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  S3 / S6 COMPRESSOR STATIONSSPECIAL SPECIFICATION    C   E   D   O   C   U   M   E   N   T   E   S   T   N   O   T   R   E   P   R   O   P   R   I   E   T   E   E   T   N   E   D   O   I   T   E   T   R   E   N   I   U   T   I   L   I   S   E ,   N   I   R   E   P   R   O   D   U   I   T   S   A   N   S   N   O   T   R   E   A   U   T   O   R   I   S   A   T   I   O   N   E   C   R   I   T   E .    T   H   I   S   D   O   C   U   M   E   N   T   I   S   O   U   R   P   R   O   P   E   R   T   Y   A   N   D   S   H   A   L   L   N   O   T   B   E   U   S   E   D   N   O   R   R   E   P   R   O   D   U   C   E   D   W   I   T   H   O   U   T   O   U   R   W   R   I   T   T   E   N   A   U   T   H   O   R   I   Z   A   T   I   O   N NATIONAL IRANIAN GAS COMPANY(N.I.G.C.) UPS & DC CHARGERS (ADDENDUM) Date : 13/04/01Etablis./  Establ. H. PHAMProjet/  Project  Ph. PEZEEMISSION POUR/  ISSUE FOR Up dated     0   1 .   2   4 Rév./  Amend. 1Vérif/ Check  Ph. SAINTE-FOIApprobat./  Approval  V. TIRILLY N° RC291.SP.000.1600.0011Page 1/14 92/98 bd Victor Hugo92115 CLICHY - FRANCETéléphone 01.41. 06.30.00Télex 620 428 SOFRGAZFax      0   1 .   0   2 Rév.0  Amend. Date13/04/01  Date  N° RC291.SP.000.1600.0011Page : 2/14 REVISION RECORD RevisionDateEstablishedCheckedProjectApprovedIssue for 013/04/01HPHPSFPZEVTYFirst Issue113/01/01HPHPSFPZEVTYUp dated  S3 / S6 COMPRESSOR STATIONADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONUPS 220 Vac & 000 VdcSOFREGAZ SZ Specification SAFT RC 291.Rév :Item EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION SP.000.1600.5003 rev 2conformity0 AGENERAL for UPS 220 Vac 00A.1 SITES CONDITIONS for S3 : 2061m§ 2No deviationsOK 0A.2for S6 : 1373m§ 2No deviationsOK 0A.3 NORMS : 0A.4-UPSIEC 60146-1§ 3No deviationsOK 0A.5-SemiconductorsIEC 60146-2 to 6 3No deviationsOK 0A.6-Identification conductorIEC 60446§ 3No deviationsOK 0A.7-Stabilized ower sulIEC 60478 3No deviationsOK 0A.8-IP codeIEC 60529§ 3No deviationsOK 0A.9-Nickel - cadmium batteries IEC 60623§ 3No deviationsOK 00 BUPS 00B-1- 1 Main data SAFT Protect 5.31 Ok : (40kVA) 0B-1- 2-Autonomie under ower consumtion2 x 4 hours under 15kVAYesOK 0B-1- 3-Power of UPSby manufacturer40 kVA Ok : good 0B-1- 4-Inut voltae380V / 3hYesOK 0B-1- 5-Output voltage220V / 1phYesOK 0B-1- 6-Load15kVA (as per calcul, note)YesOK 0B-1- 7-Power consumption on 380 V network  Maxi 88AOK  0B-1- 8 Conception including : 0B-1- 9-Isolating transformerRequired§ 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 10-RectifierRequired§ 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 11-InverterReuired 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 12-2 batteries bankRequired§ 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 13-b -ass transformerReuired 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 14-Static switchRequired§ 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 15-Manual by-passRequiredYesOK 0B-1- 16-Distribution boardRequired§ 4.1.6YesOK 0B-1- 170B-1- 18 Deratin : 0B-1- 19-Maximum operating altitude without derating m 1000m1000OK 0B-1- 200B-1- 21-Derating on nominal power for higher altitude%7% each 1000mOK 0B-1- 22-Minimal oeratin temerature°C-5°COK 0B-1- 23-Maximal operating temperature°C+40°COK 0B-1- 240B-1- 250B-1- 260B-1- 27 Notes : Date : 13.04.2001RC291.SP.000.1600.0011 rev : 1Page : 3 / 14  S3 / S6 COMPRESSOR STATIONADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONUPS 220 Vac & 000 VdcSOFREGAZ SZ Specification SAFT RC 291.Rév :Item EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION SP.000.1600.5003 rev 2conformity0B-1- 28 Electrical characteristics AC INPUT 0B-1- 29-AC input 380VrequiredYESOK 0B-1- 30-Voltage range + / - 15%requiredNO see below 0B-1- 31-Voltage range in floatingrequired -10% / 15% Acceptable 0B-1- 32-Voltage range in hight raterequired -5% / 15% Accetable 0B-1- 33-FrequencyrequiredYESOK 0B-1- 340B-1- 35 Electrical characteristics AC OUTPUT 0B-1- 36-25 kVAreuired40 KVA ref 5.31 OK 40>25kVA 0B-1- 37-220 VrequiredYESOK 0B-1- 38-UnearthingrequiredYESOK 0B-1- 39-Harmonics < 5%requiredYESOK 0B-1- 40-Voltage regulation : + / - 1%requiredYESOK 0B-1- 410B-1- 42 Electrical characteristics for UPS 0B-1- 43-Sul load and batteries in normal oerationreuired 0B-1- 44-Supply load and batteries after outage voltage periodrequired§ 0B-1- 45-Static switch < 10msreuired < 10 msOK 0B-1- 46-Manual by-passrequired§ 0B-1- 47-Out put voltage for 0 to 100 load + / - 1%YESOK 0B-1- 48-Out put voltage adjustment (by potentiometer) + / - 5% b SOFTAccetable 0B-1- 49-Out put frequency + / - 0,1%YESOK 0B-1- 50-Out put frequency adjustment (by potentiometer) + / - 2% NOAccetable 0B-1- 51-Wave shape rms value5% rms valueYESOK 0B-1- 52-Wave shae rms value for sinle harmonic3% rms value for sinle YESOK 0B-1- 53-Transient conditions under 0 to 100% impact25%§ 0B-1- 54-Transient conditions after 3 ccles15% 0B-1- 55-Synchronisation + / - 5 degrees§ 0B-1- 56 More data : 0B-1- 57-GLOBAL UPS efficiency at 50/75/100% of nominal power%89 / 88 / 89%OK 0B-1- 58-UPS losses at 50/75/100% of nominal powerkW2 / 3 / 4 kWOK 0B-1- 590B-1- 60 Rating § 4.40B-1- 61-Continuous rating : +25% at cos phi 0,820kVA load x 1,25 & / 0§ 4.4.140kVAOK 0B-1- 62-Over laod : 150% for 1 mnrequiredYESOK 0B-1- 63-Over laod : 125% for 10 mnreuiredYESOK 0B-1- 64-Recharging time in 4 hours ImossibleDeviation OK  0B-1- 65-Recharging time70% after 4 hours OK  0B-1- 66-Recharging time80% after 8 hours OK  0B-1- 67-Recharging time100% after 15 hours OK  0B-1- 68 Notes : § 4.3.2§ 4.3.1§ 4.4.2§ 4.4.3§ Date : 13.04.2001RC291.SP.000.1600.0011 rev : 1Page : 4 / 14
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