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Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference Programme University of Kent, Canterbury 7 th -10 th July PDF

Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference Programme University of Kent, Canterbury 7 th -10 th July 2016 Day One: Thursday 7 th July pm Registration Refreshments will be available
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Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference Programme University of Kent, Canterbury 7 th -10 th July 2016 Day One: Thursday 7 th July pm Registration Refreshments will be available Keynes Atrium Foyer pm Welcome Julie Anderson (Organising Committee) and Carsten Timmermann (SSHM) Theatre 1 (KLT1) pm Session 1 Panel A Incorrigible Drunkards: Spaces, Places and Cultures of Female Alcohol Abuse in the Nineteenth Century. Chair: Catherine Cox Theatre 5 Lesley Hulonce Kate Taylor Craig Stafford Freaks Like Us: Performing Female Drunkenness in Nineteenth-Century South Wales. Heart-Changes: The Moral Techniques Used by the Salvation Army in the Treatment of Female Inebriates, The Worst Woman in Rochdale : Mary Kelly and Female Drinking Networks in Mid-Victorian Rochdale. Panel B Sites of Organisation for Reproductive and Sexual Decision Making Chair: Elizabeth Toon Theatre 6 Clare Parker Kate Law Anne Hanley Is there a Doctor in the House? Abortion and Medical Decision-Making in Parliament. Own Goal? The British Anti-Apartheid Movement and South Africa s Resignation from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, c State-Support Patient Care for Venereal Diseases in England, Panel C Scientific and Medical Environments for Women Chair: Graeme Gooday Tom Quick A Tool of Emancipation? British Women Microscopists and the Technical Language of Professionalism ( ). Room 13 1 Jimmy Wilkinson Meyer and Kimberly Spencer- Lenahan Emily A. Seitz Women s Networks and Medicinal Environments. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Susan Jones and the Training of the First Women Physicians in the United States. Panel D Diseases, Spaces and Services Chair: Markus Wahl Room 14 Mary Augusta Brazelton Storm Graham Susan Aspinall Situating Immunology in Southwest China, Biopolitics and Modernity: Smallpox Inoculations and the Prussian Sanitation College, The Patient as an Individual: Prescribing Practice at the London Homeopathic Hospital, Panel E Geographical and Health Boundaries Chair: Sally Sheard Room 15 Kyle T. Evered Saara-Maija Kontturi Erika Dyck and Maureen Lux Mapping Provinces and Populations: Socio-Medical Geography of Early Republican Turkey. Medical Spheres: Boundaries of Health Care Accessibility in Finland c Place and Race: Canadian Aboriginal Women and the Politics of Reproduction in the 1970s pm Coffee Break Keynes Atrium Foyer pm Session 2 Panel A Putting Shit in its Place: Excremental Politics in the Twentieth Century Chair: Emma Purce Theatre 5 Chris Pearson Neil Pemberton Teach Him the Gutter! : Public Health and the Excremental Politics of Dog Mess in Paris c Unloved Others: Worms and the Multispecies Politics of Dog Dirt in Modern Britain Panel B Places, Psychology and Pilots Chair: Paul Ketley Natasha Feiner Up in the Air: Pilot Fatigue and the Workplace, Keynes lecture Theatre 6 2 Panel C Lynsey Shaw Cobden The Mobilisation of Medicine: Industrial Psychology and the Selection of Royal Air Force Flying Personnel, Spaces and Seafaring Chair: Jack Davies Room 11 Hana Oh Tim Carter A Naval Surgeon s Journey Across the Pacific: Alexander Rattray and the Development of his Medical Thoughts. Port and Ocean: Place, Risk and Infectious Diseases in British Merchant Seafarers Panel D Places of Consumption Chair: Emily Bartlett Room 12 Sam Goodman Stephen Mawdsley View Halloo! : Space, Place, and Alcohol Consumption in Colonial British India. Place, Patent Medicine, and Paralysis: A Case Study of Jamaica Ginger. Panel E Sites of Human-Animal Interaction Chair: Karen Jones Room 13 Abigail Woods Julie Hipperson Doctors in the Zoo: Connecting Human and Animal Health in British Zoological Gardens, c Small Spaces for Small Animals: Vets, Pets, and the Gendering of Veterinary Medicine in Britain, c Panel F A Place for our Illness: Becoming a Patient in Asylums, Resorts, and Sanatoriums, Chair: Chloe Trainor Room 14 Oliver Falk Ylva Söderfeldt Beyond the The Magic Mountain : The First German Diabetes Asylum ( ). Hay hay! Heligoland and the Emergence of the Allergic. Panel G Religion and Medicine across Cultures. Chair: Fiona Clark Room 15 Rebecca Noble Elizabeth O Brien Missionary Madness in Bourbon Mexico. In Search of the Soul: The Religious Origins of the Caesarean Section Operation in the New World pm KEYNOTE LECTURE Steve Study Decision Space: Diagnostics, Tests and the Growth of the Medical-Industrial Complex Chair: Carsten Timmermann Keynes lecture Theatre 1 3 pm Wine Reception and Buffet Welcome: Professor Ulf Schmidt, Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Medical Humanities Sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and the Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Medical Humanities. Hut 8 Turing College 4 Day Two: Friday 8 th July am Breakfast Dolce Vita (Keynes College) am Session 3 Panel A The Spaces of Forensic Medicine: A Comparative Perspective Chair: Nicholas Duvall Theatre 5 Willemijn Ruberg Katherine Watson Sandra Menenteau Space and Dutch Forensic Medicine ( ). Place, Space and Anglo-Welsh Forensic Practice ( ). The Morgue Antechambers: When French Doctors Were Practicing Forensic Medicine Anywhere (19 th Century France). Panel B Places for Seeing the Body Chair: Mike Mantin Theatre 6 Beatriz Pichel Laura Piccand Gemma Almond Medicine in the Photographic Studio. Photographing Growth: The Discipline of Anthropometric Photography. The History of Spectacles in its Place: A Material, Medical or Disability History? Panel C Sites of Mental Illness Chair: Heather Perry Room 11 Michael Robinson Jennifer Farquharson Louise Hide Forgotten Casualties of the Great War: The English and Irish Asylum during the First World War. Citizens and Soldiers: Marginalised in the Scottish Asylum, Unlocking the Wards: How the Open-Door Policy Re-Shaped the Meaning of Space in English Psychiatric Hospitals, s. Panel D Soldiers and Seamen: Therapeutic Hospital Spaces Chair: Katherine Foxhall Room 12 Erin Spinney Inside the Ward: Everyday Experiences at the Intersection of Medicine and Domesticity in 18 th -Century British Naval Hospitals. 5 Kristin Hussey Julia Neville Imperial Patients in the Global City: Patrick Manson, the Seamen s Hospital Society and Networks of Clinical Material in Late Victorian London. The Wounded Men Spoke of the Exeter Hospitals as Paradise : The Patients Experience of a Stay in a First- Line English War Hospital during the First World War. Panel E Places for Therapies Chair: Clare Hickman Room 13 Hui-hua Chang Anu Rissanen Ayesha Nathoo Regimen: An Innovative Therapy for the Elites in Classical Greece. OUTSIDE! Outdoor Therapies in Finnish Formal and Informal Mental Care s. Training to Relax in Postwar Britain. Panel F Spaces and the Aetiology of Diseases Chair: Vanessa Heggie Room 14 Ryosuke Yokoe Fabrice Cahen William Leeming and Ana Barahona From the Laboratory to the Population Sample : Aetiological Conceptions of Liver Disease and their Sites of Production. A Local Disease? Congenital Hip Dislocation in Sights of the French Population Genetics ( ). Synthesis and Convergence and the Diffusion of Cytogenetics: A Comparative Study of Canada and Mexico. Panel G Sites for Children: Good, Bad, and Diseased Chair: Helen Valier Room 15 Gabrielle Barr Fiachra Byrne The British Child as a Charitable Figure. The Nutters Borstal : Psychotherapeutic and Disciplinary Space and Practice in Feltham Borstal, Panel H Places of Surveillance Chair: Anne Hanley Agnes Arnold- Cancer and Public Health in Nineteenth Century Britain. Forster Claire L. Jones Akinobu Takabayashi Penicillin, Prophylactics and Preventive Measures: The Bacteriologist and the Emergence of the Infection Control Committee in the British Hospital, The Quantified Self in History: Clinical Thermometry in England between the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century. Room 17 6 Panel I The Household as a Medical Space in Late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century England Chair: Lisa Smith Room 16 Katherine Allen Sally Osborn Anne Stobart Textual Spaces in Eighteenth-Century Domestic Medicine: The Evolving Material History of the Manuscript Recipe Collecting Tradition. The Social Life of Recipes: Networks of Medical Knowledge in the Eighteenth Century. What Hearbs are Best to be Gathered in March and Aprill : Linking Kitchen and Garden Spaces in Early Modern Household Healthcare. Panel J Emma Brennan (Manchester University Press) Coffee Break POSTGRADUATE SESSION Framing and Proposing a Book Based on Thesis Research: From Chunky to Smooth Room 6 Keynes Atrium Foyer pm pm When Content Matters? Social Media and Future Historians Ray Laurence (University of Kent) Chair: Ulf Schmidt POSTGRADUATE SESSION All Enquiries Wellcome: Early Career Research in the Medical Humanities Thomas Bray, Grants Adviser, Wellcome Trust Theatre 5 Theatre pm Lunch Hut 8 Turing College pm Session 4 Panel A Places of Cure: Hospitals Chair: Markus Wahl Pradipto Roy Permeable Walls: The Many Worlds of Fever Hospital in Nineteenth Century Calcutta. Sara Honarmand It all Seemed Welcoming to Mariam : The Architecture of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Hospitals in Ebrahimi Iran. Angharad Fletcher Medical and Surgical Atrocities : The Early History of Hong Kong s Tung Wah Hospital, Erna Kurbegovic With our Serbian Allies : Lady Paget s Hospital in Serbia during the First World War. Room 12 7 Panel B Panel C Panel D Roundtable: Locating Healthcare in the Home: The Experiences and Innovations of Nursing in the Domestic Sphere from the UK to New Zealand Chair: Rosemary Wall Rima D. Apple Ciara Breathnach Linda Bryder Janet Greenlees Roundtable: Putting Medical History in its Place: Perspectives on Contemporary Curricular Approaches to the History of Medicine. Chair: Lauren Kassell Helen Valier Heather R. Perry Elizabeth Toon Carsten Timmerman Spaces for Industrial Health Chair: Mike Mantin Room 15 Room 16 Room 11 Steve Thompson Christopher J. Sirrs Judith Rainhorn Keir Waddington Medicine, Place and Industrialisation: Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea in Comparative Perspective. Beyond the Workplace: The Expansion of British Health and Safety Regulation, c Mine Shaft: Experimenting Occupational Health Policy at a Local Scale? France, 19 th -20 th Century. Think Yellow and Smells Fearfully : Placing Industrial Waste, River Pollution and Sanitary Reform in Late- Nineteenth Century Rural Wales. Panel E Sites for Medical Education Chair: Claire Jones Room 13 Bianca Oliveira Ferro, Raisa Maria Cunha Guimarães, Rodrigo Contrera Ramos Caroline Torres The Health Education and Promotion Agency of São Paulo State (SPES): Woman s Role in Spreading the Hygienistic Discourse. Medical Education and the Multi Headed Hydra: Reimaging Post-War Medical Education within a Pedagogical Context. 8 Ulrik Bak Kirk Examining a Fractured Foucaultian Framework The Copenhagen School Medical Service. Panel F Maria Avxentevskaya Places for Therapy: Asylums Chair: Chris Millard The Physician s Stammbuch: Humanist Spaces of Medical Networking. Room 14 Egidio Priani Rosemary Golding Diana Jefferies Shilpi Rajpal The Spaces in the Venetian Asylums: Overcrowding, Chronicity, and Therapeutic Aims, Fortnightly Winter Entertainments in the Dining Hall; during the Summer, in the Airing Grounds; and at All Other Times When Required : Music and Moral Therapy in the Norfolk County Asylum. Seeking Asylum in Sydney After Childbirth from the Late Victorian to the Post WWII period. Insanity, Institutions and Individuals: The Lunatic Asylums in Colonial North India, c s. Panel G Sites of Science and Medicine Chair: Vanessa Heggie Room 17 Manikarnika Dutta Elise Smith Karen Flint Elizabeth Neswald Plague, Disease and Death: State of the White Sailors in the Indian Port Cities Calcutta and Bombay ( ). The End of Racial Science? Measuring Difference in the Torres Straits Toils and Tensions of Empire: Indentured Employers and Indian Medical Officers in Natal, South Africa Racial Metabolism Studies in the Field. Panel H Diseases Out of Place Chair: Ulf Schmidt Keynes lecture Theatre 6 Elma Brenner Mechthild Fend Patricia Marsh Situating a New Disease: Responses to the French Disease and its Sufferers, c c Petrifying! A Polish Hair Disease in Paris. Sleepy Sickness Spreads : Encephalitis Lethargica in Belfast. Panel I The Politics of Finance of Health Spaces: From the Keynes lecture Theatre 5 9 National to the Local Chair: Keir Waddington Andy Holroyde Barry Doyle Rob Ellis The Provision of Sheltered Employment for Disabled People in Post-War Britain. The Shape of things to Come : The Politic of Planning New Hospitals in Inter War England and France. London County Council, its Mental Health Policy and the Politic of International Consultation pm Coffee break Keynes Atrium Foyer pm Session 5 Panel A The Personal Politics of Diagnostic Testing in Late 20 th Century Britain. Chair: Alex Mold Keynes lecture Theatre 6 Jesse Olszynko-Gryn Elizabeth Toon Hannah Elizabeth Kershaw We Did Pregnancy Testing and it Was Very Important to Us in Those Days : The Feminist Appropriation of a Biomedical Technology in 1970s Britain. All Women at Risk: Cervical Cancer Tests, Screening, and Identity in 1980s Britain. Representing the Test and its Subjects: Depictions of HIV-Antibody Testing in British Children s Media, Panel B Gendered Spaces of Education and Health in the Twentieth Century. Chair: Emma Purce Room 13 Samiksha Sehrawat Kathleen Vongsathorn Jane Hand Medical Education and the Feminization of Empire: The Lady Hardinge Medical College (India) in the Gender Order of a Colonial Medical Profession. Information Should Radiate Out : Maternity and Child Welfare Centres as Spaces of Education in Twentieth- Century Uganda. Advertising, Gender and the Place of Consumerism in Nutrition Health Education Programmes in Britain, 1950s- 1980s. Panel C The Place of Mental Health in Hospitals Chair: Jack Davies Kate Grauvogel From Asylum to Apartment: Overcoming Stigma in the Architecture of a Swedish Mental Hospital. Chris Millard The Ambivalence of Hospital Space: Emotional Health and Child Abuse ( ). Clement Masakure Mental Patients in Non-Mental Institutions: Major W. J. Cumper s Experiences at Salisbury General Hospital and Salisbury Prison Hospital, 27 October December Keynes lecture Theatre 5 10 Panel D Sanatorium Spaces Chair: Linda Bryder Room 12 Anders Bank Lodahl Heini Hakosalo Yannis Stoyannidis Skodsborg Badesanatorium A Sanitarium on the Edge of Orthodox Medicine. The Walled-In Disease: The TB Sanatorium as a Lived Space in Finnish Patient Narratives (1910s-1960s). Unusual Business : Healing Tuberculars in Athens, Panel E Panel F Medieval Spaces for Health and Illness Chair: Frank Huisman Winston Black Irina Metzler Katherine Harvey Landscapes and Environments Chair: Neil Pemberton The Medieval Confessional as a Medicalized Space. Scandal Pollution Exclusion: How the Medieval Church Reacted to Illness. The Place of the Prelate: Air, Environment and the Preservation of Health in Medieval England. Room 11 Room 15 Sophie Greenway Clare Hickman Stephanie Eastoe From Dr Carrot to Concrete in Garden Making : Domestic Design, Health and the Garden in Post-War Britain. Medical Teaching in its Place: The Botanic Garden as Classroom, An Expanse of Asphalte [sic] Has Not the Cheerful Appearance of a Garden : Landscape, Health and Care in the Long-Stay Asylum. Panel G Mapping Places and Policy Chair: Keir Waddington Room 16 Sally Sheard Martin Gorsky Lukas Engelmann Health for All by the Year 2000: Contested Territorialities in the Shaping of European Health Policy. World Health by Place: The Politics of International Health System Metrics, The Spatial Politics of Bubonic Plague. Maps, Geographic Reasoning and Epidemiological Knowledge. Panel H Spaces of Disease Chair: Alex Mold John Manton Mohamed Qasim Toorani Stephen Wallace National Health Planning in 1960s Africa: Framing the Developmental State as a Place of Health. The Eradication of Smallpox in Bahrain. The Location of Ebola: Finding the Right Tool for a Global Job. room 17 11 pm SSHM AGM Theatre 1 Evening Free evening in Canterbury 12 Day Three: Saturday 9 th July am Breakfast Dolce Vita (Keynes College) am Session 6 Panel A Treating Madness in the Peripheries Chair: Jesper Vaczy Kragh Room 11 Jari Eilola Anssi Halmesvirta Tuomas Laine-Frigren Religion, Madness and Community in 17 th Century Finnish Parish. Consulting Madness in Finland, c Political Diagnoses? Treating Childhood Neuroses in Socialist Hungary in the Early 1960s. Panel B Spaces of Discipline Chair: Vanessa Heggie Room 12 Nicholas Duvall Margaret L. Charleroy Disorder, Disillusion, and Disrepute : Medicine and the Prison Medical Service, Correctional Care: Medical Management of Prison Discipline and Health at Liverpool Borough Gaol. Panel C Unruly Climates: Medicine, Environment, and Society in the U.S. South and West Chair: Stephen Kenny Room 13 Kathryn Olivarius Elaine LaFay Jacqueline D. Antonovich Yellow Fever and Immunocapital : Becoming a Citizen of New Orleans, The Slandered Torrid Zone : Medicine, Botany, and the Imperial Vision of an American Tropics Along the U.S. Gulf Coast, Mapping a Healthy American West: Medical Women, Institution Building and Urban Development in Early-Colorado, Panel D Spaces for Listening and Reporting on Health Chair: Neil Pemberton Room 14 Gillian Murray Jane K. Seymour Listening to Community Business Practitioners: Developing a New Perspective on Scotland s Health and Welfare Matrix? Panel E Panel F From the Medical Officer of Health Annual Reports for London to an Alternative History of Interwar Public Health. Roundtable: The Place of the Digital History of Medicine Chair: Elaine Leong Lisa Smith Justin Colson Erika Dyck Lauren Kassell Carsten Timmerman Therapeutic Spaces and Deviance Chair: Anne Hanley Room 15 Theatre 5 Catherine Cox and Hilary Marland Laura Sellers Andrea Bělehradová and Kateřina Lišková He Puts on Symptoms of Incoherence : Prisoners, Mental Distress and Feigning Insanity in Nineteenth Century English Prisons. Control and Disease: Medicine in the English Prison We Won t Ban Castrating Pervs Despite What Europe Might Think! : Czech Medical Sexology and the Practice of Therapeutic Castration. Panel G Disease and Environments Chair: Gareth Millward Room 16 Frederick Stephenson Pavla Jirková Sandra E. Guevara Places of Crisis: Bubonic Plague in Hong Kong, Situating and Moving Medicine: Doctor Arbilleur and the Plague Lazaretto of Prague in 1679/1680. Reconstructing Ancient Diseases: Cocoliztli in New Spain in Panel H Locating Gender Chair: Graeme Gooday Theatre 6 Jennie Brosnan Cynthia Paces Salim Al-Gailani Third Rate Men : Tall Poppy Syndrome, Medical Women and Their Place in Society. Nursing the Nation: Breastfeeding and National Politics in Bohemia at the Fin-de-Siècle. The Mothers of England Object to It : The Notification of Pregnancy in Early Twentieth Century Britain. 14 Workshop Dorothy Lehane Medicine and Poetry: A Writing Workshop Room pm Meeting (Closed) Pre-Editorial Meeting SSHM Room am Coffee Break Keynes Atrium Foyer pm Session 7 Panel A Communicating Public Health in Post-War Britain: The Place of the Public. Chair: Elizabeth Toon Theatre 5 Daisy Payling Gareth Millward Alex Mold Everybody Welcomes a Sympathetic Listener to the Story of Their Ailments : Health and the Government Social Survey in 1940s Britain. She Might Want to be a Nurse or an Air Hostess : Communicating with the Public About Smallpox Vaccination in Post-War Britain. Everybody Likes a Drink. Nobody Likes a Drunk : Alcohol, Health Education, and the Public in 1970s Britain. Panel B From Otology to Audiology: The Medicalisation of Hearing Loss in its Disciplinary and Spatial Contexts. Chair: Julie Anderson room 11 Graeme Gooday Coreen McGuire Sean McNally Medicine and Mechanism: The Co-Evolution of Otology and the 19 th -Century UK Hearing Aid Industry. Inside the Chamber of Silence: Phyllis M. T. Kerridge s Standardisation of Audiometric Tests. Triumph Over Deafness: Acoumetric Testing and the Use of Hearing Aids to Aug
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