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configuration of software in communication
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  3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 13: Page 1 Rev K 139317 Software Configuration Utility   Topic Objectives: ã You will be able to explain the difference between the machine based monitoring and the rack based monitoring formats ã You will be able to explain the use and process of mapping points to a particular machine ã You will be able to create and use a machine train diagram  Page 2: 3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 13 Rev K 139317 Machine vs Rack Based   The 3500 monitoring system allows users to monitor data in a machine oriented format instead of in the way monitors are srcinally configured. While the data acquisition and operator display software can be started and run with little or no configuration, the result is that the display represents monitor slots, monitors, and channels in each rack. However, the system can be configured so that several monitors become monitoring components of one designated machine. The reverse can be implemented as well. One monitor, which happens to be monitoring three different machines, can be displayed as three separate entities (i.e., machines) in the display software. The actual configuration process that supports this difference in monitor display conditions is the Software Configuration Utility program, described in this topic.  3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 13: Page 3 Rev K 139317 Associating Points to Machines   Machine names and information are created in this software, and then the appropriate  points are associated with each machine. It does not matter if one, or more than one machine(s) are created, but it is a requirement that all the available monitoring points are used in the machine configuration process. The process of associating monitor points to machine points is called “mapping”. It is implemented graphically by selecting the item or items on the left, and selecting the right arrow icon in the middle to move the point(s) over (i.e., “map” them). As the points are moved over, a window will pop up requesting the name of each point. The appropriate machine related name can be typed in at that point, but it can also be edited by double-clicking on it at a later time. It is also possible to select a whole monitor or monitor rack, and move all the points over at once. Again, the software will request a name for each point moved over, but this is easily and quickly implemented.  Page 4: 3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 13 Rev K 139317 Creating theMachine Train Diagram   The machine train creation process is also as easy as using most simple drawing software. The user does not actually draw the components, but selects them from a list of items under the “Components” menu choice. The data points and variables are also available from a list. Unlike the mapping process, not all of the points or variables are required to  be used in the machine train drawing process. Lines can be drawn from the variable data components to the appropriate location on the machine. The final presentation should be one that quickly and easily communicates data to the operators. Placing too much data on the screen, or gathering the data values too close to each other reduces the effectiveness of the machine-human data transfer. In addition, it is recommended that the “connector” lines mentioned, always be drawn at an angle to the drawing. Straight vertical and horizontal lines tend to be perceived by the human eye as a “picture divider”, which distracts from the data presentation. The most important value of a machine train diagram is that an operator, engineer, or technician can glance at the screen, identify a failure or potential failure, note what the location of the component is, and take the appropriate actions as quickly as needed. If the user must spend time analyzing the picture to identify appropriate values and/or their locations, the machine train diagram’s value will be reduced.
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