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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL BANFF TRAIL MASTER PLAN. Issued by the Town of Banff. P.O. Box 1260, 110 Bear St. Banff, AB T1L 1A1

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL TOWN OF BANFF TRAIL MASTER PLAN Issued by the Town of Banff Date of RFP Issue: June 2, 2014 Closing Date for Response: June 17, 2014 Contract Name: Agency Contact Person: Address:
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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL TOWN OF BANFF TRAIL MASTER PLAN Issued by the Town of Banff Date of RFP Issue: June 2, 2014 Closing Date for Response: June 17, 2014 Contract Name: Agency Contact Person: Address: BANFF TRAIL MASTER PLAN Chad Townsend, Environmental Coordinator P.O. Box 1260, 110 Bear St. Banff, AB T1L 1A1 Phone: If printed, please forward 2 completed copies of your proposal. It is the proponent s responsibility to check for any Addenda to this RFP which will be posted on the Town of Banff website: 1 1.0 BACKGROUND / PURPOSE: The purpose of the Banff Trails Master Plan is to review the existing trail systems within the Town of Banff. Assess the condition of existing trails, connections between Town trails and Parks Canada trails, identify opportunities for new trail development and connections and recommend a long-term plan (with construction cost estimates) for future development for an improved and comprehensive trail system. This plan will further work on the Recreation Facilities Master Plan that was completed and adopted by council in late Community surveys showed that the trail network is Banff s most valued recreation asset. Section 4 of this Plan contains an inventory and maps of existing trails and, in Section 4.4, recommends that a more detailed, updated Trails Master Plan exercise take place, and offers suggested considerations. Trail users in Banff include pedestrians, cyclists, horses, skateboards, and rickshaws. While trails serve an important recreational and tourism function, they are also key infrastructure to the current Active Modes transportation strategies of the Town, aimed at reducing peak (summer) season vehicle congestion and better managing parking demands. 2.0 PLAN REQUIREMENTS: The Banff Trails Master Plan is a non-statutory planning document, and therefore does not have any requirements to be met pursuant to applicable federal, provincial, or local planning legislation. The study should consider / be coordinated with: Banff Trail and Open Space Study (1992) Lands Adjacent to the Town of Banff (LATB) Strategy (2006) Banff Community Plan (2009) Banff National Park Management Plan (2010) Banff Land Use Bylaw (ongoing) Traffic Bylaw Recreation Facilities Master Plan (2013) Banff Transportation Master Plan (2013), and subsequent parking management goals adopted by Council in May, 2014 Recreation Programs and Services Plan (in progress) 2 3.0 STUDY AREA: The study area boundary will be delineated by the existing corporate boundaries of the Town of Banff. Where appropriate, the study will consider areas beyond these boundaries where features of the Parks Canada trail system and historical and interpretive amenities/facilities can be linked to the Town (see LATB). 4.0 SCOPE: The Banff Trails Master Plan will include a number of major components as follows: 1. Work with a Steering Committee of Town staff including Environment / Planning, Recreation, and Engineering. GIS, Communications, and Operations-Grounds will also be involved as required. 2. Review of applicable background material and identification of major issues, opportunities, and any missing information. 3. Mapping of existing system. Much of this already exists via the Town of Banff and Parks Canada GIS files, compiled for the Recreation Facilities Master Plan. 4. An assessment of the existing path system, including surfaces, grades, classifications, maintenance priorities, and user conflict potential. This should include data gathering during the peak use months of July and August, a comparison with industry standards, and other Alberta municipalities (the Town is already part of an inter-municipal benchmarking exercise). 5. Establish current and future needs of the pathway network to link walkways, pathways, parks and open spaces, recreational facilities and neighbourhoods. 6. Establish priorities and a schedule for development of the system or its linkages. Review and recommend design, surface and maintenance standards for existing and new trails and linkages. 7. Recommend key locations and design for signage to promote an awareness of linkages to all trail systems. (This should be coordinated with the Town of Banff s Wayfinding program and Transportation Master Plan, as well as Parks Canada s LATB signage). 3 8. Suggest other public information improvements including a new master leaflet and website / smart phone opportunities. 9. Develop a prioritized ten (10) year capital and operating budget for the proposed plan. 10. System Design A written and graphic representation of the study findings and recommendations including mapping of existing and proposed trails and linkages, and recommended policy changes. 5.0 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: It is recommended that the public have opportunities to be involved with and review the proposed plan. 6.0 BUDGET & ESTIMATED TIMELINE The budget for this project is fixed, at not more than $50,000. Request for Proposal Issued: June 4, 2014 Opportunity for site visit / questions: June 12(am), 2014 Request for Proposal Closes: June 17, 2014 Review of Proposals & contract award: June 25, 2014 Project Completed (no later than): November 15, 2014 NOTE: Research and community consultation to be completed by no later than September 30, EXPECTATIONS/DELIVERABLES Notwithstanding other sections of this document, the Town of Banff has the following expectations of proponents: 1. Attend an interview meeting as part of the proposal review process in Banff, AB. Costs related to travel and accommodation will be the proponent's responsibility. 2. Visit Banff to meet Town and other stakeholders, observe the existing trail network, and assess its usage. 4 3. Coordinate and attend (in person or by conference call) regular meetings with the project Steering Committee. 4. Conduct, analyze and report on an agreed public consultation process that ensures substantial engagement of the community and related stakeholders public meetings, open houses, Council meetings, surveys, interviews, workshops etc. 5. Develop and produce periodic component drafts and progress reports approximately one per month. 7. Guide the project to conclusion by amending and re-writing sections of the document as necessary in order to gain Town staff and Council approval. 8. Production of a final Trail Master Plan document that outlines an implementation and action plan identifying priorities and recommendations that will serve the community over the next ten (10) years. 8.0 PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS & CONTENT Proposals may be submitted in printed or form. The following topics should be addressed in order. 8.1 Covering Letter A covering letter signed by an authorized representative of the project team should be provided outlining the intent of the response and stating that the information contained in the response accurately describes the services to be provided. The response must also guarantee that all quoted prices will be honored for a specified period of time from the submission date. 8.2 Understanding & Methodology A statement must be provided indicating your understanding of the project along with a clear and detailed description of your work plan and the methodology you would use to successfully accomplish this project within the stated timeline. 8.3 Proponent Profile and Reference a. Project portfolio sheets outlining work on similar projects b. A brief description of the proponent's team/company, the strengths of the team being put together, and the respective number of years in business. c. Identify key personnel and provide background information on the proposed team members. Please include what role each team member will play in the project development. 5 d. A specific statement on how the proponents will specifically address the project's needs and meet the overall project timeline. e. Provide a listing of five similar projects with references as demonstration of qualifications. 8.4 Scheduling Proponents must develop a spreadsheet to demonstrate how this project will be carried out from the time of project award to completion as per the project timeline. 8.5 Costs Develop a detailed fee schedule outlining all fixed design fees for each of the categories for all members of the design team including: a. Sub consultants b. Draft Trail Plan development c. Final Trail Plan development and presentation to stakeholders d. All disbursements including travel. e. Taxes as a separate line item f. Suggested public participation/community engagement activities the consultant deems necessary for the project (ie. workshops, surveys, meetings, public open houses, etc.). Full details must be outlined per type and frequency of the methodologies chosen. Details pertaining to attending Steering Committee meetings should be included in this item. g. Coordination of all members of the project team. 8.6 SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS There is also a concurrent Recreation Grounds RFP. If consultants would like to bid on both, please include a section describing how you feel this would be advantageous. Sealed proposals or submissions clearly marked Banff Trails Master Plan will be received at the Town of Banff Municipal Offices, Box 1260, 110 Bear St, Banff AB. T1L 1A1 up to 4:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday, June 17, The lowest or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted. Contact for clarification questions: Chad Townsend MSc MCIP Environmental Coordinator P
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