Urban Media Network 2009 Media Kit

1. 2009 Media Kit 2. For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671 The Urban Media Network Urban…
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  • 1. 2009 Media Kit
  • 2. For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671 The Urban Media Network Urban Media Network, UMN, is a full-service strategic marketing company with media offerings for advertisers targeting the urban marketplace. UMN’s media and marketing teams custom design and deliver highly quantifiable and qualitative solutions for marketers looking to communicate with ethnic and suburban ethnics while they visit locations on the urban boulevard. Through an exclusive media retail network of barbershops, beauty salons, online community,bodegas and other targeted media UMN will connect you with Urban America. UMN Delivers Unrivaled Access To Ethnic Consumers • Ethnic Audiences (African American/Latino) represent $1.7 trillion in purchasing power* • Non-traditional and customized media operating in UMN venues offer marketers a high impact destination for brand, product messaging and channel support • UMN locations have loyal audiences, high traffic and long visit periods • Barbershops & Beauty Salons • Combined spending creates compelling reason to be in-market: • Urban and Suburban ethnics spend over $8 billon in these outlets nationally UMN Is The Gateway To Urban Ethnics On The Urban Boulevard Supersized: The UMN Network in up to 2,000 African American & Latino Barbershops and Beauty Salons • Network reaches 750,000 - 1,000,000 urban ethnics Males monthly • Network reaches 750,000 - 1,000,000 urban ethnic Females monthly Localized: Network flexibility allows for national (top 15 markets), regional or local market programming. • UMN is ideal for national brand co-op programming • Local buy capabilities allow for zipcode cluster buys to focus outreach to local audiences
  • 3. Media Offerings UMN TV Posters Mobile/Social Networking Static Clings Events Floor Graphics Branded Supplies For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671
  • 4. Wallboards Reach Urban Audiences At Over 8,000 Locations For marketers looking for high impact and highly quantifiable forums to connect with ethnic urban audiences there’s no smarter choice than Urban Media Network WallBoards. UMN’s network of more than 8000 retail locations provide brands and products exclusive access and one-on-one interactions that will lead to message engagement with more than 4 million consumers monthly. The Network Is Flexible: Available Nationally or Locally UMN’s exclusive network of high impact retail locations, African-American and Hispanic barbershops and beauty salons, can be accessed to deliver national branding and promotion programs and support local market initiatives. UMN’s national or local market targeting makes the network ideal for initiatives such as national branding programs and new product introductions. Locally, UMN can be used to drive messaging and create call-to-actions for local retail channel support programs such as new store openings and local channel sales activities. UMN WallBoards are available in Single or Two (Spread) board formats. A single or spread sized Wallboard provides attractive and compelling presence for marketing messaging in locations that have great stopping power and appeal to urban audiences. For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671
  • 5. Wallscapes Dominate The Space With A Dramatic Full-Wall Mural When messaging needs to be larger than life, a dynamic, compelling and memorable Urban Media Network WallScape is the choice. UMN WallScapes are custom-designed for the marketer looking to dominate environments and can be used for dramatic engagement to urban audiences with important news such as brand introductions, new product messaging, new store openings and retail channel sales events. Engage Location Visitors And Passersby’s UMN WallScapes are customized full-wall sized pre-printed screened murals that connect from ceiling to floor on rear, back or side walls at UMN locations. As full-wall sized murals, WallScapes provide dramatic and dynamic forums for brand and product news that will dominant the attention of audiences. UMN visitors will be compelled and engaged by the dramatic showcases and they will catch the eye of passerby’s that pass UMN locations. As pre-printed screened murals, WallScapes are easy to install and easy to remove and can be sized to be moved around the UMN location or to multiple locations over the life of a program. The Perfect Tool To Support Big Local Market Events For new channel openings or channel support activities in UMN markets, UMN WallScapes are the perfect tool as these dramatic showcases will give marketers a highly recognized, much talked about forum that will be noted for its uniqueness as well as its messaging. Since UMN locations, (African American and Hispanic barbershops and beauty salons), are community gathering places, the WallScapes will draw attention and serve as a great media tactic to drive traffic to big local market events such as new store openings, sales promotions and other channel event activities. For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671
  • 6. Major Sports News & Trivia Wallboards a Touchdown, Home Run and Three-Pointer rolled into one The Urban Media Network presents an innovative new way to capitalize on the passion consumers feel for their favorite sports teams. Available at select Urban Media Network locations in 2009. Major Sports News & Trivia Wallboards combine sports news and trivia in an entertaining format designed to drive discussion where your target consumers live, work and socialize. What It Is? Major Sports News & Trivia Wallboards are two-board poster showcases created with a focus on a local market’s professional sports teams. A one-sheet content board will include news and poll results from UMN’s panel of “regular Joe” sports pundits – five uninhibited consumers who will give their unique perspective on the biggest local and national sports stories and controversies of the month and the season. These regular Joes will be UMN barbershop patrons, ensuring that their opinions and analysis express the voice and views of urban audiences. In addition to sports news and the regular Joe opinion board, a section of the MSN&T Wallboard showcase will be dedicated to sports trivia that will further engage, tease and create talking points with sports fans. Each month, a new trivia quiz will test fans’ knowledge of their local sports teams. A URL link with easy web site reference will be posted on the Wallboard with answers to each of the monthly trivia quizzes. The second content board will be a full-page poster with a branding and promotional message from the MSN&T program sponsor. Why Participate? UMN barbershops are community gathering places where Major Sports News & Trivia Wallboards will be natural conversation pieces. With monthly updates, profiles, prognosis and analysis of team performance as well as the players, personalities and drama impacting major sports, our Wallboards offer an exciting and interactive new way to connect with consumers. With placement in UMN’s exclusive barbershop network, you can sponsor a season-long, highly engaging sports forum that will be a focus of discussion and debate at Urban Media Network locations in major cities across the country. And at the same time, you will build goodwill for your brand and products with the consumers you want to reach. 2009 Program Availability: Top Ten Markets New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia Network Minimums 50 venues with a three-month minimum buy For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671
  • 7. Celebrate Prominent African Americans AT Destinations What It Is? The African American Wallboard is a full year educational and entertaining biographical series profiling compelling, history making African Americans. Each month, the program features a poster- sized, two-board spread; one board is dedicated to the biography of the featured image maker and will include a unique portrait poster reproduction of this leading African American personality. The poster art will be reproduced from original portraits created by an African American artist for the UMN series. The second board will feature corporate sponsored messaging and will be the ideal location for your congratulatory message in support of the series and its profiled personalities. Profiled personalities will range from historical figures such as Abolitionist John Brown, Medical Researcher & Surgeon Dr. Charles Drew, Businesswoman Madam C.J. Walker to more recent personalities such as Spike Lee. (The actual list of profile figures will be selected by UMN with approval from the program’s sponsor). Why Participate? African American barbershops and beauty salons are community gathering places and ideal locations for the series to be showcased. Wallboards will serve as great educational pieces and subjects of conversation in these venues. Therefore, your message will be directly tied to the dialogue as a featured sponsor. In addition, original lithographs will become the property of the sponsor. A select number of signed lithographs of each work can also be sold in part or in whole as a collection. Proceeds from the lithograph sales will go to a charity selected by the sponsor. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unique opportunity, which is available exclusively through Urban Media Network. In January 2009, The Urban Media Network / African American Barbershop & Beauty Salon Network will launch the first ever African American Wallboard series. This exciting new media opportunity puts your message directly inside Urban Media Network businesses, where your target lives, works and socializes. For rates information and consultation on all UMN offerings contact: Darius Myers (646) 217-0671
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