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Why Healthcare Service all over the world is failing to deliver quality care? The main reason is because there are too many people offering advice and treatment with no knowledge of how, why and what happens in our body. Prescribing drugs is not healthcare. Virtual NHS is a portal to help doctors to take control of their profession and offer the best service they promised to deliver. I have been subjected to harassment, bullying, black mailed and threatened by nurses and their associates because I raised concern to help reduce wrong doings that went in in the NHS since 2003. Unfortunately, thousands of people who accessed healthcare in the NHS(UK) needlessly died. There must be thousands of people suffering complications. Using our tools and this Virtual NHS Apps will help protect you from atrocities. Please visit and share this presentation with your doctor, family ad friends
  • 1. 2004
  • 2. If Junior Doctors Need A Tool To Help Diagnose NURSE
  • 3. We Raised Concern 2006
  • 4. Un-Ethical Medical Practice • Nurses With No Clinical Examination Skill Training Or Supervision Were Allowed To Diagnose, Advice and Prescribe Treatment in The NHS(UK) • They Were Allowed To Offer Advice To Patients & Parents Contacting Emergency Care & Out-Of- Hours Help Line • This Is Un-Ethical Medical Practice. • The Result Of This Callous Act Resulted Is Said To Have Resulted In Serious Complications and Death of 13,000 patients Sine 2006.
  • 5. Nurses And Receptionist Were Made To Work As Front Line Staff
  • 6. Major Cause Of Abusing Antibiotic
  • 7. Too Many Options
  • 8. Too Many Advisers
  • 9. NHS Expected To Save £30 Billion in 2016
  • 10. How Can We Expect Doctors To Save Cost?
  • 11. Its Not The Hospitals But Doctors Who Know
  • 12. WHY?
  • 13. Systematic Failure • Two fold increase in admissions of <1 day. • URTI (cold, nose, ear and throat problem) rose by 22% • LRTI (cough, chest problem by 40% • UTI (Urinary tract infections by 43% • Gastroenteritis by 31%, • These are NOT MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS • Short Term Admission rates are thought to be inversely related to primary care quality.
  • 14. Our Pediatric Assessment Tool
  • 15. How To Save NHS
  • 16. 76% Patients Visiting Emergency
  • 17. App To Keep Doctors Away
  • 18. Medical Advice You Access • Maya Cards (Cost Nil) • Maya Fridge Magnets (£1) • Maya Stand Alone Software (££) • Maya Apps Distributed FREE • VirtualNHS Surgery (Need Help)
  • 19. To Save NHS - Reduce Demand
  • 20. Children’s Clinic Future Of Paediatric A&E
  • 21. Teenagers Access Help Educate About Emerging Infection Allow Education About Embarrassing Symptoms Help Reduce Sexually Transmitted Disease Education About Illness & Disease Management
  • 22. Reduce Wasted Appointment
  • 23. Pharmacist • Gets Prescription Sent from Maya • Can Access Information • Supply Drugs To Patients at Home • Get Information About Illness
  • 24. 1. Can Create their Own Maya Using The Template 2. Offer Advice & Treatment Using Their Knowledge 3. Use the tool that help patient Get Information 4. Authorize Treatment That can be dispensed. 5. Offer Telephone Triage When Required 6. Allow Patients to Book Appointment 7. Break Communication Barrier And Improve Trust 8. Reduce Wasted Calls and Consultation 9. Offer 24/7 & 365 Days Service 10. Continuity Of Care Even When on Holiday 11. Opportunity To Get Paid for Service 12. Build Patient List That Store Sensitive Data Registered Doctors
  • 25. IWroteThis
  • 26. Our Mission
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