Summary of the Effects of GSP on the Performance in Geometry

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  The effect of Geometers’ Sketchpad on the Perfomance in Geometry of Malaysian Students’ Achievement and van Hiele Geometric Thinking (Noraini Idris, University of Malaya)  Introduction  Learning of geometry is formally introduced in the Malaysian primary mathematics curriculum. The emphasis in geometry increases as students progress to secondary education where about forty percents of the sixty topics in the five year secondary mathematics curriculum comprises geometry content (Malaysian Ministry of Education, 1998)  Geometry is a unifying theme to the entire mathematics curriculum and as such as is a rich source of visualization for arithmetical, algebraic and statistical concepts (Sanders, 1998, p.20)   Topics of Triangle and quadrilaterals are covered from primary to secondary schools. Thus, the student are able to identify triangles and quadrilateral since Year one.  According to Noraini Idris (1999), from her clinical interviews conducted on 13 and 14 years old students from a public school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it was found that the word “square” and “rectangle” were not part of their normal vocabulary.    Various reasons related to  the mathematical system itself   curricular materials   instructional practices  cognitive development have been proposed to explain students’ difficulties with geometry.   From the perspective of the van Hiele model of the development of geometric thought, the student moves from observing and identifying the figure to a recognition of its  properties, to understanding the interrelationships of the  properties of the figures and the axiomatic system within which they are placed (Usiskin, 2003)  Geometers’ Sketchpad provides:  i.Flexibly structured mathematics laboratory that supports the investigation and exploration of concepts at representational level ii.Linking the concrete to the abstract
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