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אוניברסיטת חיפה UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA בית הספר לתלמידי חו ל INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL YOUR GUIDE TO MANAGING IN HAIFA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA STUDENT BUILDING ROOM 228 TEL: FAX: 2 WELCOME TO HAIFA! In this guide you will find information about life both on and off the university campus. Please be aware that addresses, hours of operation and other details of some facilities are subject to change. If you have any questions, please feel free to come by the International School office or to contact one of the Madrichim. Enjoy the university and the city of Haifa! TABLE OF CONTENTS Administrative Information International School Administrative Staff - page 3 Madrichim (Social Activity Coordinators) page 3 Emergency Contact page 3 Health Hospitals page 9 Insurance Policy Information page 9 How to Get to the Clinic pages 9, 10 Campus Life Mail and Packages page 4 Faxes and Messages page 4 Dormitory Offices and Security page 4 Guests page 4 Laundry page 4 Hot Water page 5 Computer Facilities page 5 Wireless Internet page 5 Cell Phones and Public Phones page 5 Mini-Market page 6 Dining on Campus page 6 Akademon Campus Bookstore page 6 Services and Offices Post Offices page 7 Banks page 7 Government Offices page 8 Haifa Tourism Office page 8 Transportation Busses page 11 Trains page 11 Taxis page 11 Shared Taxis (sherut) page 11 Attractions Holy Sites page 12 Museums pages 12,13 On Land and Sea page 13 Movie Theatres page 13 Shopping Malls page 13 Local Accommodations Hotels page 14 Hostels page 14 Houses of Worship Synagogues page 15 Churches page 15 Mosques page 15 ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 3 The International School The office is located in Room 228 of the Hatter Student Building. Office hours during the Summer are Sundays- Thursdays 08:00-09:00 and 13:00-15:00. The office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Please feel free to contact us at or via at Administrative Staff Academic Head Prof. Hanan Alexander Room 319 Managing Director Mrs. Tsameret Zohar Room 230 Finance Ms. Ilanit Palace Room 226 Student Affairs Coordinator Ms. Sivan Shovaly Room :238 Director of Study Abroad Ms. Michal Morgenstern- Laor Room 237 Director of Study Abroad Marketing Michal Gottlieb Room 238 M.A Marketing Director, Graduate programs Natalya Prilipko Recruitment &Admissions for Study Abroad Jason Hochman Room 240 Internship Coordinator Mr. Zalman Gordon Room 231 Academic Advisor Dr. Miryam Sivan Room 238 Head of Social Programming Nitzan Stern Room 240 Coordinator Aklile Kebede Recruitment & Admissions for M.A Programs. Tomer Udi Room :231 International School Program Coordinator Orit Geva Room 238 Student Exchange Mrs. Lilach Bareket Room 226 Marketing Asia Hagit Lu Room 232 The Office of the Madrichim (Social Activity Coordinators) The office hours of the Madrichim during the Summer Programs will take place in the Madrichim's Office in the Hatter Student Building, Room 239 every Sunday between 14:00-15:30 & Wednesday 14:00-15:30. The Social Activities Coordinators can be reached by Emergency Contact Ms, Michal Morgenstern International School Head of Study Abroad 4 Dormitory Guard or extension 2720 from a campus phone University Security or extension 2386 from a campus phone University First Aid , or extension 2703, 2237 from campus POLICE AMBULANCE 101 FIRE 102 or CAMPUS LIFE Mail and Packages You are welcome to have regular mail sent to you at our office. Mail will be placed in student mailboxes outside of the office. You may also send stamped mail from the office. Please instruct friends and family to address mail as follows: Your Name c/o The International School University of Haifa Abba Hushi Blvd 199, Mount Carmel Haifa ISRAEL Please let your family and friends know that packages should be sent through the regular postal service and not through courier services (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.). Courier packages may be delayed in the Israeli customs office and you may be required to pay expensive fees to release your package. Faxes and Messages Telephone and fax messages can be received in the office (during office hours) at Tel: extension #1, Fax: The student will receive a note in the mailbox informing them a message was received for them. Outgoing telephone calls cannot be made and faxes cannot be sent from the office, except in the case of an emergency. There are a number of public payphones around campus and in the dorms, and telephone cards can be purchased from the post office or from various vending machines around campus. Fax messages can be sent from the post office on campus. Student Dormitories - **put away your valuables and always lock your room** Dormitory Administration Office -The Dormitory Administration office is located in the Federman Dorms, one floor above the entrance. The House Mothers offices are located there as well. Office hours are 9:00 14:00, Sundays through Thursdays. The office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Tel: Dormitory Guard - The dormitory guard is stationed at the entrance to the dormitories 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tel: Guests - Students may not receive visitors after midnight. One overnight guest is permitted with advance permission from the House Mother. Federman & Britannia residents must make their requests in person during the House Mother s office hours (Sun-Thu, 9:00-14:00). Talia residents may request permission from the Dormitories Guard until 23:00. Dormitories residents will be allowed a limited number of overnight permission slips each month, and regular overnight guests are not permitted under any circumstances. 5 Laundry - Laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers are open in the dorms 24 hours a day. You can pay for the machines on the spot with cash or credit cards. Prices are posted on the machines. You will need to supply your own detergent. There is a laundry room in the Federman dorms (4 th floor) and one in each Talia building. The use of laundry rooms is for dorm residents only. Hot water - Hot water is always available in the Federman Dormitories. In Talia and Britannia, you will need to switch on the hot water heater approximately half an hour before you would like to take a shower. Check with your roommates for instructions before using the timer for the boiler. Be mindful of the fact that Israeli students will be charged monthly for the shared electricity bill; for international students, the price is included in the housing fee. Computer Facilities Computer labs - There are a number of free computer labs with Internet connections in the dormitory facilities. The main lab is on the 6th floor of Federman, and it is open between 10:00 01:00 (1 am) every day, except Fridays. The labs reopen Saturday evening at 17:00. There are also smaller labs in each Talia building which are open between 17:00 01:00 (1 am) every evening, except Fridays. In Talia buildings , the labs are open between 10:00 01:00 (1 am) every day, except Fridays. The labs reopen Saturday evening at 17:00. During the daytime hours, numerous computer labs are open around campus. Wireless access is available around campus, see below. Wireless Internet Wireless internet connection is available at a variety of locations around campus. These locations are marked by the symbol shown here to the right. Wireless internet is available at the following locations: Main Building: 600 floor classes and corridors 700 floor the library and the Hecht Museum. Education Building: Rooms 362, 363 and 466. Rabin Building: Caf e Aroma Multi Purpose Building: Sfadia Auditorium and lobby Cafeterias and Restaurants: Education building, Elite Café, Auditorium Café Dorms: The Moadon area & Federman Lobby Dorm rooms Cell Phones and Public Phones Cell Phones - Since the University of Haifa is first and foremost committed to student safety and security, we require that all students have a cell phone with an Israeli phone number while enrolled in our programs. Students may choose their own provider. Students can choose to either rent or buy a phone for the duration of their stay or borrow a phone from friends and family in Israel. Students are required to have their cell phones charged and with them at all times to enable International School staff to reach them by phone call or text message in the event of an emergency. For students who still need to rent a phone, the University of Haifa has signed a contract with Talk 'N Save, providing students with a plan that offers reduced rates on international calls and inexpensive rates to other Haifa students on the same plan. You will have the 6 opportunity to meet with a representative from the 'Talk'n'Save' cell phone company at Orientation Day. The representative will have phones available for immediate rental and use, with special rates for University of Haifa students. Please consult the Orientation Day schedule for times and locations. Public Phones - Public phones in Israel take Bezeq telecards. These can be purchased at the post office or in many kiosks. Do not buy cards from the machine in Federman; these are for cellular phones. Food on Campus Mini-Market Located in the dorms complex. Open Sundays through Thursdays 8:00-20:00, and on Fridays 8:00-14:00. Cafeterias and Campus Dining All cafeterias on campus have Kosher certification. You will find campus dining options in the following locations: Elite Coffee in the shopping arcade outside the Main Building at main bus stop Main Building Cafeteria Daily Café, Thai Cuisine, Effy's Home-cooking Main building 500 floor Student Café Aguda. Café Greg Between the Main Building and the Rabin Building Coffee Shop and Café 1st floor of the Education Building Aroma Caf e 6 th floor of the Rabin Building Dairy Café Pilpelet 3 rd floor of the Terrace Building Cofix Caf e At the Sfadia Auditorium in the Multi-Purpose Building Cofix Caf e- Student Building 1 st floor Academon Campus Bookstore At the campus bookstore you will find books for your courses, academic books, books for pleasure, school supplies and a number of appliances. The store is open Sundays - Thursdays 8:00-17:00 and Fridays from 8:00-12:30. Phone number: or and you can find them on Facebook and also 7 SERVICES AND OFFICES Post Offices The University branch is located in the shopping arcade outside the Main Building. Opening hours are Sunday -Thursday between 8:00 16:00. The post office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. All post office branches, including the campus branch, offer express mail service as well as Western Union International Money Transfer services. For more information, see the Israel Post website at To exchange money or traveler's checks you will need to visit one of the main branches in Haifa: Ahuza Branch Moriah Street (near Kikar Kiryat Sefer) Sunday - Friday, 8:30-12:30; Sunday - Tuesday and Thursdays, 15:30-18:00 Carmel Center (Merkaz) Branch - 9 Wedgewood Street Sunday - Friday, 8:30-12:30; Sunday - Tuesday and Thursdays, 15:30-18:00 Hadar Branch - 22 Ha'neviim Street Sunday - Thursday, 8:00-19:00, Friday 8:00-12:00 Banks ATMs - There are three ATM machines on campus: one by the at the entrance to the Terrace Building, one at the dorms near to the Mini Market and anther one near AROMA Cafe (this machines do not take international cards). Traveler's Checks - We recommend that you exchange these at a post office, where there is no commission, rather than at a bank where commission will be charged. This can be done at main post office branches (not the University branch, see section on post offices). Note that foreign currency transactions are not made on Fridays after 11:00 or anytime on Sundays. Below are the addresses of some main bank branches which are closest to the university: Bank Leumi Branch Name Haifa Main Kenyon Haifa Horev Moriah HaCarmel Branch Address 21 Jaffa St. Kenyon Haifa, 4 Flyman St. 16 Horev St. 112 Moriah St. 123 Hanassi Blvd. Bank HaPoalim Branch Name Branch Address Haifa Main 18 HaNeviim St. Haifa University Haifa University, Main Building Ahuza 15 Horev St. Har Ha'Carmel Hanassi Blvd. 105 8 Bank Discount Branch Name Haifa Main Carmel Center Moria Branch Address 47 Derech Ha'Atzmaut 124 Hanassi Blvd. 128 Moria Blvd. Government Offices Government Offices are usually open in the mornings, Sundays through Thursdays. Call ahead to confirm their office hours. Visa Renewal or Extension You can renew or extend your visa at the Ministry of the Interior, located at Government House, 15 Pal Yam Street, Kiryat Hamemshala. You will need to arrange an appointment in advance. Come to the International School office in Room 228 of the Hatter Student building to make an appointment. Take bus #24 to get there. To obtain or renew a visa you will need the following items: A letter from the International School stating that you are a student on our program (please request this in advance from the office) 2 passport-sized pictures NIS Consulates and Embassies To find the Foreign Mission from your home country in Israel, please visit the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at Haifa Tourism Office The Haifa Tourism Office is located at 48 Ben Gurion Ave. Opening hours: Sunday Thursday 9:00-17:00, Friday 9:00-13:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00 Tel , Fax: , For further information about tourist sites and activities in Haifa, see the website of the Haifa Tourism Association at 9 Hospitals HEALTH INFORMATION In case of a medical emergency, you should go to the Carmel Hospital in Ahuza (Tel: ) and take your passport, insurance policy forms and some money along with you. Be sure to inform us immediately if this type of emergency should occur. Our staff will assist you in any way possible. You must also receive permission either from the Bikur Rofeh doctor or call *2700 and ask to speak with a nurse on duty and if it is necessary she will send a referral to the Carmel Hospital in Haifa. (All information regarding medical emergency is in the Clalit Medical Services information pamphlet which was sent to you on your arrival to the University of Haifa (Orientation link) Insurance Policy Information The International School at the University of Haifa requires that all students be covered by an Israeli health insurance company. All students are insured with the Harel Insurance Company. The Health care services will be provided by Clalit Health Services. The health insurance covers all injuries or illnesses that occur while you are in Israel. The insurance provides coverage from three days before the beginning of the program and until four days after the ending of the program. If you are ill and need to see a doctor, please contact the International Office or one of the Madrichim (Social Activity Coordinators) who will help you make an appointment to see a doctor or you can call the doctor's clinic directly during office hours. Medications: You may purchase prescription medicines only at the pharmacies located in the Clalit Clinics: (please see more information in your clalit packet) There are also private pharmacies that you can purchase the medication but you will have to co-pay for each medication. When the Clalit clinic is closed and you need health care services, you may call for a doctor to come to your home, free of charge, through the :Bikur Rofeh Call Center A doctor will come within 3 hours. Emergency room visits are fully covered only if Clalit or Bikur Rofeh doctor refers you. Without a doctor s referral, you will have to pay for the emergency room visit unless the reason meets with the criteria of the Health Service Basket. If you feel unwell at night, you may contact the Bikur Rofe Call Center and request a house call or, alternatively, call *2700 and ask to speak with a nurse on duty.if it is necessary to refer you to the emergency room for urgent treatment, the nurse will send the referral directly to the emergency room to which you are referred. That way the emergency room will receive the referral and Clalit will cover the cost for the visit. The membership card that the Harel Insurance Company issues must be presented to any service provider in order to receive health services, medication or tests. The Harel Insurance provides in Haifa insurance through the Clalit Health Services. Clalit clinics can be found throughout the Haifa area. You will receive in your Orientation packet the list of all the clinics. We recommend to locate a clinic close to your place of residence and register as a member. For appointment with a family (primary care) physician, please call the Clalit clinic 10 directly. There is a clinic also on Campus. Tel: clinic hours Sunday through Thursday from 08:00 14:00. For other clinics please refer to the Clalit Medical Services in Haifa Packet which your received on the Orientation link on your arrival to Haifa. For specialists such as ENT, Gynecology or other services please call the Clalit Call Center at * 2700 and press 4 for service in English.Sunday Thursday s between 8AM and 8 PM. Please see page 10 for a map of the area where the doctors clinics are located. For more information please see the letter from Harel Yedidim which is in your Orientation Packet. North From University 11 Map courtesy of the Haifa Tourists Board TRANSPORTATION Buses Egged operates the main bus lines in Haifa. For details of bus routes and schedules call *2800 or (inter-urban). You can also refer to their website at Haifa has three main stations: 'HaMifratz' Central Bus Station near the Checkpost (for traveling north) 'Hof HaCarmel' Central Bus Station near the beach (for traveling south) Downtown ('Bat-Galim') Old Central Bus station (local Haifa bus lines only) Local Haifa lines are as follows: #37 Leaves the University about every 15 minutes, and goes through Ahuza (Horev), the Carmel Center, Hadar and the Bat-Galim Central Bus Station (downtown) #24 Goes through the Horev Center, Romema, Grand Kanyon Mall, Hadar and the Bat-Galim Central Bus Station (downtown) #36 Runs through Neve Sha'anan (near the Technion) and ends in Hadar #146/46 To Hof HaCarmel (beach, train and bus station, Haifa Mall) at hourly intervals #141 To the Checkpost (Hamifratz) at hourly intervals. Trains There are two main railway stations in Haifa - 'Bat-Galim' by the old bus station (downtown), and 'Hof HaCarmel' Central Bus Station near the beach. See for schedules and other information. Please note that there is train service directly to the Ben-Gurion Airport (Terminal 3). See Bus information (above) to determine how to get to the train stations from the University. Taxis You can call for a taxi to the University (referred to as special ). City taxi services include: 'Carmel' - Carmel Center, Tel: , 'Naveh - Neve Sa'anan, Tel: 'Horev' - Tel: Note: It is not customary to tip taxi drivers in Israel. Shared Taxi (Sherut) Within Haifa - Sherut taxis run along major bus routes in Haifa, and can be stopped along the way (not necessarily at a bus stop). The sherut will have a sign on the windshield with the number of the bus route that it follows. These are slightly cheaper and faster than a regular bus. 12 To the Airport - Sherut service to Ben Gurion Airport (fixed price): 'Amal'- 6 Hechalutz St., Hadar, Tel: Reservations must be made by phone in advance. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. There is another Sherut service called Nissim Cabs: Tel: , To other cities: Sherut services to Tel Aviv leave regularly, including Saturdays, from Hechalutz St. in Hadar (call 'Amal' [above] for more information). You can take sherut taxis to Acco, Nahariya, Carmiel, and Tiberias from Cidon Street off Neviim Street in Hadar. Holy Sites ATTRACTIONS The World Center of the Baha'i Faith Tours of the gardens should be arranged in advance through the Reservation Center, open Sunday - Thursday 9:00-17:00, Tel Stella Maris Church and Monastery This is one of the most beautiful spots in Israel with a church and monastery belonging to the Carmelit order. Free entrance, open all week, 6:00-12:30, 15:00-18:00.
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