The Top 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want to Live in Canada

If you and your family are also seeking better opportunities available through immigration, here are seven reasons why you should become a Canadian permanent resident so you can live in Canada.
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  • 1. The Top 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want to Live in Canada
  • 2. First, Canada is a multicultural, immigrant-friendly country where newcomers are welcomed. According to the 2015 Legatum Prosperity Index, Canada is rated #1 in the world for tolerance toward immigrants. The positive view that 92% of Canadians have about people who immigrate to Canada is not surprising since 20% of the Canadian population is foreign-born.
  • 3. A second reason to live in Canada is that it is relatively easy to become a Canadian permanent resident. There are several Canadian immigration programs that grant a permanent resident visa to Canada for eligible applicants. The Canadian government wants people to immigrate to Canada and plans to issue approximately 300,000 Canadian visas to new permanent residents during 2016.
  • 4. Third, there are many jobs in Canada available for skilled foreign workers who are granted the appropriate Canadian visa. Thousands of people who live in Canada are retiring from the workforce, plus there are not enough Canadians with the education, skills and other traits needed for many jobs in Canada. Therefore, skilled foreign workers who meet the criteria are being offered Express Entry immigration to Canada.
  • 5. The fourth reason to become a Canadian permanent resident is that people who live in Canada enjoy one of the world’s highest standards of living. For example, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary were ranked among the top five most livable cities in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit in August 2016.
  • 6. Fifth, Canada is a beautiful country that is famous for its snowcapped peaks, pristine lakes, scenic forests and spectacular seashores. With such natural treasures as Niagara Falls, Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies, who wouldn’t want to live in Canada?
  • 7. Sixth, Canada has an excellent education system and many of its universities are consider among the best in the world. Thus, you and your family may be able to enhance your career options through access to Canadian educational programs.
  • 8. Finally, a permanent resident of Canada can apply to become a Canadian citizen after they live in Canada four years and meet all the criteria.
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