A walk through devotional for new believers.
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  Where do I go from here   02 7 7 7 4  5 . 6  5 7 7 7 7 4  5 . 6  5 7  WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?An Interactive Discipleship Course Published by Word of Life Local Church MinistriesA division of Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.Joe Jordan – Executive DirectorJack Wyrtzen & Harry Bollback – FoundersMike Calhoun – Vice President of Local Church MinistriesUSA:P.O. Box 600Schroon Lake, NY 12870888-93-CLUBSE-Mail: TALK@CLUBS.WOL.ORGCANADA:RR #8/Owen SoundON, Canada N4K 5W41-800-461-3503 or (519)376-3516E-Mail: WOLCANADA@BMTS.COMWEB ADDRESS: www.localchurchministries.orgPublisher’s Acknowledgements:Writers: Mike Ellis, Ellen Garland, Ben Brown, Jane VanCampEditor: Mike EllisAssociate Editor: Ellen GarlandCurriculum Manager: Don ReichardCover Design: Alan Furst Inc.Page Layout: B-Moore Inc.Unless otherwise noted all verses are taken from the King JamesVersion of the BibleCopyright © 2002 Word of Life Fellowship, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted inany form without prior written permission of the publisher.Printed in the United States of America  INTRODUCTION Where do I go from here   03 89 454545 4    5     TABLE OF CONTENTSWELCOMEThis is exciting …INTRODUCTORY LESSONSMeeting One: What Can You Expect of Me?Meeting Two: I Have Confidence in You!BIBLICAL BELIEFSMeeting Three: Meet Your FatherMeeting Four: Jesus and MeMeeting Five: It’s an Inside JobMeeting Six: The World’s Most Profitable BookMeeting Seven: Talking with GodMeeting Eight: How to Deal with Temptation  INTRODUCTION Where do I go from here   LivingListeningLearningLeaving THIS IS EXCITING … You are about to enter the world of interactive discipleship. As you pickup this book, you can be assured your life is about to change! Changealways puts us a little on edge … but we’re talking an INCREDIBLE changeas you choose a dynamic, living walk with Christ, quite the opposite ofanything boring or stoic.Discipleship is all about this - another person involved in your life to helpsharpen your walk with Christ! It’s all about learning how to make Christan intensely involved dynamic of your life and having someone walk alongside of you demonstrating that themselves and backing you to do thesame.Here’s the aspects of your time with your discipler. It’s all based on onefoundation, that the Word of God (the Bible) will become vital to you. Inorder for that to happen, there will be pieces during each of your meetingsthat will all fit together to create a discipleship encounter that is effectiveand personal. Those pieces are as follows:Your discipler will be checking to find out where you’re comingfrom on each topic.The Bible and what it says becomes the major focus of the topic.How will you take what you’ve learned and apply it? This sectiondoes just that. It is the practical way to grasp or to live out, whatyou’ve studied.In order for you to really get a hold of the topic, your discipler willchallenge you to live it out during the next week.So, enjoy! This will be a GREAT experience for you … it’s all about to happen. Turn the page! 04

Em Busca do Ócio

Aug 21, 2017
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