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  Final Presentationon Computational and Experimental Study of an Ultra Low Head Turbine Group Members: Nischal Pokharel (42102)Pradeep Parajuli (42098)Pratik Koirala (42117)Under the  Supervision o!Pro #r $ %n& 'aesh Kuar aske*+sso Pro #r ,ari Prasad Neopaner -ailesh .hitrakar  Presentation utline ã Ultra lo/ head(U,) turine ! %ntroduction ã -tatus and current research ã ack&round ã 3h* U, ã jecti5es and scope o stud* ã ethodolo&* ã 3ater /heel and U, ã perational Principle ã 3ork6lo/ o the project  ã -iulation process and results ã periental testin& and results ã .onclusion ã 'eerences  Ultra Low Head!ULH turbine : #ntrodu$tion Ultra lo/$head turine ,ead ! less than  +pplicale e5en in natural or an$ade ri5ers and canals /ith little or no /ater stora&e capacit*-tatic  pressure dierence principle Possibilities  Status and $urrent resear$% ã 'esearch done in the countr* like :eran*; %tal*; UK etc ã 'esearch paper o Uni5ersit* o -outhapton ã .onsultation ! #r :erald u<ller -enior ecturer; Uni5ersit* o -outhapton Focus on Ph*sical odel test .F# anal*sis or the selection o est pro6ilePh*sical odel test
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