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Program to find all possible arrangements of a string

How to find all possible arrangements of a string using a computer program... A nice and clean way to do it is using a counter.
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  C# Program to find all possiblearrangements of a given string Quasar S. Chunawalla This program accepts a string from the user and finds all possible arrangement of the letters thatmake up the string. For example, if you enterTAPThe possible arrangements are 6 :TAPTPAAPTATPPATPTAThe program is given in the listing below – class Program{static voidMain(string[] args) {Console.WriteLine( Enter a string : ); stringstr =Console.ReadLine(); char[] A = str.ToCharArray();intl = A.Length;int[] indexes =new int[l]; intcount = 0;intflag;/*The value of count is l to the power l*/intm = 1;intmaxCount = 1;while(m <= l){maxCount = maxCount * l;m = m + 1;}while(count<maxCount){count++;flag = 0;//Increment the indexes counterindexes[l - 1] = indexes[l - 1] + 1;//Make sure that if the digits over the subsequent higherdigit is updatedfor(intj = 1; j <= l - 1; j++) {if(indexes[l - j] == l)  {indexes[l - j - 1]++;indexes[l - j] = 0;}}/*Check if any pair from all possible pairs contain thesame digits*/for(intx = 0; x < l - 1; x++) {for(inty = x + 1; y < l; y++) {if(indexes[x] == indexes[y]){flag = 1;break;}}}if(flag == 0){Console.WriteLine();/*Display the indexes array*/for(intk = 0; k < l; k++) {Console.Write(A[indexes[k]] + ); }}}}}
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