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  Statutory law1 Statutory law Statutory law or statute law is written law (as opposed to oral or customary law) set down by a legislature (asopposed to regulatory law promulgated by the executive branch or common law of the judiciary in a typicaldemocracy/republic) or by a legislator (in the case of an absolute monarchy). [1] Statutes may srcinate with national, state legislatures or local municipalities. Statutes of lower jurisdictions aresubordinate to the law of higher. Codified law The term codified law refers to statutes that have been organized ( codified ) by subject matter; in this narrowersense, some but not all statutes are considered codified. The entire body of codified statute is referred to as a code, such as the United States Code, the Ohio Revised Code or the Code of Canon Law. The substantiveprovisions of the Act could be codified (arranged by subject matter) in one or more titles of the United States Codewhile the effective date provisions  € remaining uncodified  € would be available by reference to the United StatesStatutes at Large. Another meaning of codified law is a statute that takes the common law in a certain area of thelaw and puts it in statute or code form. Private law (particular law) Another example of statutes that are not typically codified is a private law that may srcinate as a private bill, a lawaffecting only one person or a small group of persons. An example was divorce in Canada prior to the passage of theDivorce Act of 1968. It was possible to obtain a legislative divorce in Canada by application to the Canadian Senate,which reviewed and investigated petitions for divorce, which would then be voted upon by the Senate andsubsequently made into law. In the United Kingdom Parliament, private bills were used in the nineteenth century tocreate corporations, grant monopolies and give individuals attention to be more fully considered by the parliament.The government may also seek to have a bill introduced unofficially by a backbencher so as not to create a publicscandal; such bills may also be introduced by the loyal opposition  € members of the opposition party or parties.Sometimes a private member's bill may also have private bill aspects, in such case the proposed legislation is called ahybrid bill.In Canon Law, private law is called particular law. [2] References [1]Fundamental Law of Vatican City State, Art. 1 €1[2]Canon 13 €1 (http:/     /    www.   vatican.   va/    archive/    ENG1104/    __P3.   HTM), 1983 CIC External links ãParliamentary Fact Sheets (http:/     /    www.   parliament.   uk/    about/    how/    guides/    factsheets/    legislation/    ) UnitedKingdom  Article Sources and Contributors2 Article Sources and Contributors Statutory law   Source : Contributors : Acsenray, Aleksd, Alex756, Andeggs, Andrew Gwilliam, BD2412, Barticus88, Beland, Blacklake,Bmh ca, Boundlessly, BritishWatcher, CanonLawJunkie, Cesaar, Chieftain Rosewater, Cjmnyc, Clithering, Cointyro, ComCat, Conversion script, Ctbolt, DavidLevinson, Derek Ross, DerekvG,Dunhamrc, Emperorbma, Entreri, Epbr123, Espoo, Evercat, Everyking, Famspear, Feto34, Fr33kman, Galoubet, God Emperor, GregorB, Groupthink, IcycleMort, J.delanoy, JForget, Kesac,Kingpin13, Knuckles, LA2, Mac, Mandarax, Marc Venot, MarkS, Materialscientist, Michael Hardy, Netesq, Neuroghost, Obey, Olaffpomona, Paleorthid, Pearle, Phirazo, Postdlf, Promethean,PullUpYourSocks, Reedy, Rgfuller, Riana, Richardguk, Rjwilmsi, Shoeofdeath, Sourside21, Synchronism, Thesmothete, Touch Of Light, Voyaging, Wavelength, Wik, 121 anonymous edits License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported // 
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