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X2850C. Standard Control Panel POWER. Voltage. kw e 415/24 400/23 380/22

X285C Engin rf. 2V4G23E Altrnator rf. LSA 53.2 M7 Prformanc class G3 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Frquncy (Hz) 5 Voltag (V) Optional control panl 4/23 Basic trminal block M8 Optional Control Panl TELYS Optional
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X285C Engin rf. 2V4G23E Altrnator rf. LSA 53.2 M7 Prformanc class G3 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Frquncy (Hz) 5 Voltag (V) Optional control panl 4/23 Basic trminal block M8 Optional Control Panl TELYS Optional control panl APM82 Standard Control Panl DESCRIPTIVE Elctronic govrnor Mchanically wldd chassis with antivibration suspnsion Air coolr for wiring tmpratur of 38/4 C with lctric fan POWER ESP Voltag Exhaust compnsators with flangs 24 V charg altrnator and startr Dlivrd with oil Manual for us and installation 415/24 4/23 38/22 PRP DCC (*) Standby Amps DIMENSIONS COMPACT VERSION Lngth (mm) 561 Width (mm) 225 Hight (mm) 2378 POWER DEFINITION Dry wight (kg) PRP : Prim Powr is availabl for an unlimitd numbr of annual oprating hours in variabl load applications, in accordanc with ISO ESP : Th standby powr rating is applicabl for supplying mrgncy powr in variabl load applications in accordanc with ISO Ovrload is not allowd. *DCC : Data Cntr Continuous Powr ratings apply to Data Cntr installations whr a rliabl utility powr is availabl and comply with Uptim institut Tir III and IV rquirmnts. At constant or varying load, th numbr of gnrator st oprating hours is unlimitd. A 1% ovrload capacity is availabl for on hour in twlv. Avrag load factor : 1%. Tank capacity (L) TERMS OF USE According to th standard, th nominal powr assignd by th gnst is givn for 25 C Air Intlt Tmpratur, of a baromtric prssur of 1 kpa (1 m A.S.L), and 3 % rlativ humidity. For particular conditions in your installation, rfr to th drating tabl. ASSOCIATED UNCERTAINTY For th gnrating sts usd indoor, whr th acoustic prssur lvls dpnds on th installation conditions, it is not possibl to spcify th ambint nois lvl in th xploitation and maintnanc instructions. You will also find in our xploitation and maintnanc instructions a warning concrning th air nois dangrs and th nd to implmnt appropriatd prvntiv masurs. DIMENSIONS SOUNDPROOFED VERSION Commrcial rfrnc of th nclosur Lngth (mm) Width (mm) Hight (mm) Dry wight (kg) Tank capacity (L) Acoustic prssur in db(a) Sound powr lvl guarantd (Lwa) Acoustic prssur in db(a) 8/1/216 X285C ENGINE CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL ENGINE DATA EXHAUST Engin brand MTU Exhaust gas ESP 5Hz ( C) 535 Engin rf. 2V4G23E Exhaust gas ESP 5 Hz (L/s) 9 Air inlt systm Turbo Max. xhaust back prssur (mm H2O) 5 Cylindrs configuration V Numbr of cylindrs 2 FUEL Displacmnt (L) % load (L/h) Charg Air coolant Air/Watr DC 1% load (L/h) 572 Bor (mm) x Strok (mm) 17 x 21 75% load (L/h) 413 Comprssion ratio 16,4 5% load (L/h) 278 Spd (RPM) 15 Maximum ful pump flow (L/h) 162 Pistons spd (m/s) 1.5 Maximum stand-by powr at ratd 242 RPM () Frquncy rgulation, stady stat +/-.5% OIL Oil capacity (L) 39 BMEP (bar) Min. oil prssur (bar) 4.9 Govrnor typ Elctronic Max. oil prssur (bar) 7.7 Oil consumption 1% load (L/h) 1.5 Oil sump capacity (L) 34 COOLING SYSTEM Radiator & Engin capacity (L) 76 Max watr tmpratur ( C) 14 HEAT BALANCE Outlt watr tmpratur ( C) 1 Hat rjction to xhaust () Fan powr () Radiatd hat to ambiant () 15 Fan air flow w/o rstriction (m3/s) Availabl rstriction on air flow (mm H2O) Typ of coolant Hat rjction to coolant HT () 97 Glycol-Ethyln Thrmostat modulating rang HT ( C) 79/92 AIR INTAKE Max. intak rstriction (mm H2O) Intak air flow (L/s) EMISSIONS Emission PM (g/.h).21 Emission CO (mg/nm3) 5% O2 257 Emission HC+NOx (g/h) Emission HC (mg/nm3) 5% O2 3 8/1/216 X285C ALTERNATOR CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL DATA OTHER DATA Altrnator rf. LSA 53.2 M7 Continuous Nominal Rating 4 C () 265 Numbr of Phas Thr phas Powr factor (Cos Phi).8 Standby Rating 27 C () Efficincis 1% of load Altitud (m) to 1 Air flow (m3/s) Ovrspd (rpm) 18 Short circuit ratio (Kcc).35 Numbr of pol Capacity for maintaining short circuit at 3 ln for 1 s Insulation class 4 Dirct axis synchro ractanc unsaturatd (Xd) 352 Ys Quadra axis synchro ractanc unsaturatd (Xq) 179 Opn circuit tim constant (T'do) (ms) 321 T class (H/125 ), continuous 4 C H / 125 K Dirct axis transcint ractanc saturatd (X'd) 33.2 T class, standby 27 C H / 163 K 356 AVR Rgulation Total Harmonic Distortion in no-load DHT Total Harmonic Distortion, on load DHT Wav form : NEMA=TIF Ys Short circuit transcint tim constant (T'd) (ms) Dirct axis subtranscint ractanc saturatd (X''d) Subtranscint tim constant (T d) (ms) Quadra axis subtranscint ractanc saturatd (X q) Subtranscint tim constant (T q) (ms) Zro squnc ractanc unsaturatd (Xo) 3.4 Ngativ squnc ractanc saturatd (X2) 19.7 Armatur tim constant (Ta) (ms) 45 H 5 5 Wav form : CEI=FHT Numbr of baring 2 Coupling Voltag rgulation at stablishd rating (+/- %) Rcovry tim (Dlta U = 2% transcint) (ms) Indication of protction Dirct Tchnology Without collar or brush.5 IP No load xcitation currnt (io) (A) Full load xcitation currnt (ic) (A) Full load xcitation voltag (uc) (V) Engin start (Dlta U = 2% prm. or 5% trans.) () Transcint dip (4/4 load) - PF :,8 AR No load losss (W) Hat rjction (W) Unbalancd load accptanc ratio 8/1/216 X285C CONTROL PANEL Basic trminal block M8, transfr of information Th control unit can b usd as a basic trminal block for conncting a control box. Th M8 is a dual-function control unit. It can b usd as a basic trminal block for conncting a control box and as an instrumnt panl with a dirct rad facility, with displays giving a global viw of your gnrating st's basic paramtrs. Offrs th following functions: mrgncy stop button, customr connction trminal block, CE. Offrs th following functions: Engin paramtrs: tachomtr, working hours countr, coolant tmpratur indicator, oil prssur indicator, mrgncy stop button, customr connction trminal block, CE. 8/1/216 TELYS, rgonomic and usr-frindly APM82 ddicatd to powr plant managmnt Th highly vrsatil TELYS control unit is complx yt accssibl, thanks to th particular attntion paid to optimising its rgonomics and as of us. With its larg display scrn, buttons and scroll whl, it placs th accnt on simplicity and communication. Th nw APM82 command/control systm is spcifically dsignd for oprating and monitoring powr plants for markts including hospitals, data cntrs, banks, th oil and gas sctor, industris, IPP, rntal and mining. This unit is availabl as standard on all gnrating sts from 275 Kva dsignd for coupling. It is optional on th rst of our rang. Th Human Machin Intrfac, dsignd in collaboration with a company spcialising in intrfac dsign, facilitats oprations with a larg 1% touch scrn. Th prconfigurd systm for powr plant applications faturs a brand nw customisation function which complis with th intrnational standard IEC Nw communication functions (PLC and rgulation), improv th high lvl of quipmnt availability in th installation. Th TELYS offrs th following functions: Elctrical masurmnts: voltmtr, frquncy mtr, ammtr. Engin paramtrs: working hours countr, oil prssur, coolant tmpratur, ful lvl, ngin spd, battry voltag. Alarms and faults: oil prssur, coolant tmpratur, failur to start, ovrspd, altrnator min./max., battry voltag min./max., mrgncy stop, ful lvl. Ergonomics: whl for navigating around th various mnus. Communication: rmot control and opration softwar, USB connctions, PC connction. Advantags: Ddicatd to powr plant managmnt. Spcially rsarchd rgonomics. High lvl of quipmnt availability. Modularity and long srvic lif guarantd. Making it asy to xtnd th installation For mor information, plas rfr to th sals documntation. For mor information on th product and its options, plas rfr to th sals documntation. 8/1/216
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