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Simple Ways to Sense Your Intuition

How to Develop the Intuition we already have naturally.
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  WHAT IS TRANSCENDENTAL INTELLIGENCE? Transcendental Intelligence is: ã   the ability to go beyond your intellect into a deeper dimension: your transcendental intelligence; ã   the ability to create greater clarity, direction and purpose through all of your life’s unfolding; Ultimately, it’s the ability to make sense of your life,  to get its rhyme and reason, and to be at peace in the understanding of your life. There’s nothing like it!!!! And is all this really possible? Oh, yes.  Once you open the door to your Transcendental Intelligence, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. It truly has changed my life and I know it will change yours too. Once you get a taste of this connection, you will be hooked. HOW I GOT IN TOUCH WITH TQ I first began to play with this concept a number of years ago. In the beginning, it was like being introduced to a whole new world. While now getting in touch with my TQ is second nature for me and I’ve come a long way in developing my TQ, I want to remember there may be many who have not yet been introduced to this new world Back in the 80s, the first time I had the experience with TQ, I was a computer analyst in a major oil company that really valued the logical, left-brained employee who could dismantle the “whole into pieces” for analysis. The idea of “intuition” during the early 80s was more or less scoffed at. SOMETHING BEYOND THE INTELLECT What I came to understand was the truth that we cripple ourselves if we don’t engage “that something beyond intellect.”  The analytical mind is known for deductive reasoning. It’s also called the left brain. It’s the rational mind. It can dismantle the “whole” of information into pieces for analysis. The intuitive mind, which we typically call the right brain, uses inductive reasoning and taps into unlimited, new supplies of creative energy. In fact, the intuitive mind is thought to be more powerful because it processes somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than the rational mind. It synthesizes the parts into a unified whole, and brings them together into a concept that’s  far more creative. MY CALLING When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to leave the large company where I was working and be a stay-at-home mom. After a couple of years in that role, I realized I needed something else, something more. Looking back, this was my “calling.”   I had been seeing a holistic practitioner who used a type of computer called an Electro-acupuncture device (EAV device). The idea of a computer-based process piqued my interest. I understood computers. A computer is based on binary code. Its answers are either on or off with no gray area. So I got a degree in Traditional Naturopathy and Nutrition. These were also very strong passions of mine. Then I bought my practitioner’s EAV device. I thought the computer could tell me what was wrong with the body of my clients and what was needed to help bring their body back into balance. HOW AN EAV DEVICE WORKS This is how an EAV device works: I would hold the crown of the client’s head and with a probe measure the amount of electricity coming through the acupuncture points on the fingers and toes. That measurement showed me what kind of energy was coming through a meridian. (A meridian is an acupuncture term that is used to indicate the pathways along which energy flows through the body. Each meridian/pathway is named after the primary organ that it governs.) I would check all the meridians to see how much energy was coming through and whether the energy was either deficient or excessive. This measurement would indicate how to make the correction.  PIVOTAL MOMENT After a year of using this computer/machine, I found I could not get consistent output. I was discouraged, to say the least. Then came the pivotal moment that changed everything.  This was one of those moments that I look back on and know I had   to have been guided in some higher way. As I was working on a client in a chiropractor’s office, the chiropractor stood behind me watching me work. She then said the oddest thing: “You know, Jean, I think this is a right-brained device.” That comment didn’t make sense in the moment, so later that night I played around with the concept from a different point of view. Practicing with a family member, I let go of all my left brain thinking of doing all the steps technically right. I relaxed into the process and posed the question as if I were talking to my client’s body: “Body, tell me your story. What do you want me to know? Tell me what it is that you want me to know.”  As I relaxed into that question  staying in an open, receiving mode , I began to do the usual EAV procedure. The information came forth with ease. And what a story the body had to tell! Once I got out of my head and out of the technical aspect of the machine/process and just relaxed into receiving information, the body had so much to tell me. The results from then on were just the opposite. Before, I couldn’t get anything to be consistent. After relaxing into that right brain kind of energy, the readings were entirely consistent. If I saw someone a week later, the same readings would come up. If I saw someone a month later, the same readings would come up. I knew I was clearly getting communication from the body. THE BODY TELLS ITS STORY Then another extraordinary thing happened. I began to realize I wasn’t only taking a reading of the amount of energy coming through the meridians. The body was trying to tell me a story and if it needed to skew a reading, it would because it wanted me to understand something deeper. The big event came one time when I was working with the 92 year old father of a client friend of mine. He sat in front of me and said, “I don’t know why my daughter brought me in here. I’m as healthy as a horse. I take my vitamins every day. I eat well and I don’t have one ache in my body. I have lived a good life, so when I go, I just want to go.”
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