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student dual enrollment GUIDE dualstudies

student dual enrollment GUIDE dualstudies Dual Enrollment is DIFFERENT than High School You must submit documents to enroll in a college course You might owe some money to
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student dual enrollment GUIDE dualstudies Dual Enrollment is DIFFERENT than High School You must submit documents to enroll in a college course You might owe some money to attend college. Find out how much. If you are not on the official class roll, you will not receive college credit even if you do the class work and pass the tests You cannot just quit a college class without taking the appropriate steps. Read on to learn more. You may have to study more than you are accustomed You have more responsibility for your learning College grades may affect future financial aid scholarships Please continue reading to avoid making mistakes as you transition from high school to college. It will be worth your effort! Students Must Apply to College and be Accepted BEFORE Enrolling in a Class Complete an application for admission online at The Online Application will be under Files and Links Print Hepatitis B Health History Form from online application link and submit a completed form with registration packet Request high school transcript be sent to Admissions and Records Send official ACT or PLAN test scores to Admissions and Records * School counselor to send transcript and test scores Students Must Pay for College Some scholarships are available The lottery funds a TN Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) for TN high school juniors & seniors The grant does not pay full tuition for most courses Students must apply online for the grant every semester. Choose Roane State as your institution. Students are responsible for checking their account balances on RaiderNet to make sure that all scholarships are applied to their student account Register for Classes Dual enrollment students cannot enroll for class online College recruiters/site directors help students register for class Students should complete a First Class Registration Application Applications may be printed from the website Student, parent and high school counselor must sign the application 2 Verify Class Enrollment Check RaiderNet to make sure you are enrolled in the correct class RaiderNet access directions are provided in this document If for a valid reason you cannot complete the class, an official withdrawal from the course is required; check with your school counselor as some high schools do not permit withdrawals Failure to officially withdraw will result in a grade of F, which will stay on your college transcript Withdrawals may potentially affect financial aid eligibility To withdraw, first confirm with your school counselor that you have the option to not take the college course Contact Student Enrollment and Recruitment (865) to officially withdraw Ask your college instructor if you are on his/her class roster Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Student academic records are considered confidential and the college s policy regarding the use and release of student records is governed by Public Law , FERPA. Under the terms of these laws, the college and its employees are charged with protecting the confidentiality of the educational records of its students prospective students, currently enrolled students, and former students. For more information on access or release of student information, please refer to the Academic Regulations section of the current catalog. NOTE: Some college curriculum may include adult content in an academic context. 3 Most Common Mistakes The wrong college is selected on the Tennessee (TN) Dual Enrollment Grant Student must select Roane State on the grant, not where student intends to go after high school The wrong term is selected on the TN Dual Enrollment Grant Multiple terms are open on the grant application; be sure to select the semester in which you plan to enroll The wrong grant is selected The TN Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) is not the HOPE scholarship. Both grants are funded by the lottery; the TDEG is for high school students. You may access the grant from the Dual Studies website to assure you are applying for the correct grant. Incomplete paperwork Registration cannot be completed if all steps are not completed Students do not check their account balances Students who attend a class on a RSCC campus may owe student fees not covered by the scholarships The computer system automatically dis-enrolls students with unpaid balances a few weeks after the semester begins, and students may be unaware that they have been dropped Students may change their minds about taking dual enrollment and quit attending class Non-attendance does not remove the student from the class Students must contact the RSCC recruiter or the Student Enrollment and Recruitment Office at (865) to officially withdraw from a class Some school systems do not allow students to withdraw; please discuss with your school counselor Students do not maintain a B average and lose the Dual Enrollment Grant Helpful Hints Admission means the college admits you as a student. In other words, you have submitted all required documents, i.e., your transcript. Registration means you are enrolling in a specific class. For example, you fill out the registration form to take Comp I. NOTE: You cannot register for a class until you have been admitted to the college. 4 Remember your Passwords When completing the Dual Enrollment Grant application, write down your password information. You will need it again if you apply for the grant! A billfold reminder card is provided inside the back cover. Admissions Checklist for First-Time Dual Enrollment Students Discuss Dual Enrollment with your school counselor and parent(s) to determine if dual enrollment is a good fit for you given your academic abilities, goals, and schedule. If you have the minimum ACT scores and/or GPA requirements, obtain permission from your high school or umbrella school to register in a college class. Complete an application for admission online at Request your high school transcript be sent to the college by your school counselor Have ACT or PLAN scores sent to Admissions and Records by your school counselor Print, complete and submit a Hepatitis B Health History Form to the Admissions and Records Office ACT, PLAN and ACT Residual test scores may be used for the dual enrollment program. Registration Checklist for First-Time Dual Enrollment Students Confirm all admissions paperwork is complete (above) Apply for dual enrollment grant Complete a First Class Registration form Print from website or Receive from your counselor or recruiter Turn in to high school counselor for signature Confirm on RaiderNet that you are enrolled in class Checklist for Returning Dual Enrollment Students If you have previously taken a RSCC dual enrollment class Apply for dual enrollment grant Complete a First Class Registration form If you have skipped two consecutive semesters (summer excluded), you must submit a readmit form Contact Student Enrollment and Recruitment at (865) After High School Go to and click on Apply Now to reapply as a first time attending freshman. You may use your old username and password or create a new account. 5 Information about Tuition and Fees Scholarship Applications Complete TN Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) application Student must maintain a college GPA of 2.75 or higher (B average) Be sure to keep record of security passwords Be sure to select Roane State as your institution for this grant Be sure to select current semester Print confirmation page if given an option Call (800) for help or to correct mistakes associated with the lottery funds First Class scholarship is automatically applied to student accounts after receiving TDEG First Class scholarship typically pays balance of tuition for one 3-hour course taught at a high school Additional fees are charged when attending a RSCC campus Web courses require additional $18 per-credit-hour fee Health science courses require an additional $75 fee State employees may receive a discount; check with employer Waivers from employer are required EACH semester How Do I Know What My Tuition and Fees Will Be? Log in to RaiderNet - Select Student tab Click on Login Select from the following: Current Account Status to see account balance ebills to see student schedule/bill (includes charges and credits/anticipated credits) Payments to make a payment or view payment history Payment Plans to sign up for a New Payment Plan My Profiles to update personal profile or payment profile, add a payment method Enhanced TDEG Funding To receive, must be HOPE eligible high school GPA and/or 21 ACT composite No First Class Scholarship gap funding on Enhanced TDEG. Student must pay balance. Students taking 5 or more Dual Enrollment courses by accessing the HOPE Scholarship will result in a deduction to HOPE funds their first semester of their freshman year in college. 6 Where to Go for Help... Dual Studies First Class (865) Roane County Questions about the program Help finding course information Help contacting an Enrollment Counselor Questions about the scholarships/funding sources Student Enrollment and Recruitment (865) Roane County; (865) ext or 2200 Oak Ridge Dual Studies admission and registration information Admissions application status If high school allows, withdrawal requests are ed to Enrollment Counselor Admissions and Records (865) Roane County; (865) Oak Ridge Receipt of high school transcripts Receipt of ACT/PLAN test scores Scholarships/Financial Assistance Lottery Questions/Concerns (800) First Class Scholarship Information (865) Fentress County Pinckley Foundation Pam May (931) Scott County McDonald Foundation Sharon Baird (423) TN Career Centers Youth Program Anderson (865) Brenda Melton ext Blount (865) Cheryl West ext. 110 Campbell (423) Randy Brown ext. 2 Cumberland (931) Janice Cole ext. 105 Knox (865) or (865) or Loudon (865) Joy Brock ext Morgan (423) Brenda Melton Roane (865) Pat Taylor ext. 224 Scott (423) Tom Payne Business Office (865) Roane County Billing information is accessible on RaiderNet for all enrolled students Fees may be paid in person, by phone or online All tuition and fees are subject to change by direction of the Tennessee Board of Regents. Check the Roane State webpage for the current fee chart. 7 Roane State Dual Enrollment Contacts Anderson County Anderson County High Jim McDaniel (865) ext Anderson County CTE Center Jim McDaniel (865) ext Clinton Jim McDaniel (865) ext Oak Ridge Jim McDaniel (865) ext Knox County Austin East Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Bearden Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Byington-Solway CTE Center Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Carter Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Farragut Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Fulton Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Gibbs Maria Gonzales (865) Halls Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Hardin Valley Academy Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Karns Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Powell Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext South Doyle Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext Blount Priscilla Gitschlag (865) ext William Blount Maria Gonzales (865) Campbell Vanessa Overton (865) ext Cumberland Linda Aytes (931) ext Fentress Pam May (931) Loudon Susan Williams (865) ext Morgan Michelle Adkisson (423) ext Roane Maria Gonzales (865) Karry Hamby (865) Scott Rena Adkins (865) ext Roane State Satellite Campuses and Directors 8 Campbell Tracy Powers (423) Cumberland Dr. Janice Poole (931) ext Fentress Pam May (931) Knox Dr. Mike Laman (865) Loudon Susan Williams (865) Morgan Michelle Adkisson (423) ext Scott Sharon Baird (423) Tutoring is Available to You Learning Centers are located on the Roane County campus, the Cumberland County campus, and the Oak Ridge campus Tutors are available on most RSCC campuses Call (865) for tutoring hours Services include Math tutoring Writing assistance Science tutoring Online tutoring options RaiderNet 101 What is RaiderNet? RaiderNet is students one-stop hub for all of their college-related business. Students use RaiderNet to access online course information, financial information, , and other services. A RaiderNet account is automatically created for each student when the college admissions process is complete. How do I set up my RaiderNet Account? Go to Click on the RaiderNet link If you have NOT signed in to your RaiderNet account before AND know your username, select Change your password here If you do not know your username click on the Forgot username link and enter your SSN in the open field and click Get Username Write down your user name and note that your password is your birth date in six digits (i.e., ) Select Change your password here Follow prompts to change your password and click OK. Write down your new password. Close window Enter your user name and NEW password in the Login box You have access to registration information, financial aid, etc. Need Help? Contact the Help Desk at (865) If your password has been reset, you are required to change it before you log in to RaiderNet. RaiderNet As a student at Roane State, you have an official address. All official RSCC business and announcements come to your RaiderNet address. Students who use Momentum for online classes or as part of another class also have an address in Momentum. However, it is only for students/ faculty in a particular course and is not an external address. Remember to check your RSCC often! This is critical to your success at Roane State. Faculty Evaluations Each semester, college students evaluate the classroom teacher. Please complete survey as requested. 9 Helpful Resources and Information Bookstore (865) Roane County STUDENTS are responsible in college for having the assigned textbook. Check with your counselor to see if your school system provides assistance. The bookstore hours on the Roane County campus are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon on Friday. Bookstore is closed on Saturday and Sunday. They accept American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa. Books may be purchased in store or online. There are two options for receiving your order: in-store pickup or standard UPS ground shipping. There is no charge for either method. Important Dates: Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Classes Begin Aug. 25 Classes Begin Jan. 20 Labor Day Holiday Sept. 1 MLK Holiday Jan. 19 Fall Break Oct Spring Break Mar Last Date to Withdraw (check RSCC website) Last Date to Withdraw (check RSCC website) Thanksgiving Holiday Nov Good Friday Holiday April 3 Last Day of Classes Dec. 8 Last Day of Classes May 4 10 Commonly Used Terms Admission The process of being admitted to Roane State allowing you to register for classes. Completion of the admissions process does not constitute registration for classes. Admissions file The documents collected for admission to the college. These documents include transcripts, test scores, immunization record, and any other information required by the Admissions and Records Office. Associate degree A degree awarded to students after completion of a core curriculum. Students completing options in University Parallel (transfer) programs receive the Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. Students who complete options in Career Preparation programs receive an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Career preparation An Associate of Applied Science degree program for students who wish to seek employment after completing two years of college work. Class roster Roane State listing of students who have officially enrolled in college class. Course A subject or class in which instruction is offered within a given period of time for a semester and for which credit toward a degree is given. Course load The total number of semester hours or credit hours in which a student is enrolled for a semester. Credit hour One hour of classroom study per week over the period of a semester for which two additional hours of study time is assumed to be needed. Curriculum The whole body of courses offered for study by the college or by a particular department. Elective A subject or course that is accepted toward fulfillment of credit for a degree or certificate but is not required for that degree or certificate. Full-time student A student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester. Grant A grant refers to financial aid that does not have to be paid back. Humanities Any course in art, literature, humanities, music, philosophy or theatre. Learning support Foundation courses in English, math, reading, and study skills designed for students who are not fully prepared for college level courses. Major The academic area in which one specializes. Part-time student A student enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester. Prerequisite A course requirement to be completed or a level of skill or knowledge to be demonstrated prior to enrollment in a course or program. Readmit A form students must complete if they have not attended Roane State for two or more consecutive semesters. (summer excluded). R# A unique computer-generated student identification number. Registration The process of officially enrolling in one or more courses. Students must be admitted to Roane State before enrolling for classes. Semester A period of instruction lasting 15 weeks at Roane State. Transcript An official record of academic history including coursework and grades. Withdrawal grade A student may request this grade if legitimate circumstances are documented. An official request must be submitted by to the appropriate recruiter prior to the college deadline. University parallel programs Major programs of study designed primarily for students who wish to transfer to a college/university to complete a baccalaureate degree. Record your password and retain billfold card for future reference. Dual Enrollment Lottery Information Help: (800) Password Reminders: 11 English Exemption Policy Dual enrollment students are NOT eligible for the English Course Exemption that allows students with an ACT sub-score of 27 or better in English to enroll in both English 1010 and 1020, attend English 1020 and receive six semester hours credit for both courses with the grade earned in English Students are required to have four English credits for high school graduation and to jeopardize graduation by allowing English 1020, a one semester course, to meet the criteria proved to be unwise for several dual enrollment students. Therefore, dual enrollment students are required to enroll and complete both English 1010 and Calendar Policy The calendar policy states that dual enrollment students will follow the college calendar; however, RSCC faculty will attempt to be flexible in working with dual enrollment students regarding the high school calendar. A number of RSCC dual enrollment classes are located at the high schools and the college cannot convene class when the building is closed. In these cases, faculty are asked to work with the schools and plan accordingly using outside assignments or rescheduling classes as needed. When classes are held on the RSCC campuses, classes may or may not include college students as well as dual enrollment. For this reason, classes may continue through the secondary school s breaks. Therefore, high school students must discuss their attendance with individual instructors. Students may or may not be excused. Many instructors tend to be flexible as we work to serve the high schools with dual enrollment offerings. Occasionally, extracurricular competitions and events require high school students to be absent from classes. Faculty are asked to consider the relevance of the activity and assign make-up assignments accordingly. Emergency Medical Responder Age Rule The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division of the Tennessee Department of Health operates under the EMS Board and oversees training of the paramedic/emt program at Roane State Community College (RSCC). Rules and Regulations from the Board require Emergency Medical Responder students to be 17 years of age prior to course completion in order for the student to be eligible to sit for the state First Responder certification exam. No
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