;arl7 contact as Drama and Man+4ulat+on +n the southernh+5hlands of Pa4ua New Gu+nea 4ac+f+cat+on as the structure of the conunctureI, Comparati%e 7tudies in 7ociety and >istory  <? /< EEE!E03 Caplan , P3 /1""E, F&ntroduct+on anthro4olo57 and the stud7 of d+s4utesI,em /ed3 P3 Caplan )nderstanding (isputes. 2he politics of argument   1!11, Ker53 +<en&&on , $3 G3 /1""?, F$he court as an arena and the +ssue of ethn+c+t7I, em 2he 79miand their Land. 2he 79mi %s. the 7wedish Crown  @<!?<, Nous Borla5, (n+ers+t7 of Oslo3 8%lic/= Dan  /1""?, F$he Gender of Kra9+l+an $rans5endered Prost+tutesI,  #merican #nthropologist   ""/<E?@!E?, Amer+can Anthro4olo5+cal Assoc+at+on3 A&(%(i= Ri(a  /1"", =H&s +t a Ko7^H, &tJs a G+rl^H3 %eflect+ons on Se: and Gender +nMada5ascar and Ke7ond=, +n Lam6e8, M+chael3, Strathern, Andrew,  ,odies and  Persons8 Comparati%e Perspecti%es from #frica and Melanesia  4432"!E2, *am6r+d5e,(`, *am6r+d5e (n+ers+t7 Press3 C%na , M3 &3 /1""?, FLe tem4s sus4endu3 %7thme et dure dans une 4r+son 4ortu5a+seI, 2errains  E"!3  YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY /2002, FDo trf+co retalh+sta em Portu5al as redes da sem+!4er+fer+aI 2hemis. Re%ista da Faculdade de (ireito da )*L  @, L+s6oa3 Laidla0=  '3 /2002, =Bor an Anthro4olo57 of ;th+cs and Breedom=,  Journal of the Royal  #nthropological Institute *70 , <11!<<2 34df  #ar$%e& G%ede& , A3 /200<,  Law as culture@D1 em   /ed3 A3 .es4anha,  Feelings of  Justice in the Chinese community of Macau , &nst+tuto de *+nc+as Soc+a+s, L+s6oa .  ORDER= TA5ONO#IC CATEGORIE+ AND CLA++E+= ANO#ALIE+"TA'OO+ AND PROHI'ITION+ A+ OUTCO#E+ OF CLA++IFYING ->. O%D;M, *A$;GO%&AS ; *LASS;S $A]ONUM&*AS, ANOMAL&AS OS $AK(S ; ASP%O&K&R\;S *OMO *ONS;b(N*&AS DO *LASS&B&*A% /E E


Feb 12, 2019
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