QAD Mobile Field Service (MFS) Demonstration Guide. May 2015 EE2015 / MFS PDF

QAD Mobile Field Service (MFS) Demonstration Guide May 2015 EE2015 / MFS 3.7 Overview This demonstration focuses on one aspect of QAD Service and Support Mobile Field Service and shows how this functionality
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QAD Mobile Field Service (MFS) Demonstration Guide May 2015 EE2015 / MFS 3.7 Overview This demonstration focuses on one aspect of QAD Service and Support Mobile Field Service and shows how this functionality supports the vision of the Effective Enterprise; where every business process is working at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned to the company s strategic goals. QAD Service and Support Mobile Field Service Key Points Enabling the Effective Enterprise Key Metrics Leveraging Mobile Field Service to give engineers remote access to service information directly affects Customer Service and Financial Compliance. Typical measurements related to these KPIs include Service Request Resolution Time and Days Sales Outstanding. Better communication improves Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance by 5 to 30%. It improves engineer productivity by 5 to 25% and reduces the mean time to repair by 10 to 20%. Better visibility into spare parts inventory reduces field service inventory 15 to 25% and carrying cost by 5 to 20%. The ability for engineers to record call activity remotely reduces errors and helps them close tickets faster, speeding up customer billing by 5 to 30%. This improves Financial Operational Effectiveness by reducing days sales outstanding (DSO). Additional metrics and the relative importance of each one will depend on your definition of the Effective Enterprise. You can monitor performance against your defined metrics using a combination of Business Intelligence Dashboards, Operational Metrics, Browses and Reports. Field Service Scheduler Related Metrics Service Request Resolution Time Days Sales Outstanding Key Points Customer Service KPI o Reduce mean time to repair 10 to 20%; first time fix 10 to 25% o Improve SLA compliance 5 to 30% o o Improve productivity 5 to 25% (reduce overtime) Decrease field service inventory 15 to 25% (and carrying costs) Financial Compliance KPI o Faster billing 5 to 30% o improve Financial Operational Effectiveness by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Standard metrics Importance varies by company Enabling Solution Mobile Field Service supports improvements to these key metrics by offering service engineers remote access to service call information, views of engineer inventory and customer installed base items, parts ordering and recording of service activity all in an easy- to-use mobile device application based on industry-standard technology. Using Mobile Field Service, your field service workforce will have remote access to assignments, parts and customer information, ensuring they arrive at the customer site with the parts and information they need to do the job right the first time. They can also track their activity labor, parts and expenses in a simple, intuitive way using their mobile device. That means they do not need to wait to get back to the office, or send in hand-written tickets for an administrator to enter. They will enter the call activity right at the customer site, including getting customer sign-off on repairs. Capturing service reports on a timely basis, helps you get invoices out to customers more quickly, restock service parts more efficiently and provide feedback to product development so you can avoid future service calls. Mobile Field Service Enabling Solution Remote access to information - Assigned service calls - Inventory - Customer installed base Remote entry of service activity - Parts - Labor - Expenses Key Points Integrated part of QAD Service & Support Remote access (IPAD support) Industry standard technology Simple, intuitive application More timely and accurate information Demonstration Summary In this demonstration, you will see how Mobile Field Service improves communication to make your engineers more productive and provide better customer service. You will use the mobile device to review assigned calls, look up installed base information, and check spare parts inventory before going to the customer site. When you are there, you will record call activity, generate a call report and get the customer to sign off on the repairs. Synchronizing with the QAD Enterprise Application does the rest, updating spare parts inventory, maintaining call history and generating the invoice. Mobile Field Service Demonstration Summary Review assigned call Display installed base details Check spare parts inventory Record call activity Generate call report Synchronize with ERP Key Points Day in the life of a service engineer How QAD provides remote access Synchronize First, remote users can access the system from a laptop or other mobile device anything that supports Windows XP or Windows 7. From there, they access complete information, over a secure channel. Users synchronize the data between the mobile device and the QAD Enterprise Application using a store and forward capability that ensures data accuracy. Demo 1. Switch from your presentation to QAD Mobile 2. Enter Quick, Click Synchronize 3. Enter user ID demo, Password qad 4. Click Login. 5. Click OK Key Points Laptop, any device running Windows XP or 7 Secure Synchronized with QAD Enterprise Application Store & Forward Capability How QAD clarifies priorities Assigned Calls If you are a field service representative, you will likely start your day by looking at your open calls. The dispatcher assigns incoming calls, optionally using QAD s Field Service Scheduler; assigning them to engineers based on skills, location and spares inventory. Assigned calls are automatically disbursed to field service representatives when they synchronize their Mobile Field Service application, and open calls can be continuously updated throughout the day as new calls come in. Demo 1. Click Call List Key Points Synchronize to update list of open calls Call Details Here is your list of assigned calls. Pick one and look at more information about it. Notice that you can access all of the relevant information the contact name and number, address, details about the call, the product to be serviced, and the service contract and warranty ensuring that you know what you need to do to meet Service Level Agreements, reduce response time and accelerate problem resolution. Demo 1. Click Call MFSDEMO 2. Click Detail tab 3. Click Coverage tab 4. Click Address tab 5. Click Close Window X icon (or click Menu) 6. Click Yes 7. Click Home Key Points Detailed end user and installed base Service agreement & warranties How QAD ensures engineers arrive prepared Installed Base Details Before you go see the customer, you might want to get a bit more information about what products they have and how they are configured maybe to make sure you have the right spares in your car. Select the customer and list the products they have installed, including detailed configuration information. If you need a part, you can place the order right here specifying shipment to you or direct to the customer. Demo 1. Click Installed Base 2. Click End User 10C1003A 3. Click the line with the + in the first column 4. Click Close Window X icon 2 times (or click Back 2 times) 5. Click Home 6. (Optionally) Click Parts Order 7. Click New Order Key Points Detailed installed base information o Includes configuration details Order parts if needed o Deliver to customer or engineer o Order transfers to QAD Enterprise Applications How QAD improves inventory accuracy Local Inventory You might want to quickly check to see what parts you have in your spares inventory. Every mobile user has a detailed local inventory accessible by dispatching, manufacturing, planning and accounting. Dispatchers will often assign field service representatives to calls based on the materials they have on hand. Better inventory visibility; shorter mean time to repair. Planners also know what inventory field service representatives have generating restocking orders so that the right amount of parts are in the field to quickly respond to calls, while minimizing total inventory cost and cost of obsolescence. Demo 1. Click Inventory 2. Click Home Key Points Inventory visibility shorter mean time to repair Integrated with: o o o dispatching; schedule jobs based on parts planning; can plan service requirements, restocking accounting; include service inventory in valuation Decrease inventory level; decrease cost Avoid obsolescence How QAD makes sure all costs are captured Record Call Activity - Labor Once you are at the customer site, you can open a Call Activity Report. This report lets you capture all of the information about the call right there and then. You don t have to scribble it on a sheet of paper and take it back to your office to enter into the system when you get around to it. You can report labor right here. Enter your Start Time, click Current Time for the End Time and let the system calculate the duration for you. Demo 1. Click Call Activity 2. Highlight Call MFSDEMO 3. Click New Report 4. In Labor tab, click Date 5. Enter Category 2000 6. Click Start Time and enter that you began this job 1 hour ago. Time is expressed using the 24 hour clock. 7. Click End Time 8. Click Current Time 9. Click Update Duration Key Points Don t write your hours on a scrap of paper Report Labor right there Record Call Activity Expenses & Parts Similar to Labor Reporting, you can also record expenses and parts right away. You might use consumable (non-inventory) items, and issue parts from your spares inventory. When you chose Parts, the system automatically shows your inventory so you can easily record what you used simply by double-clicking on an item. For example, you may issue a new Microprocessor to this customer. Record the item and the serial number. This will be immediately removed from your local inventory and when you synchronize, inventory balances are updated in QAD Enterprise Application. Demo 1. Click Expense Tab 2. Click Date 3. Enter Quantity 1; Cost 5; Description Consumable 4. Click Parts Tab 5. In the bottom grid, double-click Item Enter Quantity 1 in the top grid Key Points Expenses, Parts & Labor Parts immediately removed from field service representative inventory How QAD supports continuous improvement Record Call Activity Returns & Faults In this example, you replaced the battery with a new one. Depending on your procedures, the service engineer may simply discard the damaged item, or they can record an exchange or return the item for repair. The service engineer can also record notes about the repair or replacement, and enter fault codes for the problem, cause and resolution. This information is useful for engineers, providing them analytical information they can use to detect possible design flaws. Demo 1. Click Return tab 2. (Optionally) In bottom screen, scroll down to see ISB items 3. In Status, click down arrow 4. Click Notes tab 5. (Optionally) Click Update/New 6. Enter Replaced battery. Left the old one with the customer for disposal. 7. Click Fault tab 8. In Problem, click drop-down (or click Problem box) 9. Enter Problem Defect, Cause Failure; Resolution Replaced (or select from drop down boxes) 10. Click Add 11. Click Completion tab 12. Check Visit Complete, Call Complete 13. Enter Status 32 Key Points Optionally record exchanges, returns, repairs o Returns from end user s installed base (or engineer s stock) Codes collected for analysis - problem, cause, resolution Call Completion Calls remain open until the field service representative indicates they are closed. This allows for additional reporting, possible over multiple days. When completing a call, notice that you have the option to produce a report. You can print this and have the customer sign off right then and there (or they can digitally enter a signature). You can also save this report to be printed later, or ed. Notice the report list. Your call is there, but flagged as unsynchronized. Synchronizing will upload the call activity and retrieves any new call information for you. Demo 1. Click Save 2. Page-down 3. Click Close Window X icon 4. Click No 5. Click Home 6. Enter Full (or Quick) 7. Click Synchronize 8. Enter user ID demo, Password qad 9. Click Login 10. Click OK 11. (Optionally) Click Call List to show the call is no longer there Key Points Leave call open for additional reporting Set to complete to Synchronize Optional report o Save to , print or collect customer signature Synchronize to update QAD Enterprise Application How QAD eliminates duplicate data entry ERP Update Synchronizing forwards all of the call activity to QAD Enterprise Application. At this point, the service manager can review the call activity; and track time usage and efficiency. The Customer Account Representative or Account Manager may be flagged to follow up; and invoices will be generated. Inventory will be updated and any orders will automatically be entered. Demo 1. Minimize QAD Mobile 2. Maximize QAD Enterprise Applications 3. Select Call Activity Inquiry 4. Enter Call ID MFSDEMO 5. Click Next 6. Click No 7. Enter output Page 8. Page down Key Points Available for service manager or account representative for follow up Synchronize updated inventory and generated an invoice (if applicable) Closing In closing, Mobile Field Service offers your engineers remote access to service information, helping them to be more productive while delivering a higher level of service to your customers. Not only will your engineers be better prepared to resolve customer issues more quickly, you will be more profitable by more effectively managing spare parts inventory and customer invoicing. QAD: Enabling the Effective Enterprise! Mobile Field Service Closing Service Request Resolution Time - Increased engineer productivity - Improved communication - Better inventory tracking Days Sales Outstanding - Improved call activity reporting - Faster invoicing - Consistent processes Enabling the Effective Enterprise! Key Points Enabling the Effective Enterprise o Reduce mean time to repair 10 to 20%; first time fix 10 to 25% o Improve SLA compliance 5 to 30% o o Improve productivity 5 to 25% (reduce overtime) Decrease field service inventory 15 to 25% (and carrying costs) o Faster billing 5 to 30% o Improve Financial Operational Effectiveness by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Customer Service KPI Financial Compliance KPI (Financial Operational Effectiveness)
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