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USER GUIDE ES REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT General Introduction ES Real Estate Management is built on an Idea to simplify the obvious complications evolved in Real Estate Business Flow. The system provides the
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USER GUIDE ES REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT General Introduction ES Real Estate Management is built on an Idea to simplify the obvious complications evolved in Real Estate Business Flow. The system provides the basic but extremely useful features to manage things From single place. The package includes Contact Management System and based on contact you can term then into Leads and later Deals. Beside you can track payments, selling history and even unpaid invoices for Each entered property. You can also store documents and photos for property for Real Time presentations. It also has full Featured Client Login. Contacts Contacts Sales Tracks Leads Payments Deals Leads System Elements Dashboard Dashboard contains entire system summery at single view. It offers a Sales Report module on top of all where you can track your sale progress in terms of Money and Time. The sales chart represents a general summary of deals one in each month (overall a Year) Lead Module let you know to whom you need to contact for which property and on which specific date. You need not to open your classical diary every time to remember you schedule with lead tracker. It s a life saver. Similarly Deals module on dashboard provides quick summery of deals cracked recently. Then lastly the New Property you have added to system in also representation by a module in dashboard itself. Client / Contact Manager Client Menu lets you add Contact of your clients easily. You can add edit and view contact and control the access as well. You can add Personal Information including Name, Phone Number, and Location etc with additional Information including the Bank Details and even the Referral. Property This is the place where you can manage all your property and documentation related to property with ease. This section allows you to view the existing property quickly with its availability status. You can also view the list of Sold and Available property by filtering the list using the buttons. Adding New Property is also simple and can be done in single click. While adding property each property has categorized into Commercial or Residential. Property Availability for Sale or Rent, the detailed specification of location, area along with the Photos and Documentation of the property which can be added. Leads Now contacts who are interested in any property are termed as Leads here. You can assign leads to Each contact and the property he/she is interested in. Beside you can also assign the follow up date given by the client so ensure a maximum business of your sale. Leads can be categorized into status such as: 1. Awaited/In Progress: if the lead is almost at the stage of maturity 2. In Progress: if the lead is still under progress 3. Cancelled: If the lead unfertile and cancelled. Deals Deal is when you successfully sold the client, a property. Deal can be considered as payment terms or invoice. You can create details from Leads and Property they are purchasing on. Important Elements of Deals are: 1. Invoicing Date: the date when invoice is created 2. Due Date: The date when invoice is considered to be expired 3. Recurring: Whether or not invoicing is recurring or not. If yes then the EMI terms, (Monthly or Yearly) 4. Invoice Number: For tracking past invoices 5. Amount: Total value of deal 6. Discount: The discount given on this deal. It can be in percent or fixed amount. 7. Tax: If applicable More on Payments For each Deal/Invoice created can be managed with Making Payments, Viewing Previous Payments and Even Printing the Invoice with Printer friendly layout. Sales reports Sales reports are the graphical reorientation of each sale you have made. You can categorize the Sales stats based on Commercial & Residential properties separately with sold for own or rented Format. The report also allows functionality such as Sales by Date/Moth/Year Sales by Property Type Sales by Property Format (Rent/Sale) Sales by Customers Invoice Due You can view the details of overdue here with details such as Invoice No, Property Name, and Amount due etc. User Management A role based user can be created from Users Tab. You can create new users for system and assign various roles and permission from Form Right button. You can even create levels for user from here. Configuration Branding Control Time Zone Management Currency Management Translation Plug-in Thank you for taking interest
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