The Effects of Vitamin E and Zinc On Alzheimer's Disease

Presentation for Vitamins and Minteral Nutrition Class
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  Yasaman Kazemi, Lauren Woods, Melissa Thomas, Alysse Riggs, Caroline Dyer  ã Dementia is a chronic and/or persistent disorder of the mental processes that is usually caused by mental disease and deterioration with age or injury. ã It affects memory, thinking, judgment, decision making, and behavior ãIt can occur with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and similar diseases.  ã Memory loss and impairment : forgetting conversations, routinely misplacing items, eventually forgetting family/friends ã Disorientation : forgetting where you are, what year it is, or current circumstances ã Language loss : trouble remembering words and objects ã Judgment and decision : everyday decisions and situations (cooking, driving, etc) become a challenge ã Changes in behavior  : depression, aggressiveness, wandering, mood swings    ãThere is still no one reason for the cause of Alzheimer’s as of yet ã Less than 5% of the time it is only a genetic mutation cause ã Scientists believe it may be combination of genetics, environment, and lifestyle ã Studies have shown Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies correlating with a higher risk for Alzheimer’s

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Jul 23, 2017
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