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An initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) of Govt. of India Request For Proposal (RfP) for Selection of SCADA/DMS
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An initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) of Govt. of India Request For Proposal (RfP) for Selection of SCADA/DMS Implementation Agency (SIA) for the implementation of SCADA/DMS System in the State Electricity Distribution Utility For further details, please visit the website OR Nodal Agency Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Request for Proposal Under GoI s R-APDRP Purchaser: Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur. On behalf of: Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd (JVVNL), Jaipur Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd (AVVNL), Ajmer Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd (JdVVNL), Jodhpur RFP Identification No: DYCE/RAPDRP/TN-37 Single Stage Single Envelope Two stage Selection Procedure Last date for submission of Proposal is 2 nd February 2011 (This document is meant for the exclusive purpose of RFP and shall not be transferred, reproduced or otherwise used for purposes other than that for which it is specifically issued.) (This section is part of the bid) Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 1 of 202 Table of Contents 1. Background About utility Utility Vision RFP Structure Request for Proposal - Part 1: Request for Proposal - Part 2: Model Technical Specifications: General terms Elaboration of bid Evaluation Elaboration on system requirements SCADA/DMS System design Software licenses requirements by DISCOMs Elaboration of existing IT systems of utilities Existing Systems under JVVNL Existing SCADA/DMS Control Centre Architecture at JVVNL Integration scope of existing SCADA at JVVNL R-APDRP IT System under implementation Integration with R-APRDP IT, GIS & Billing system Bill of quantity for the DISCOMs List of figures Figure 1: Existing system overview Figure 2 : Reference application architecture of IT system List of Tables Table 1: Utility Statistics... 4 Table 2: Major Offices in the project area... 4 Table 3: RFP Structure... 6 Table 4: Hardware equipments at existing control centre Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 2 of 202 1. Background Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, has launched the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) in the XI Five year Plan. Under R-APDRP program, SCADA/DMS system will cover urban areas /towns/ cities having population of more than 4,00,000 & 350MUs annual input energy. as per the R-APDRP Guidelines of GoI. In Rajasthan 5 towns under three DISCOMs have met above qualification criteria and SCADA/DMS scheme will be implemented in these towns. The eligible towns are Jaipur and Kota under JVVNL, Ajmer under AVVNL and Jodhpur and Bikaner under JdVVNL. Major Functions/scope envisaged under the implementation are as follows. Establishment of SCADA/DMS Control Centre in each town Integration/Amalgamation/Upgrade of existing SCADA at Jaipur City Integration with IT system being implemented under R-APDRP Part-A Data recovery Centre located at Jodhpur for SCADA/DMS of all the 5 towns. RTUs at all primary S/S & FRTUs at RMUs, /Auto Reclosures/Sectionalizes on HV Distribution network etc. SCADA/DMS system to supervise primary S/S & HV Distribution network and SCADA Information Storage & Retrieval (ISR) Functions Distribution Management Systems with following main functions o o o o o o o o o o Network Connectivity Analysis (NCA) State Estimation (SE) Load Flow Application (LFA) Voltage VAR control (VVC) Load Shed Application (LSA) Fault Management and System Restoration (FMSR) Loss Minimization via Feeder Reconfiguration (LMFR) Load Balancing via Feeder Reconfiguration (LBFR) Operation Monitor (OM) Distribution Load forecasting (DLF) SCADA/DMS/ Dispatcher training simulator (DTS) 2. About utility In Rajasthan state there is 3 Distribution companies namely Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.(JVVNL), Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.(AVVNL) and Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.(JdVVNL). Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.(JVVNL is engaged in the business of distribution and supply of electricity in 12 districts of Rajasthan, namely Jaipur, Dausa, Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Kota, Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar, Sawaimadhopur, Tonk and Karoli. AVVNL comprises 11 districts of Rajasthan, namely Ajmer, Bhilwara, Nagaur, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Udaipur, Banswara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Doongarpur and Pratapgarh.And JdVVNL comprises Jodhpur,Bikaner,Barmer, churu, Hanumangarh,Jalore,Pali and Shriganganagar Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 3 of 202 . The geographical area, energy consumption and assets of the DISCOMs covered in the project area are as given under Table-1. DISCOM Project Area Name Population (In millions) Total Energy (In MUs) JVVNL Jaipur Kota JdVNNL Jodhpur Bikaner AVVNL Ajmer Table 1: Utility Statistics Project Coverage Area (In Sqkm) The electricity distribution system in each city/town is managed and operated by superintending Engineer (O&M) of respective DISCOMS under Chief Engineer(O&M). Each circle is further divided into Divisions and Sub divisions. Sub divisions are the lowest level operations units. Following table provides information on the structure and size of each DISCOM. DISCOM Project Area Name Head office Circle office Divisional offices JVVNL Jaipur Kota JdVVNL Jodhpur Bikaner AVVNL Ajmer Table 2: Major Offices in the project area Sub divisional offices The power distribution system has large & complex distribution network infrastructure which carries the energy from the Grid Substation (220/132/11 KV & 33/11 KV) through the HT and LT lines up to the consumers premises.. All the three DISCOMS in Rajasthan have already taken various initiatives in order to improve its operational efficiency and for delivering enhanced services to the consumers under their jurisdiction. The distribution companies are in the process of implementing various IT systems under RAPDRP part-a for which contracts are already been awarded. 3. Utility Vision Effective utilization of utility resources, quality and reliable power supply to consumer, increased economic viability of DISCOMs and involvement in real-time energy exchange market through OPEN ACCESS are the main driving forces for restructuring of distribution system in a de-regulated power environment. In order to meet the objectives and go upward in the value chain, DISCOMs of Rajasthan have taken various initiatives like enabling IT systems in all the business process, installing supervisory, remote monitoring and enterprise resource planning tools along-with investments in communication, IT and modernization of distribution networks. With the proposed DMS systems under R-APDRP PART-A scheme along-with planned investments under R-APDRP PART-B, it is expected to deliver highly reliable & improved quality supply to its consumers meeting various mandatory Standards of Operation(SOP) proposed by state regulatory board. During contingencies with help of real time monitoring and analysis functions remedial Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 4 of 202 actions shall be taken by SCADA/DMS either by self designated rules or intelligence-in- response to system state at different operational constraints. The systems to be implemented shall have necessary scalability and adaptation to the future standards and regulations is very important. 4. RFP Structure This request for Proposal (RFP) has been prepared for selection of SCADA/DMS Implementation Agency (SIA) to assist the Rajasthan distribution companies (DISCOM) for implementation of SCADA/DMS systems under Restructured APDRP. The Request for Proposal (RFP) document is structured in the following manner: Part RFP PART-1 RFP PART-2 MTS Section 1. Background 2. About Utility 3. Utility Vision 4. RFP Structure 5. General Terms 6. Elaborations of Execution Time 7. Elaboration on system requirements 8. Existing IT Systems -SCADA/DMS at Jaipur -Proposed R-APDRP IT System 9. Bill of quantity I. Preface II. Instructions to bidders III. Bid data sheets IV. Eligibility Criteria V. Bidding forms VI. Scope of Work VII. General Conditions of Contract VIII. Special Conditions of Contract IX. Contract forms Appendices: A. Mandatory Specifications B. Service Level Agreement C. Supplier Response Format D. Evaluation Methodology E. Geographical & Administrative Information F. Asset list G. Review of current IT systems H. List of Manuals/Business process I. Review of current O&M process J. Estimated Manpower requirement K. Estimated Implementation Schedule L. Abbreviations. Technical Specifications 1. Index Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 5 of 202 2. Glossary 3. General 4. SCADA 5. DMS 6. User Interface 7. Software Requirements 8. Hardware Requirements 9. Configuration and Availability 10. Test and Documentations 11. RTU/FRTU 12. Auxiliary Power supply 13. Communication equipments 14. Aerial FO Cables 15. UG FO cables 16. Ethernet Radio 17. Support Services-Training 18. Support Services-FMS 19. Project Management, QA and Documentation 20. Design and Performance 21. BoQ and Schedule 22. Questionnaire Table 3: RFP Structure 4.1. Request for Proposal - Part 1: Part 1 of RFP describes the specific requirements of Rajasthan Distribution Companies for implementation of SCADA DMS in five towns under R-APDRP. Information about the Utility and project objectives are given in this part of RFP. The proposed IT system and existing SCADA/DMS system are described in two sections. This document describes the proposed solution and elaborates the model technical specifications as per the specific requirements of the utility Request for Proposal - Part 2: Part 2 of RFP describes general requirements of Rajasthan Distribution Companies for implementation of SCADA DMS under R-APDRP. Part-2 of RFP is prepared for selection of SCADA/DMS implementation Agency (SIA) by utility for R-APDRP. This document lists the instructions to the bidders, defines the eligibility criteria and provides all relevant data sheets and bidding forms. Scope of work is explained in separate section. General and specific conditions of the contract are also explained in the document Model Technical Specifications: Detailed technical specifications for the implementation of SCADA/DMS under R-APDRP issued by Ministry of Power-Government of India through its designated nodal agency, Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 6 of 202 5. General terms The RFP document specifies the terms and conditions in detail in the sections of GCC, SCC and ITB in the bid document Part-2.In order to clarify the bidding process, the following procedure which is in line of model RFP/ MTS is further mentioned a. Bidder shall compulsorily quote for all the 5 eligible towns under 3 DISCOMS in the state. Towns are Kota and Jaipur under JVVNL, Ajmer under AVVNL and Jodhpur and Bikaner under JdVVNL. The bid quoted for lesser no. of towns(i.e. 5 towns) shall be rejected. b. There will be single vendor for entire project covered under this bid including FMS. c. All three DISCOMS will execute separate contracts with the successful bidder. d. To arrive the contract price the, Price evaluation of the bid will be done after aggregating the total price quoted for all 5 towns under 3 DISCOMS. This aggregate price of different bidding will be considered as final quote from the bidder and individual prices for each towns quoted by different bidder shall not be compared for evaluation. e. Any queries on this bid document likely to be discussed during Pre-bid Conference should be ed to f. The bid cost is Rs. 10,000/- only (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) and will be furnished along with the bid in the form of Demand Draft payable to Sr.AO (TW), JVVNL, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The bidder may obtain the bid document in soft copies or may download from the If the bidder downloads the bid document from the website, the bid cost in the form of Demand Draft will be deposited along with the bid submission in a separate envelope highlighting as Bid Cost. Any tender without bid cost will not be opened. ii. iii. Materials and Bill of Quantity a. The BoQ for each town of DISCOM, as per the DPRs sanctioned / section 9 of Model Technical Specification is given at section 10 of this document. b. The quantities mentioned in BoQ is as per the approved DPRS by MOP, and for bid evaluation purpose. c. BoQ shall be provided for each town separately as per the Appendix C. d. The bidder along with technical proposal shall submit a un-priced BoQ for the items along with the detail of items like make, model no and specification that should commensurate with the financial proposals. e. Bidder shall provide the item wise break-up of the additional materials of necessary hardware and software required for integration with IT systems as well as existing SCADA in the template of price bids. Contractor shall deliver the materials only after receiving dispatch clearance from the utility for the quantity and items to be delivered. Dispatch clearance shall be issued by the individual utility based on the site readiness for installation.. The specific locations of FRTU and FPI Modems installations shall be finalized during the implementation stage after the site survey. Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 7 of 202 iv. Facility Maintenance Services (FMS) & warranty period of items for SCADA DMS for each town will be started independently on successful user acceptance testing of the project in that town. v. Price quoted for the FMS shall be commensurate with the manpower and infrastructure to be deployed. vi. Separate training plans shall be provided by SIA for each town. 6. Elaboration of bid Evaluation The bidder has to submit the documents as per the checklists in C4.1 and C4.2 of RFP Part 2 Bidders not conforming to these checklists may be termed as non-responsive and will not be evaluated further. During the course of evaluation of technical bid, the purchaser reserves the right to verify the availability of various products and solutions with the functionalities mentioned in the MTS. As a part of bid evaluation process each bidder may be asked to deliver a power point presentation/demo. 7. Elaboration on system requirements 7.1. SCADA/DMS System design i. The system design (sizing of servers, applications, database, OS, data points) must comply with the SLA mentioned in the bid document. The SLAs must be complied with from the date of commencement of work upto the end of 5 years from date of Go-Live without any further requirement of service. ii. iii. iv. Applications, database, OS and any other such requirement that may arise to comply and maintain the SLAs shall be compensated by the bidder at no additional cost to DISCOM from the date of commencement of work upto the end of 5 years from date of Go-Live. Before commencement of networking the successful bidder shall submit the network plan to DISCOMs for approval. This network plan shall include the type of primary and internet bandwidth available including name and technology and capacity available at each location. All data integrations shall be based on following general approach. i. Manual configuration shall be minimal. ii. Data point mapping and configurations shall be done using graphical tools and taking lesser engineering effort. iii. Every new addition/deletion of the data points shall be automatically updated throughout system rather than defining at every possible point of integration Software licenses requirements by DISCOMs i. All the licenses shall be owned by DISCOMs even after the end of period of 5years from the date of Go Live i.e All licenses shall be owned perpetually by 3 DISCOMs ii. Enterprise wide license that will allow full functionality covering edit / add / deletion facility to all users of all three DISCOMs without the constraint of user specific licenses. There will be two types of clients VPN and Web Client. Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 8 of 202 iii. iv. All the Remote VDU station & control centre workstations shall have license for view, access and control the system.remote web clients shall have necessary licenses and privileges to monitor and print the reports from their respective locations concurrently. The bidder shall provide Enterprise wide license. This License may be a single license for a server irrespective of number of CPU/Core or on the basis of Number of CPU/Core. In case the bidder provides licenses based of CPU/core, the bidder shall quote single cost of application including license fee for all CPU/Core as per the system designed by bidder. v. The definition of Enterprise: The Enterprise shall mean all 3 DISCOMs for Rajasthan state namely, Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited. For any electrical system enhancement in the project area for power distribution all the licenses shall be procured in the name of Respective DISCOMs vi. vii. Duplicate software license shall be made available to the utility in case of damage or loss of original license throughout the period of project until the end of FMS period. The license of SCADA/DMS software shall be designed with 100% future expansion. Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 9 of 202 8. Elaboration of existing IT systems of utilities To monitor and operate power system network and to mange different business process and daily activities, different IT & OT (Operations Technology) systems have been implemented under various initiatives of DISCOMs. Following sections give details on the existing infrastructure owned by the utility or under implementation which shall be integrated and operated with the proposed system. Following are the systems to be integrated. i. SCADA system existing at Jaipur under JVVNL implemented for monitoring & operation of distribution substations. ii. R-APDRP-IT System being implemented in all the DISCOMs 8.1. Existing Systems under JVVNL Figure 1: Existing system overview At present, 33 substations at Jaipur city are monitored and operated from a centralized SCADA/DMS system. The SCADA/DMS system is built on OSI monarch Version connected to the RTU s (make: Don Fang 1331) at substations over radio communication network. A spread spectrum radio communication system connects substation level RTU to the SCADA/DMS system at Control centre for all type of data exchanges. Four numbers of radio base stations operates at MHz band and each base station presently accommodates 8 to 9 channels of frequencies. RTU sends data to main control centre over DNP 3.0 serial protocol. Any significant change in values stored in RTU are reported to SCADA system spontaneously or periodically as initiated SCADA as per defined DNP 3.0 classes. Each RTU has got master radio station for collecting data from downstream distribution transformers (DTs). At each DT location a radio modem have been installed for sending energy data to station level RTU. Station level RTU acts as a data concentrator collecting data from energy meter at substation and at DTs and sending to control centre. The entire SCADA system including station RTUs/Radio communication system were commissioned by NELCO Ltd. in Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, Jaipur Page 10 of 202 2006 March and since then maintained by them. Major hardware components of the existing SCADA system are the following. Sl.No Hardware Manufacturer Quantity Interface 1 Work IBM 4 Nos. stations(dual monitor) 2 Servers(Redu IBM 3 Sets ndant) 3 Firewall CISCO 1 No. 4 RTU Dong fang, Model No-DF Nos. DNP 3.0 Serial 5 MRTU Micro RTU,ICSA 4066 Nos. DNP Meters L&T,Secure At all 33 substations MODBU S 7 Radio base TRIO(Hot standby) 4 DNP 3.0 stations Table 4: Hardware equipments at existing control centre Existing SCADA/DMS Control Centre Architecture at JVVNL SCADA/DMS at the control centre consists of application servers, operator workstations, LAN and radio communication base stations. There are 3 sets of redundant servers- Application servers, historical data server and Frond end processor. The Front end processor
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