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  SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF LC WAIKIKITEXTILE 1.Introduction 1.1Wht i! Su""#$ Chin Mn%&'&nt ( Supply chain management   is the control of the supply chain as a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Supply chain management does not involve only the movement of a physical product (such as a microchip) through the chain but also any data that goes along with the product and the actual entities that handle the product from stage to stage of the supply chain.There are essentially three goals of Supply Chain Management- to reduce inventory- to increase the speed of transactions with real-time data exchange - to increase revenue by satisfying customer demands more efficiently. 1.) Who i! Lc Wi*i*i( !C "ai#i#i is a leading fashion retail company with a turnover of $ %.& billion.The !C "ai#i#i brand is a collection of fashion for women men and children with its own stores established in countries across 'astern 'urope Middle 'ast ussia CS countries and Tur#ey.!C "ai#i#i*s +ourney started in ,rance in &/ continuing after &0 as a Tur#ish brand under the umbrella of !C "ai#i#i Ma1a2ac3l3# 4i2metleri Ticaret 5.6.Today !C "ai#i#i trades in /7 stores in %0 countries with the company*s  philosophy that +E,&r$on& -&!&r,&! to -r&!! W&##  enabling people to en+oy accessible fashion through 8uality products at affordable prices.This countries9 5lbania 5lgeria 5rmenia 52erbai+an :elarus :osnla and 4er2egovina :ulgaria 'gypt ;eorgia ran ra8 <a2a#hstan <osova <yrgy2stan Macedonia Moldova Morocco =man >oland omania ussia Saudi 5rabia Serbia Tur#ey Tur#ish epublic of ?orthern Cyprus @#raina @nited 5rab 'mirates.!C "ai#i#i which was selected as Tur#ey*s +F,orit& Co'"n$ in th& /&d$0to0W&r Indu!tr$ o )213 was actually established in & by the Ai2dar family from Safranbolu and the <BB# and <3sac3# families from Malatya.The Ai2dar <BB# <3sac3# and 5mouyal families are holding most of the shares of !C "ai#i#i etail Company at the moment.  1.).1Lc Wi*i*i Mi!!ion DTo dress people in line with their lifestyles and budgets and to ma#e them feel goodE believing that D'veryone deserves to dress wellE 1.).)Lc Wi*i*i 4i!!ion DTo become one of the three most successful clothing retailers in 'urope by %F%7E. Lc Wi*i*i ,#u&!5 • To be customer-focused • To act fairly and honestly • To respect differences • To be modest • To learn and develop continuously • To believe that nothing is impossible • To be serving managers • To choose employees who have the suitable competences and tendencies • To ma#e decisions based on data and analyses • To act according to legal legislations  ).Su""#$ Chin N&t6or* Supply chain customer needs and the goods and services produced in order to meet directly or indirectlyit is a structure consisting of all interested parties concerned.Supply chain does not consist solely of the suppliers and manufacturers.Suppliers >roduction >lant "arehouse Aistribution Center "holesalers and etailers of location capacity and with other properties are in the process of determining the type of networ# transport. =ptimi2ing the level of customer service and   as for the purpose of cost minimi2ation9 from which point to which point on the networ# design has concluded that the most suitable of ma#ing transport. ).1Su""#$ Chin N&t6or* o LC Wi*i*i  Manufacturing of LC Waikiki The actual dyeing and cutting of the garments can then be decided at a later stage in the production The later an order can be placed on suppliers the less the ris# of buying the wrong thing .Subcontractors are used for most labour intensive operations li#e sewing DESIGNING OF LCDİSTRİBUTION OF LC WAIKIKI It stock management primarily handed internally, physical distribution is subcontracted. A large part of the production of the flow of goods is routed from production side to the retail country. Then the goods are inspected and allocated to the stores or to the centralized store stock room. It call as "Call-off warehouse'   Pur"o!& o th& Su""#$ Chin The aim of every supply chain is to maximi2e the total value created. The creation of a supplychain customer value with the value of the supply chain to the customerGs final product is the difference between it struggled to meet the need. There is a strong relationship between many commercial supply chain supply chain profitability and value. Supply chain profitability the cost of the entire supply chain is the difference between the revenues obtained from the customer sum. The success of the supply chain isnot to be measured by profitability and  profitability in a particular stage. "e will focus on profitability at certain stages of the supply chain profitability in the coming wee#s and we will discuss how this case will reduce the entire supply chain.  Results & Recommendations 'ffective and efficient logistics and supply chain management is only possible throughthe effective and efficient use of information technology.
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