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Syllabus Mau - Fall 2014V2

Syllabus Mau - Fall 2014V2
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  ENGR 2600: Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty – Fall 2014Section : ! esday#Friday $:0AM%10:00AM&'( 40)0* credit +o rs, Course Syllabus -nstr ctor. Jack M. Reilly, Ph.D.,Professor of Practice, Civil and Environmental Engineeringffice location is JEC ! #!. ffice Phone$ #%&'& ((. E'mail$ reill)#* ffice hours$ uesday and -riday  $ am'#$ noon  Note: I am usually in my office between 10:00a and 4:00p M,T,Th,F  I teach M,Th 10:30-1:00n and do wal!-in ad isin# in the $%& Monday afte'noon( I am nea'ly always a ailable when I am not teachin#( !eac+ing assistant:!o /e deterinedo rse '/ecti3es:  / convey an a++reciation for uncertainty in the a++lication of engineering models. #/ introduce methods of +robability and statistics that engineers should kno0. !et:  De1ore J.,  )'obability and *tatistics fo' +n#inee'in# and the *ciences , 2rooks3Cole, 4 th  ed., # #. Recommended Software:   Minitab Version 14 Student Edition . Minitab use is recommended but optional. Students in this course are required to have access to Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet package. &earning ' tcoes:  5t is antici+ated that this course 0ill contribute to varying degrees to the follo0ing learning outcomes$ ./ an ability to a++ly kno0ledge of mathematics, science and engineering, #./ an ability to design and conduct e6+eriments as 0ell as to analy7e and inter+ret data, (./ an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering +roblems Attendance 5olicy:  8hile class attendance is not mandatory, it is im+ortant to +erforming 0ell in this course. 9ll e6ams and home0ork assignments are discussed in detail during class sessions. :ome0ork +roblem solutions are often discussed in class. hey are +osted 0ith the class lecture notes. Regular class attendance is im+ortant for ma6imum learning effectiveness and it significantly im+roves +erformance on graded course deliverables. &earning Manageent Syste: he ;MS 0ill be used for this course. :ome0ork solutions and lecture notes 0ill  be +osted. oe7or8 5ro/les  must be submitted by the end of class on the due date. he schedule for home0ork submittal is on;MS. Many home0ork +roblems 0ill be done or at least discussed during regular class meetings. Students are allo0edand encouraged to 0ork together on home0ork +roblems but every student must submit their o0n solutions for each +roblem set. he home0ork by book cha+ter is sho0n belo0. ENGR2600 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty Syllabus Fall 2014 age   124,3,!4222,2 ,3 ,42,1#$,112314,24,3#,3,!#,%#,$244,14,3 ,44,!2,#!,42,!2,2%4,14,24,3,44,4 1#,1 ,32,4#,44,! $,12,24,3#,4#,!2,#1# ,43114,1#,221222,3,3 ,2131,3 ,42 o rse Grades:  <rades for the course 0ill be determined as follo0s=$E6am ' ctober#>?E6am #' @ovember#>?E6am ('-inals 8eek#>?5n'class random Aui77es >?:ome0ork>?Class citi7enshi+ and short +a+er >?= To appeal a #'ade on any eam o' homewo'! assi#nment, you must do so in w'itin# within one wee! of 'ecei in# that #'ade . he +rocedure is to 0rite a brief note describing 0hat you believe to be the error and then submit it 0ith the graded e6am Bor home0ork/ to the TA  0ithin the one'0eek deadline. lass iti9ens+i   here is a > +oint allocation is for class citi7enshi+. his is a combination of attendance andclass +artici+ation. 5 e6+ect you to be fully engaged in the course at all times. ou must meet 0ith me for >' minutes sometime bet0een Se+tember > and @ovember > to discuss some to+ic in statistics of your choosing.ou should develo+ a brief +a+er B# +ages/ on the a++lication of statistics in your chosen field of study or a to+ic of some interest to you. our task 0ill be to e6+lain your +a+er to me in +lain but technically +recise language. Midter Grading Assessent:  <rades are +osted on ;MS  Stateent on Acadeic -ntegrity:  Student'teacher relationshi+s are built on trust. 9cts that violate this trust underminethe educational +rocess. Students should familiari7e themselves 0ith the +ortions of the Rensselaer :andbook dealing0ith academic integrity and should note that +enalties for +lagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty can beAuite harsh. 5n this course, students are reAuired to 0ork individually on e6ams but may discuss the home0ork assignments. :o0ever, each student must submit their o0n individual home0ork solutions. 9ll e6ams 0ill be given inclass. Students found to be cheating on a course deliverable such as an e6am 0ill receive a grade of 7ero for thatdeliverable. 9ny student found to be cheating more than one time 0ill receive a grade of - for the course. Eas:  here 0ill be t0o in'semester e6ams and a final e6am. he final e6am 0ill not be cumulative. 9ll e6ams 0ill be 4 minutes in length and may be closed book or o+en book at the discretion of the instructor. &ate S /ission 5olicy:  9ll home0ork assignments are due by the end of class on the due date. ;ate submissions are not acce+ted. Ea#oe7or8 5olicy for Sno7 ;ays or lass ancelations for 't+er Reasons: 5f there is a sno0 day or class cancelation for other reasons on the day of an e6am, the e6am is given during the ne6tclass. ENGR2600 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty Syllabus Fall 2014 age #  Reading Assignents % ! here is a schedule for the class including reading assignments on the ;MS site.   Bo+ic coverage may vary  +lease be +re+ared to ad)ust your reading of the te6t ahead of classes/. !rac8ing 5erforance in t+e o rse.  -ollo0ing guidance from the School of Engineering, the Early 8arningSystem incor+orated in the S5S system 0ill be used 0hen any e6am score falls belo0 a +assing grade, 0hen anye6am is missed regardless of reason or cause, and 0hen cumulative +erformance in the class is such that successfulcom+letion of the class is in )eo+ardy. St dent Resonsi/ilities and Roles. he best e6+erience of all students during the class +eriod is received 0hen allin the room sho0 res+ect for each other. Res+ect in the classroom has many as+ects and includes language usage,allo0ing student +artici+ation, and behaving in a 0ay that allo0s others to concentrate on classroom activities. hefollo0ing res+onsibilities are s+ecific as+ects of classroom res+ect..Students are e6+ected to be +re+ared for class meetings. Students have the res+onsibility of readingassigned material +rior to coverage in class meeting se all the resources +rovided by the te6t to absorb coursematerial including revie0ing Po0er Point slides from the instructor.#.2eing attentive and +artici+ating in class discussions and activities is e6+ected from all students. 9llelectronic communication devices should be turned off or at a minimum +laced on silent notification of incomingmessages or calls. Confiscation of communication devices if offenses are observed is reserved. Com+uter usage oncourse to+ics may be lead by the instructor and you are encouraged to use your com+uter as +art of this instructionaluse.  If one o' mo'e students use the open compute' p'i ile#e in class to 'ead o' compose email, eplo'e theinte'net, use instant messa#e, complete homewo'! assi#nments, o' fo' any pu'pose othe' than this class, all compute's must be closed fo' the du'ation of the class(  n some occasions, a coo+erative learning a++roach 0ill be used in class and students 0ill have assigned roles. hese a++roaches 0ill include consultation among students to +resent an ans0er. Partici+ation cannot occur 0hen absent from the class so this res+onsibility includes regular attendance at scheduled meetings.(. imely use of instructional su++ort services is reAuested. +en office hours 0ill be maintained by the courseinstructor and teaching assistants. Students should use these services 0hen needed and do so in a timely fashion.!. 2e a0are of and abide by the rules of the course on e6am com+letion and submission, classroom conduct,monitoring graded assignment +erformance, and submitting material for regrade.   ENGR2600 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty Syllabus Fall 2014 age (
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