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Where do you find yourself in the context of reality and conspiracy.
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  Which box are you in? By:TheLight  Hello lovely people.On my mental wanderings I came across the following,and only felt it right to share. I think it makes a lot of sense. GREEN BOX Tostartwiththereisthegreenbox(ouracceptedreality).Thatboxrepresentseverythingyouthinkyouknowabouttheworld,thefactsyouhavebeenfed,thestoryyouhavebeentold.Itistheperspectiveoftheconditionedmind.Mostpeoplewillliveouttheirentireliveswithinthisgreen box,andtruly,thereisabsolutelynothingwrongwiththat,ithaspurpose.ThisBoxisGreenbecauseitissafeanditisaccepted.Ananalogywhichdescribesthisgreenboxverywellisthatitissomething‘like’theMatrix. Infact,mostpeopledon’trealizethatthisboxexists,anothernameforthisboxistheperception/experienceof limitation. RED BOX  NextwehaveaRedBox,thisisRedforseveralreasons.Thisboxisprobablythemostinterestingofallboxesinthe pathoftruth-seeking.Firstlyitisforbidden,itscontentisnottaughtatschoolor church,itisnotinourhistorybooksorincommonmedia,itisnotthetopicofpublicdiscussion,itsviewsarethereforegen-erallynotacceptedandhenceitisnotwithintheGreenBox.It’sabitliketheRedPill,itexposesalmosteverythingintheGreenBoxasliesanddeception.Itcontainsmanyanswersandexplanations(who’sandwhy’s)tosomanyoftheinjusticesweseeintheGreenBoxwhichwenormallyacceptasunexplained(shithappens).Whenpeoplewanttounderstandwhyexactlydoesshithap- pen,theyeventuallyendupintheRedBoxlookingforanswers.ThisRedBoxcontainsbasicallyalltheConspiracyTheoriesandmuchmore.Thisoutsiderealityuncoversacompletelynew(possiblyshocking)worldtoalotofpeople,yettheboxhassomany purposes.FirstlyitspurposeistokeeppeopleintheGreenBox.Itdoesthisinafewdifferentways.Firstly,thosewholeavetheGreenBoxandentertheRedBoxareshocked,somuchindeedthattheyreturntotheGreenBoxindisbelief,thenaccepttheGreenBox,itiswhatitis,andwhensomethingcan’tbeexplained,theychangethetopicandliveinignorance,theyacceptwhatis,andmakethebestofit.ThesecondwayitattemptstosendpeoplebackintotheGreenBoxiswhensomeonereturnsfromtheRedBoxandtellsotherpeopleintheGreenBox.Theygetridiculedwhichwillberatherunpleasant,theymayalsobemetwithangerdependingonthetopic.Withthisunpleasantnessthatpersondoesoneoftwothings.TheyeitheracceptthecommonviewsofthepeopleintheGreenBox,doubtthemselves,feelreallystupid,accepttheir foolishnessatbeingsogullibleandstayintheGreenBox.AlternativelytheystayintheRedBoxandmakeeithercom- promiseswithwhomtheytalktoinfuture(keeptothemselves,keepopinionstothemselves),andbecomesomewhatofan‘outsider’afringememberofsocietyortheybecomeveryvocalandcreateconflict.Thisiswhereitcanbecomeinteresting,thepeopleintheRedBoxwilltrytochangethepeopleintheGreenBox.Theygetverypassionate,angry,activismsetsinandtheywilldigforfactsandevidenceto‘convince’thepeopleintheGreenBoxandsoon.AsignificantobservationthatismadeintheRedBoxisthatapartfromexposingtheliesandinjusticeofwhatisoccurringintheGreenBoxitalsocontainsagoodportionofliesandde-ceptionitself(bydesign)whichintheenddiscreditsmanyof thetruths. ThisalsodiscouragespeopletoenterorremainintheRedBox. TheRedBoxrefertothemselvesas‘truthers’.TheGreenBoxreferstothemselvesas‘normal’.ThoseintheGreenBoxarealsolabeledbytheRedBox,oftencalled‘sheep’,‘sheeple’,‘asleep’andareoftendescribedas“livinginabox.”ByfarthemostactivefrontforsearchingforhighertruthhappensinthisRedBox,itisameltingpotof emotionsanddebate.TheRedBoxwillbattlewiththeGreenBoxwiththeories&evidence,howeverthebattleisneverwonanditispredom-inatelyonlythat,abattle,andnotasolution.ThemoretheRedBoxisexplored,themorebleaktheout-lookappears,themorepowerlessonefeelsandemotionsof desperation,anger,sadness&depressiondominate.SomepeoplesurrendertothenewconditionsoftheRedBoxandacceptthatthisisthenew‘true’limitationsofreality.Forothers,somethingreallyprofoundhappens,theydis-coverthattheyareactuallynotonlyoutsidetheGreenBox, butactuallyinsideanotherbox!Thereremainsahighertruthtoexplore.ThissecondrevelationisreachedduetothediscoverythattheRedBoxdoesn’tactuallysupplyanysolutions,itonlyhighlightstheproblems,soitisnotparticularlyconstructiveandapearsmostlytoprovideconflictofideasandbeliefsbe-tweentheGreenBoxandRedBox,whoisright,whoiswrong,etc....OncesteppingoutpasttheRedBox,onediscoversthatboththeGreenBoxandRedBoxaretwohalvesinthethirddensityorfourthdimension.Theyareyinandyang.Theyarewhatcouldbereferredtoasduality,opposingforces.Theopposingforcesarebothoftheboxesthemselvesor theirviews,butalsowithineach,theforcesorwhatiscom-monlyperceivedasgoodorevil.Forexample,manyintheRedBoxactoutofgoodintention, bytryingtostopevilbyunmaskingit.However,thetoolsandmethodsusedwhichareconsideredtowork,suchasthefearemotion,actuallyserveevil,andonceseeingitfromahigherperspective,thesemethodsdoagreatdealmoreharmthangood,hencethenegativeemotionsandenergywithintheRedBox. YELLOW BOX ThencomestheYellowBox.It’sverydifferentfromboththeGreenandtheRedBoxonmanylevels,primarilybecauseitnolongerisboundbyphysi-callimitations,whichisatfirstagreatrelieftothosewhohaveescapedtheRedBox. Red BoxGreen Box Yellow Box Blue Box  The concepts and rules in this box are very liquid, and atfirst it is slippery, and one finds it hard to grasp. It opens up so many opportunities and potential that was previously unseen. It goes beyond our five senses and transcends the inherentlimitations of the realities of the Green and Red Boxes. However it also appears to challenge our very existence,when first entering this box. So what on earth is the Yellow Box? It uncovers the truthsof our perception of reality. For this reason it is cloudy, in the sense that sometimeswords and pictures fail to capture or deliver the message. As such there is much lost in translation. The Yellow Box largely leaves behind the notion of ‘evi-dence’ where faith becomes the primary method for acceptanceof what is and continuing the journey. To some small extent, faith may have been practiced in theRed Box, where there was little or no evidence, connecting thedots and applying faith alone was enough to create a belief sys-tem of the reality at that level. So again, what is the Yellow Box? Quantum Physics showsus that 99.9999% of the atom is space, furthermore, the0.0001% which is the nucleus of the atom when analyzed isalso 99.9999% space. Physical and material objects are not what our sense per-ception has told us that they are. The Green and Red Box focus and define their reality fromthe 0.0001%. The Yellow Box goes beyond that. It therefore can be ‘labeled’ the spiritual box. However one soon learns that labels, words and definitionsare not to be taken literally in this box. The spoken and written word is often so inadequate that this box is often explored from many angles to understand a single point. For those entering this box, the easiest place to start is quite possibly to topics of ancient cultures, artifacts, religions andeven the early teachings of current world religions. It can also help coming from a humble standing, often after sufficient exploration of the Red Box we understand we arenot so grand or advanced as what the Green Box will have us believe. From this standing there is much respect to be had for our ancestors and their knowledge. The Yellow Box explores the 99.9999% of reality. The word ‘space’ is a label for that which is not picked up by our five senses. In the Green and Red box, this is considered empty. An interpretation of ‘space’ in the Yellow Box, is that it isnot empty, but is in fact full. Learning of the consequences of this is one of many topicscovered in the Yellow Box. The Yellow Box is by far the most exciting box. We often learn that many things are in fact opposite, thatwhat was seen as evil, is in fact good. And that we weren’t dealt the cards, we picked themourselves. Science fiction concepts such as time travel, wormholes and parallel universes are easy to explain and understand, and infact enrich and strengthen the other concepts. However, since we know so little and can only apply suchsmall concepts to our current reality, it becomes difficult to re-main in the Yellow Box. In fact, without knowing it, we find ourselves slipping back into the Red Box again, which is terribly addictive. So, where does that leave us? It is important to understandthat the Yellow Box exists, however very few people are ableto manifest the power of the Yellow Box, although there aresome well-known people who have done so in the past. However, as always, the answers present themselves in theYellow Box. It is a box full of answers. We also learn of cycles of life and astrology, and comingevents which will enable us to transition to a higher awarenesswhich is explained in the Yellow Box. It is for that reason why one searches for the Yellow Box,without knowing what it is or why one searches. Teachers that can give a good overall picture of the contentin the Yellow Box include:  Eckhart Tolle ,  Nassim Haramein ,  Bashar  (channel of Darryl Anka), websites such as and . A good place to get a very brief understanding of our an-cestors can include ’s documentary area on an-cient aliens, Mayans & Egyptians. BLUE BOX In the Blue Box, you know who you are, you know whereyou have come from and what journeys you have been on, youknow what you have to do and where to go. You have purpose. Purpose to create and experience. We are coming out of experiencing the fouth-dimension (3dimensions of form and one of time). The fouth-dimension being the experience of limitation,where we have limited form and limited time. We may be going into the fifth-dimension, if we choose todo so, to add the next level of experience to our creation, or wemay re-create the fouth-dimension experience, as there are somany roles, lessons and experiences to have. Our consciousness freely moves us between dimensions,time, roles and experiences once we tap back into the source. The ‘source’ is difficult to explain with words, so is ‘the cre-ator’ or ‘god’. We find the true unspoken meanings within us when wesearch for them. An interpretation of collective consciousness, is that there isonly one, and it can coexist in different beings and experienceitself in the fouth-dimension, a belief is that one cannot changeones world around one, however, simply through ‘intent’ onecan tune into a parallel reality which exists in the way that is in-tended, giving the perception of changing the world. (The Law of Attraction ... however, you are not attractingto yourself, you attract and transport your consciousness tothe parallel reality which already has yourself that experi-ence.) In the Green Box, reality is often defined as a singlelinear progression of time and a single probability (fate), ingeometry, this would be represented as one dimension (X,length). In the Blue Box, reality is defined geometrically by threedimensions, along one axis (Y) are ALL of ones own proba- bilities and outcomes (within your current form or body),every single choice or intent gives a different value of Y. In the other axis (Z), is every other external variable,which is so broad that it contains things like other people’schoices or even other cosmic probabilities, which include cir-cumstance such as you not being born or even completelydifferent earth conditions. It is along the Z-Axis where you find alternate lives (ex- perienced in other forms or bodies). THE PURPOSE This post is purposely written without many specific ex-amples, as it was found that the only constant which is com-mon, is the direction, and not the path of the journey. Each journey is, and has to be, unique. Following in another’s footsteps goes against the univer-sal law. Some teachers were listed as a starting point, most of their teachings are very broad spectrum and cover both Red & Yel-low Boxes, others focus more on one than the other. In any case, they were deemed a good launchpad to whereeveryone takes a different path across a vast interconnectedweb of experience, concepts and outcomes. Note: I did not write this, but I did transcribe and editit from an old graphic image of a chat comment I foundonline. I don’t know who srcinally wrote it or who said it,but I can’t express it much better than this.
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