The Impact of Civil Society Movement in Middle East Towards Malaysia Foreign Policy and Energy Security

THESIS PROPOSAL TITLE: The Impact of Civil Society Movement in Middle East towards Malaysia Foreign Policy and Energy Security NAME: Muhammad Suffian Bin Mohd Yusoff ADDRESS: No. 24, Jln 9/9d, Section 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor EMAIL: suffian@andalus.com.my PHONE: +603-89273532 / +6013-2043641 1. Title Of Research The impact of civil society movement in Middle East towards Malaysia foreign policy and energy security 2. Background Of The Research The Arab spring which started on the
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   THESIS PROPOSAL TITLE: The Impact of Civil Society Movementin Middle East towards MalaysiaForeign Policy and Energy Security NAME:  Muhammad Suffian Bin Mohd Yusoff ADDRESS:  No. 24, Jln 9/9d, Section 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor  EMAIL:  suffian@andalus.com.my PHONE:  +603-89273532 / +6013-2043641  1.   Title Of Research The impact of civil society movement in Middle East towards Malaysia foreign policy and energy security 2.   Background Of The Research The Arab spring which started on the early of this year makes its own impact to the world when the price of oil increase constantly especially after the conflict hit Libya and followed by unrest in several Gulf countries.The civil society movement has started in 1980 after the pan Arab regime fail to provide the need of theirsociety such as in Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Their people dissatisfaction is now at the peak asthousands of protesters gather at Tahrir Square, Cairo to show their voice towards President Mubarak to stepdown after thirty years of his administration. The fall of Mubarak regime is also finally backed by Egypt armyafter Omar Suleiman the Vice President of Egypt announced Mubarak resignation on 11 th February. Soon afterthat, in Libya the protest took place in major city like Ajdabiya, Tripoli and Benghazi. The President Ghaddafi then launch military action towards their citizens and this action lead to the NATO and United Nation’s criticism. It’s now civil war in Libya which causes death of many Libyans whether by NATO airstrikes orGhaddafi regime military action to the protesters. At the same time some clashes also takes place in Syria andYemen as the Arab uprising hit the entire region. The Bahrain government also faces the protest from hercitizens and it most likely to sectarian driven in this particular country. Several measurement have been takenby Moroccan, Jordanian and Saudi government to prevent such protest by make some reform in constitutionand giving some incentives to their people to win their heart.This is the first time ever after the collapse of Ottoman Empire 1924 where the volatile Middle East regionfacing political turbulence. As the uprising is not identified as religion driven, most of the political scientistclassify it as the as voice of reformation in political system that push for democratic system to takes place onregimes system or monarchy system. For number of decades the volatility in Middle East often caused by theissue of Israel Palestine issue will possibly become as threat to the strategic interest of Israel and UnitedStates as their main alliances in the region such as Mubarak, King Abdullah Jordan and King Abdullah SaudiArabia faces the voice of transformation. The worries about the influence of al-Qaeda in the revolution alsobecome a concern in this uprising. Several actions taken by United States to minimize the region such asannouncing the Israel border must follow the before 1967 border and the killing of Osama Bin Laden the al-Qaeda supreme leader are expected to make such cooling off and gain world attention for a while. The UnitedStates also face some difficulty in it diplomatic relation with Pakistan after the mission for Osama killing was  considered as violates the sovereignty of Pakistan when the operation was conducted without the Pakistani authority’s acknowledgement and permission. The world attention now gives highlight to Middle East regionas the Flotilla Humanitarian mission being launched this end of June. The mission comprised of many nationespecially from Europe and United States. And Greece the host country for the mission faces pressure fromIsrael as Greece now facing its debt crisis. The U.S.-registered Audacity of Hope released a statement Sundayasking the Greek government to explain why the leased vessel was being prevented from leaving a Greekport. As in 5 th of June, one incident happened in Golan Height after Syrian protest towards Israel wasconducted to remember the Naqba incident in 1967. The Israeli controlled Golan Height from neighboringSyria witnessed 20 Syrian killed after Israel troops mobilize their troops to prevent a repeat of last month'sdisturbance when hundreds of people broke through a border fence, entered the Golan Heights and clashedwith Israeli forces.This study will give focus the impact of the civil society movement in Middle East on energy security forMalaysia as on 2013 Malaysia will import gas from other country for electricity generation. The age of cheapoil pass through the increase in demand for energy supply by several emerging new economic power such asIndia, China and Indonesia. On March 2011, the world witnessed the multiple incidents in Japan where theearthquakes hit the northern part of Japan and followed by the nuclear reactor Fukushima Daichi explosionand leave radiation effect to its surrounding. Soon after that the government of Japan started to shut downtheir nuclear reactor to prevent such case happen in the future. The world shacked by the Germanygovernment by the resolution to stop their nuclear power plant by 2017. For what have happened in Japanand Germany, it might give impact on other countries policy towards the using of nuclear as their energyresource for electricity generation. This might give sudden increment in oil and gas demand for electricitygeneration. An OPEC meeting was conducted in Vienna on 8 th June ending in disarray after the Saudirecommendation to increase crude oil production was rejected by Iran and Venezuela. One factor is adiverging market view. Another is politics, said analyst Samuel Ciszuk at IHS global Insight. At times of heated politics and ideological debate, Saudi struggled to dominate as much as it could have given its size vis-a-vis others in Opec.   (Guardian.co.uk, 2011). While in Malaysia, the government starts to rationalize itsubsidies due to higher expenses on energy subsidy. This thesis will give focus on how the Malaysiangovernment should give strategic measurement towards preparing new approaches to minimize thedependence on fossil fuel to sustain the energy supply to the country and the foreign policy of Malaysia tofind strategic partner at international level in enhancing the search for the best energy security for long term.  3.   Problem Statement / Thesis Statement The demand for oil increases as the world population constantly growing and at the same time there areemergence of new economic power such as Indonesia, India and China. The impact of speculative activitiesalso gives hikes in oil price. The increasing demand for transportation, industries, construction and electricitygeneration play significant factor for this issue. And suddenly the Arab spring becomes the next factor for lateoil price hikes. These factors supposed give consciousness to us to prepare new initiative to combatuncertainty in energy supply and it stability in this country. As we can see the issues of oil price and electricityrates are quite sensitive issue in this country as the living cost escalates when there is increase in either one. 4.   Aims And Objectives Of The Research I.   To identify the root cause for Middle East unrest and predicting probability of near futureII.   To study the uncertainty for Middle East and its impact to Malaysia in energy issueIII.   To find the strategic measurement in energy security for MalaysiaIV.   To prepare the country for any unexpected situations those are related to Middle East politicalstabilityV.   To define the best energy resource option in MalaysiaVI.   To find the best strategic partner for Malaysia in energy security concern 5.   Research Methodology / Research Design 1.   Information Resource: News, Intelligence Report, Journal2.   Approach: Theoretical, Deductive Approach, Top to Bottom Approach, Comparative, Philosophy3.   Ethical And Safety Issues: Speculation, Multilateral Coordination, Political Instability4.   Supporting element:i.   Defining the past, current and future need for energy usage in Malaysiaii.   The analysis of Middle East transformation and its impact on oil priceiii.   The analysis of contributing factor for oil price hikesiv.   The analysis of international action and measurement for energy securityv.   The analysis of current bilateral relationship with countries in Middle Eastvi.   The risk analysis for unexpected situation in Middle East
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