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DA Oakes' filing in Thibodeau
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  COUNTY COURT OF THE STATE OF N W YORK COUNTY OF OSWEGO: CRIMINAL TERM THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF N W  YORK, Petitioner-Defendant v GARY  J THIBODEAU Respondent.  INDICTMENT NO. 94-161 ST TEMENT OF F CTS MOTION TO V C TE JUDGMENT PL§ 440 10 GREGORY S. OAKES OSWEGO COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY Oswego County District Attorney s Office 3 9 Churchill Road Oswego, New York 13126 315-349-8415 (t) 315-349-3212 (f)  PEOPLE S  C SE Brett Law had been dating Heidi Allen for two years and seven months. (Trial Transcript (Tr.) 1128). The two would see each other every day. (Tr. 1128). Heidi worked at the D W Convenience Store at the intersection 104 and 104B in New Haven. (Tr. 1129). Heidi had worked there for about 18 months prior to April of 1994. (Tr. 1129-30). Besides working at D W, Heidi was going to Onondaga Community College and doing an internship at Mexico elementary schools. (Tr. 1130). On Easter morning, April 3, 1994, Mr. Law arose at 5:45 am at Heidi's residence. (Tr. 1131). He and Heidi left the residence at about 5:50 am, and  Mr. Law followed Heidi to the D W Convenience Store. (Tr.  3 . Heidi drove her maroon 1984 Pontiac Sunbird Station Wagon, and Mr. Law drove his 1987 Ford Bronco. (Tr. 1131). They arrived at the store at 5:55 am  .. (Tr. 1131). Heidi was wearing a pair of white canvas shoes; a light set of blue jeans; a gray sweatshirt that said Syracuse in green and blue plaid; glasses and her hair was pulled back at the sides. (Tr. 1134). Her hair was pulled back and clasped in a banana clip or some kind of hair clasp. (Tr. 1135).  Mr. Law sat there reading the paper and drinking a cup  of coffee at D W. (Tr. 1136). While he was in D W four or five customers entered the store. (Tr. 1136-1137). Heidi was the only person working at the D W that morning. (Tr. 1137). Mr. Law left at about 6:35 that morning. (Tr. 1137).  When he was leaving he saw Mary Duell, who lived next to the store, coming across the parking lot. (Tr. 1138). After he left the  D W  he went to his parent's home  on Lincoln Ave, in Mexico. (Tr. 1147). He returned to the store around 8:10 that morning, after receiving a call from Heidi's mother, Susan Allen. (Tr. 1147-48). Since April 3rd  1994, Brett had no contact with Heidi Allen. (Tr. 1149). Mr. Law had no idea where Heidi Allen was. (Tr. 1149). Mr. Law had met Defendant in November of 1993 at Beck's Motel in Mexico, New York. (Tr 1151 .  Mr. Law had been in contact with Defendant ten or twelve time between November of 1993 and April 3rd  1994. (Tr. 1151). n November of 1993, Heidi Allen had been with Mr. Law when he had met Defendant at Beck's Hotel. (Tr. 1152-1151). The extent of  he conversation would be that Defendant and Heidi Allen would say hi to each other. (Tr. 1153). The Defendant had commented four or five times at Beck's Motel to Mr. Law that Heidi Allen was attractive. (Tr. 1154). After Heidi was abducted, Mr. Law next saw Defendant at the frre barn in New  Haven (Tr. 1155). The fire barn was used as the Heidi Allen Center for about a month after she was kidnapped. (Tr. 1155). When Mr.  Law saw Defendant at the frre barn, Defendant was with his girlfriend, Sharon Raposa, and Richard Thibodeau. (Tr. 1155). Defendant and  Mr . Law had a brief conversation at that time, and Defendant introduced his brother to Mr. Law  as his friend. (Tr. 1156). Defendant told Mr. Law that they had been asking im [referring to Richard] --or bugging him ever since he got here because he was the last person in the store. (Tr. 1156). Richard Thibodeau said, Terrible thing that happened walked away. (Tr. 1156).  He did not like Heidi Allen opening the store alone and that there was no one person who she was more concerned about any other. (Tr. 1166). Mr.  Law knew that Defendant was living at the  Beck's Hotel because of problems with the furnace at his house. (TR. 1170). Mr. Law had never had a discussion about getting involved in  a drug transaction wit Defendant. (Tr. 1184). Harold Wiltse lived on  Boothe Road in New Haven. (Tr 1187). On April 3, 1994, Mr. Wiltse went to the sunrise Easter Service at the Methodist Church on Route 104 in New Haven. (Tr. 1188). The service finished at 7:35 a.m. (Tr. 1188). Mr. Wiltse  knew the exact time because he sat in  the church parking lot, and set the clock ahead for Daylight Savings Time. (Tr. 1188-89). After church, he went to the D&W to get a Sunday paper. (Tr. 1189-90). Mr. Wiltse traveled  down  104 to 104B and turned into the D&W  from the 104B entrance. (Tr. 1190). There were  o other vehicles  in the parking lot. (Tr. 1191). He arrived at the D&W  at approximately 7:38 or 7:39. (Tr. 1199). Inside the store was a blond female clerk sitting behind the counter, and wearing a gray or white sweatshirt. (Tr. 1192-93). Mr. Wiltse was in the store one or two minutes  at the most. (Tr. 1195). As he was leaving, another vehicle pulled into the parking lot. (Tr. 1198).  The person he saw arriving, was a white male driving a compact of  medium sized car. (Tr. 1211-1213). John Swenszkowski was a quality inspection supervisor at Nine Mile Point. (Tr. 1217). On April 3, 1994, Mr. Swenszkowski left a friend's house on Hurlbut Road in Mexico at 7:30 a.m. (Tr. 1218). He was driving a red 1993 Mazda RX-7. (Tr. 1218-1224). He proceeded west 
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