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Rafael Granja. Marlene Amaro. Lucia Davis-Raiford (786) Kimberly Craig. Yolanda Singleton. Johnson Bradley. Leonor Hernandez-Garzia

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1 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS/JUDICIAL ADMININSTRATION Sandra Lonergan (305) Valerie Rigits ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS/JUDICIAL ADMININSTRATION Dennise Suarez ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS/JUDICIAL ADMININSTRATION Maria Attong ANIMAL SERVICES AUDIT AND SERVICES Alex Munoz (305) Cathy Jackson (786) Rafael Granja Amelia Ishikawa AUDIT AND SERVICES Katheline Jackson AVIATION Emilio Gonzalez (305) Neivy Garcia *BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS *CITIZENS INDEPENDENT TRANSPORTAION TRUST (CITT) Jean Monestime (305) Charles D. Scurr (305) Miriam Rivero Marlene Amaro *CLERK OF COURTS Harvey Ruvin John Gutierrez *CLERK OF COURTS Jason Smith *CLERK OF COURTS Charis Lubeck *CLERK OF COURTS Jose Cardona COMMUNITY ACTION AND HUMAN SERVICES Lucia Davis-Raiford (786) Kimberly Craig COMMUNITY ACTION AND HUMAN SERVICES Yolanda Singleton COMMUNITY ACTION AND HUMAN SERVICES Johnson Bradley COMMUNITY ACTION AND HUMAN SERVICES Leonor Hernandez-Garzia COMMUNITY INFORMATION AND OUTREACH Inson Kim (305) Aimee Martinez COMMUNITY INFORMATION AND OUTREACH Angelica Suarez 2 CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION Marydell Guevara (786) Mohammad Haq CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION Ana Hassun COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE Abigail Price-Williams (305) Kecia L. Griffin COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE Geri Bonzon-Keenan CULTURAL AFFAIRS Michael Spring (305) Deborah Margol Regla Lee ECONOMIC ADVOCACY TRUST John Dixon (305) Jose Gonzalez ELECTIONS Penelope Townsley (305) John Clouser Rena Saiter FINANCE Edward Marquez (305) Yvonne Walker FINANCE Ana Castro Cabrera FIRE RESCUE-PENDING UPDATED FORMS FROM FIRE Dave Downey (786) Marianela Betancourt (Consolidation of: Fire Rescue Emergency Management) *HOMELESS TRUST Victoria Mallette (305) Elizabeth Regalado HOMELESS TRUST Manuel Sarria *HOMELESS TRUST Cesar Deville HUMAN RESOURCES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (ITD) (Former department: Enterprise Technology Services) Arleene Cuellar (305) Angel Petisco (305) Andrew Mullings Mirta Lopez Cardoso INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Manny Fernandez 3 INSPECTOR GENERAL Mary Cagle (305) Patra Liu INSPECTOR GENERAL Cathy O' Sullivan INTERNAL SERVICES (ISD) (Consolidation of: Americans with Disability Act Coordination Capital Improvements General Services Administration Human Resources Procurement Management) Tara Smith (305) Jeanise Cummings-Labossiere BUDGET AND FINANCE DIVISION Dianne Steinberg FACILITIES AND UTILITIES DIVISION Charlotte Horne FACILITIES AND UTILITIES DIVISION Sherri Johnson FLEET DIVISION Marcia Martin BUDGET AND FINANCE DIVISION Edsel Abreu FLEET DIVISION Carlos Plasencia DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES DIVISION Etta Jardine RISK DIVISION Alexzander Bramwell SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIVISION Laurie Johnson SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIVISION Rossi Siewnarine FLEET DIVISION Marcia Casamayor FLEET DIVISION James Munn FACILITIES AND UTILITIES DIVISION Juan C. Silva *JACKSON HEALTH SYSTEM Amber Lawhorn JACKSON HEALTH SYSTEM Kimberly Dort JACKSON HEALTH SYSTEM Kenneth Robertson JACKSON HEALTH SYSTEM Michelle Romano JUVENILE SERVICES Morris Copeland (305) Cindy Akerman 4 JUVENILE SERVICES George Steele LIBRARIES Gia Arbogast (305) Ray Baker LIBRARIES Anna Rodriguez LIBRARIES Marcela Rodriguez LIBRARIES David Wilson 5 AND BUDGET Jennifer Moon (305) Karla Reyes AND BUDGET Erika Luciani AND BUDGET Carolina Acosta AND BUDGET Clarisol Nilsen MEDICAL EXAMINER Dr. Bruce Hyma (305) Darren Caprara Aylin Concepcion *METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION (MPO) Jesus Guerra (305) Oscar Camejo *METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION (MPO) Carmen Villaverde-Menendez (Consolidation of: Community Image Park & Recreation Public Works) Jack Kardys (305) William Solomon David Livingston John Gutierrez Jon Seaman Larisa Aploks Marietta Gutierrez Maria Quinoa Amalia Hurtado Eric Kaminsky Debbie Frost POLICE J.D. Patterson (305) Lluis Gorgoy Joy Stewart POLICE Laura Romano PROPERTY APPRAISER Pedro J. Garcia J.C. Romano 6 *PUBLIC DEFENDER Rory Stein Noah Ramirez *PUBLIC DEFENDER Esther Lew 7 PUBLIC HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - NO MEMO ON FILE Michael Liu (786) Indira Rajkumar-Futch (Consolidation of: General Services Administration Housing and Community Development Public Housing Agency) (Consolidation of: Public Works Solid Waste Management) Alina Hudak (305) Olga Espinosa-Anderson Sharon Eubank Michael Martinez Laquita Oliver Dulcie Demetrius Karina Careaga Aneisha Daniels REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES (RER) Jack Osterholt (305) Manuel Blanco Consolidation of: Permitting, Environment and Regulatory Affairs Sustainability, Planning and Economic Enhancement) REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES Manny Almunia REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES Jorge Vazquez REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES Christa Erml-Martinez SEAPORT (PORT OF MIAMI) - NO MEMO ON FILE Juan Kuryla (305) Phillip Rose SEAPORT (PORT OF MIAMI) Gyselle Pino SEAPORT (PORT OF MIAMI) Mercedes De La O SEAPORT (PORT OF MIAMI) Leticia Smith 8 TRANSIT Alice Bravo (786) Jesus Valderrama TRANSIT Ana Rioseco VIZCAYA MUSEUM & GARDENS Joel Hoffman (305) Luis Correa VIZCAYA MUSEUM & GARDENS Magaly Jeanty-Bashir WATER AND SEWER Lester Sola Susan Pascul WATER AND SEWER George Par
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