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Color TM workplacebullying.org © 2014 Workplace Bullying Institute 1 Color TM 2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey Gary Namie, PhD, Research Director Assistants: Daniel Christensen & David Phillips 360.656.6630 workplacebullying.org Funding from & 93 Indiegogo Contributors Color TM workplacebullying.org © 2014 Workplace Bullying Institute 2 2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey Color TM National Prevalence 3 U.S. Workforce Affected 5 Gender and the Bullying Experience 6 The Chall
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  Color TM 2014 WBIU.S. Workplace Bullying Survey  Gary Namie, PhD, Research Director Assistants: Daniel Christensen & David Phillips360.656.6630 workplacebullying.org  F󰁵󰁮󰁤󰁩󰁮󰁧 󰁦󰁲󰁯󰁭   & 93 I󰁮󰁤󰁩󰁥󰁧󰁯󰁧󰁯 C󰁯󰁮󰁴󰁲󰁩󰁢󰁵󰁴󰁯󰁲󰁳  2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey   National Prevalence 3  U.S. Workforce Affected 5 Gender and the Bullying Experience 6 The Challenge of Same-Gender Bullying 8 Gender and Job Loss 8 Race and the bullying Experience 9 Ideology and the bullying Experience 10 Perpetrator Rank 󰀦 Number  10 Employers’ Reactions to Bullying 12 Coworkers’ Reactions to Bullying 13  What Stopped the Bullying 14 Support for a Law  16 Causal Factors 17  About Bullied Targets 18 Zogby Analytics Survey Methodology  19 Table of Contents   Workplace bullying is repeaed misreamen and a orm o “abusive conduc.” For he firs ime, we used he definiion o workplace bullying ha maches perecly he definiion codified in he Healhy Workplace Bill. Tus, we asked  Americans o consider only he mos serious orms o bullying. Eye rolling may be par o bullying, bu i alone is no sufficien. Nonverbal cues coupled wih verbal abuse and he acics o exclusion are delivered by perperaors repeaedly in order o inenionally harm argeed individuals. Te closes analogy o workplace bullying is domesic violence. Bullying is a non-physical orm o workplace violence.Troughou his repor, he exac wording o Survey iems begin wih Question:  . Te respondens’ answer choices are he phrases wihou ialics in all ables. Suboals comprised o ses o response caegories are italicized.Question:  A work, wha has been your personal experience wih he ollowing ypes o repeaed misreamen: abusive conduc ha is hreaening, inimidaing, humiliaing, work saboage or verbal abuse? National Prevalence 27% of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work; another 21% have witnessed it; 72% are aware that workplace bullying happens able 1  Over one-quarer o adul Americans (27%) said hey direcly experienced abusive conduc a work – currenly (7%) or a someime in heir work lie bu no in he las year (20%). In our 2014 Survey, we spli he “winessed” caegory ino hose who had seen he bullying o ohers and hose who knew ha ohers were  bullied. Boh groups would have experienced he bullying vicariously. Recen research o hose who vicariously experienced bullying ound ha he severiy o emoional injuries  were similar in severiy o injuries suffered by  bullied individuals. Te mos imporan change in response opions in 2014 was o spli he ormerly single “I have no experienced or winessed i” answer ino hree alernaives. Respondens  were asked o declare i hey were aware ha  bullying happens despie no having personal experiences wih i. Tis subgroup (19%) we call he “Aware & Believers.” Tey are no in denial. Te “Aware & Disbelievers” subgroup (4%) would be hose in denial. Te hird subgroup is comprised o individuals who know nohing, see nohing and are compleely unaware o misconduc occurring in heir  workplace, approximaely 28% o all Americans. Te pariioning o he “I have no experienced or winessed i” group also allows us o reue he axiom ha one mus have firs-hand knowledge o bullying o recognize is exisence. In ac, he 52% o he adul American populaion ha claims o have no experience is spli ino hose who are aware (23%) and hose who proess o know nohing (28%).Te percenage o adul Americans aware ha abusive conduc/workplace bullying happens a work is he sum o hose  wih direc and vicarious experience plus hose wih no experience bu who believe i happens and hose who choose o raionalize abusive conduc as “rouine.” Te sum o he “aware” groups is 72%. Ta means 72% o he adul American public is amiliar wih workplace bullying -- ranging rom a painully inimae immersion o a superficial recogniion o he erm wihou knowing many deails. A he Workplace Bullying Insiue, we ake some credi or his new high level o public awareness. Our work began in 1997 wih he seadas commimen o raising public awareness and he myriad o aciviies and programs developed since has expanded o drive ha awareness.
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